World of warships – DoY is growing on me

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  1. Was war das für ein Scheiß !

  2. Damn Flambass your voice is frickin annoying! But I can’t help but like you anyway. Good game man.

    • On the contrary….I sometimes think he sounds like a young Christopher Walken with a slight accent. Esp when he’s all like amazed saying “Wow” and “OH my God, Really” analyzing other players, when he’s disgusted with their playing abilities…or lack of. LOL

    • I guess I’ll take that as a compliment 😉

    • By all accounts, yes please do. I’m an older gamer so when I say you are the Don Rickles of the high seas, that sounds a bit like is in fact a compliment. 😉 Your taste in classic rock caught my attention several weeks ago…so that is cool as well.

  3. Looks like flambass was in a happy mood!

  4. Flambass, terrain avoidance on?

  5. All was Shipshape and Bristol fashion in this battle, one does what one must in the face of superior and overwhelming aerial adversity.

  6. Why all HE, even against broadsides?

    • Chris James it’s the same in KGV. Why risk reloading AP for your target to just angle to you when HE is stupidly powerful and consistent? Surprise AP salvos from KGV was one of my favourite things about that ship but the amount of times half way through reload the target has turned and angled n I get jack shit isn’t funny.

    • Cause AP can be unreliable and you can’t mistake with HE

  7. Hi Flambass…
    What song is this starting about 11:25?
    Heard it several times in your vids…
    Thx a lot for your answer 🙂

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