World of Warships – Dr. Disrespect

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Yes the title is massive clickbait but it is relevant and hey, a Gnome’s gotta get the views somehow! Also most of you are so old you probably don’t get the reference anyway. 😉

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  1. Antoine Henderson

    What a great start to the year, Jingles.

  2. Jeff Lewis Racing

    On the surface Jingles, hydro, that’s how.
    Never change!

    • In his defence, he was in the navy. He knows that in real life neither hydro or radar can go through islands. So he forgets that WoWS forgets the rules of physics occasionally.

    • @Grygus_Triss Or he’s just taking a dig at the WeeGee “physics”.

  3. That wasn’t a lack of respect, that was exactly the respect deserved.

    • I agree. It was exactly respect for the situation they were in that made them choose to stay hidden instead of showing themselves to every gunner on the opposite team.

    • 12:30 “there is clearly destroyer out there ” … yup Jingles do in YT what Lewandowski do in Football , master in his craft 😉
      15:00 “spoted” how that could happen wonder Jingles … -_- , yup Jingles dont know what is hydro …

      (BTW that was Iwami torps , there where 2 subs left not dd , but sometimes I think that wows videos for Jingles are just work , he literally from update to update know less about game , because he dont play it … )

    • @Huzarion Or he does it on purpose, because that is what the community expects of him

    • @Mariusale Nah , you are overestimating him , Jingles was allways exact about what he is saying , notice he dont make stupid mistakes about older ships he know them well , every time new feature comes to game Jingles know bit about if , but not all , dont get me wrong I am sure he prepaire himself before making video , but he simply are not experience player , is easy to me say that I have over 26k battles in wows , and when I see ship liveup befoer game I know all I need to know , I know with BB you should not brawl because have torps , with DD have what kind of torps , or small things that Elbing is not just dd but light cruiser that will citadel you in cruiser , those are just few things , there is a TON of stuff that experience player that play game all the time thrue every update knows … I know that Jingles is not active wows player , is just like he comment videos , he was once few years ago maybe when he was CC , but not anymore , I dont know how it is with WOT or War Thunder as I dont play those game … when I started to play wows there was 2 YT that I watched to learn how to play Jingles and Notser and I learned a loot from them , now I only watch Jingles (Notser is not active :/) and I consider Jingles as entertaining YT Channel , and I dont mid when Jingles will say something “notty” … but as WOWS active player I have secont though … what if someone new to game watch Jingles , and then got idea that all Pan Asian destroyers have deepwater torps … he will be in DD on my team and get torped by Anshan , just because he got false info from Jingle ( there was few month back video where Jingles made that misstake) , so yeah I think Jingles getting “old fat cat” , and is too busy/lazy to learn new tricks , nd that would be fine by my , but notice how Jingles present his videos , he comment those from position of authority , he would not do that if he would just joke , I think Jingles need to spend bit more time doing research about new mechanics in game , TMJ is biggest wows Channel out there , and to stay this way he need to keep with new things in game, that is my opinion.

    • @Huzarion or he is getting old. It is still entertaining to hear him even if his commentary is at times way off.

  4. Happy new year old man. From another old man but one who definitely knows the Dr.

  5. I did the same thing in my Grosser Kurfurst. With the smokescreen and the secondaries. I found it funny too.

  6. Happy New Year to our Mighty Gnome Overlord. May his Salt Mines ever profit.

  7. Shajalyn Velendriin

    He didn’t got spotted while eating up the enemies with his secondaries out of the smoke screen. Seemed pretty smart to me.^^

  8. Branislav Markovich

    Glad to hear your voice again … and best “infectious” laughter LoL.Happy NG, all the Best 🙂

  9. Jiggles before going to work that promises to be a Monday on a Tuesday is almost better then a hot cup or two of coffee. The two together is a pot of gold!!

  10. He is back! Hello Jingles, we were waiting for you 🙂 Wish you all the best in new year.

  11. The Nagato was after the Benson. Most likely got within 2 km range.

  12. Yea that was um……..”special”. Also the amount of disrespect on that Iwami was the icing on the cake. I just imagined The Fallout sat in the captain’s chair cackling maniacally whilst watching him *burn* .

    Also Happy New Year and may 2023 give us as many “wut” moments as she can muster.

  13. This match reminds me of that one time I saw a Graf Zeppelin div with two smoke DDs park within binocular throwing distance of the enemy team and doing the same thing.

  14. Happy news years to you good sir, always love hearing the sweet, succulent, and ever sarcastic sound of your voice. May your salt mines be everflowing and have a happy new year

  15. OK. If you have a choice which would you blow your entire coal on – Mogador or Pommern?

  16. World of “?” anything is Pay to Win !

  17. “That’s clearly a destroyer of some kind up there” – only all the destroyers were dead, that were the Iwami torps

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