World of Warships: Dreadnought Preview

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HMS Dreadnought is finally going to be added to the game. The ship’s history is impressive, but she’s going to be a tier 3 battleship, which makes her somewhat boring.

of Warships footage of the tier 3 Royal battleship Dreadnought.

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  1. Tis’ a bottleship.

  2. Like Mikasa, is this collectors’ ship?

  3. She is about as stealthy, she about as healthy

  4. I, too, have a historical history.

  5. Only thing about her is her speed, the Dreadnought was a 21 knot ship.

  6. Where’s my renow wargaming

  7. Am I dreaming? A WiP video?

  8. Re-Class Battleship

    Pre-Dreads had a mixed main battery, Dreadnought’s all big guns main battery made supply and logistics a hell of a lot easier. Before you had several similar caliber guns on ships which made ammo a really annoying issue. It’s telling that while Dreadnought was the first to be completed, at the least Japan and the United States had seen the problem and switched to all big gun main battery types independently of Britain. The Satsuma-class for example was initially planned as an all big gun design. Their re-design to carry 10 and 12 inch guns happened because Japan lacked 12″ guns for them.

    Mixed main batteries also meant that firing solutions were a right pain in the arse to get right, because observing the fall of shot and correcting for it was difficult when there were 2 or even 3 similar caliber guns firing at the same time. Does your 12″ battery correct for the 6″, 10″ or 12″ guns? Shell dye was one of the things that was introduced due to that problem, having one ship ordered to fire on one other ship another. Focus fire? Yeah, forget it, working out whose fall of shot you were observing would be reduced to guesswork, randomly shooting in that general direction may well be more accurate.

    An all big gun main battery meant a considerable advantage both in accuracy (due to corrections being far easier), firepower (no intermediate caliber guns taking up space that could house Big Guns™) and logistics (no more having to ordered half a dozen different types of shell for each ship). And once centerline superfiring turrets were worked out, wing turrets and odd designs like the Kaiser-class were no longer needed, either.

    • Mark stone-tolcher

      The big deal about Dreadnought is the improved gunnery! If you have lots of different calibers shooting the shell splashes are observed for ballistic correction and its too difficult to distinguish a 12″ splash from a 9″ splash so the accuracy is poor. Shooting at a ship more than 1000 yards away was a very small chance of a hit, before dreadnought technology.

  9. Are you sure the trains don’t sound like ships with steam horns?

  10. u must remember, that the kawachi and california arent better…

  11. Christopher Jonasson

    Saw one in a tier 3 game few days ago, chased him for 5 mins with 2 Umikiaze hit 2 torps but it didnt die. Nice vid as always Aerroon

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      No battleships can be killed by 2 torps only. Even if you mean 2 torp sets which are 4 torpedoes for Umikaze, those are not enough to kill a full hp battleship. Torp protection also mitigates the possibility to kill any battleship with few torpedoes that are enough to kill ships of other classes.

    • Christopher Jonasson

      +Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing Was at the end of the game, he wasn´t full HP, first torp was damage controlled and second torp didn´t flood. Umi torps do 6800 dmg (max) Torp prot on the Dreadnought is 13% with 29% probability. With a bit of luck he could have sunk

  12. The Bellerophon is a better ship IMO.

  13. Her name came from the phrase “Fear God but Dread naught” (so be afraid of God but fear nothing).

    Dreadnought was a revolutionary ship because her introduction left every existing & in construction BB at the time obsolete. At T3 she really has not much competitive or fun value, but for naval enthusiasts & historians alike she would be a gem.

  14. it looks like when ships are stopped the game starts calculating the shot behind the target. You can see the ‘hit land’ indicator show up when aiming at the ship. You seem to lose the lock on bonus to dispersion.

  15. You dont want to be at the raven nest or observation tower of Dreadnought. Without gas mask. Might be the answer of her lower speed at WoWs? Maybe not either. Shrugs.

  16. 5:05 But what about the Choo-Choo boat(V-25)

  17. Fletcher Riverwood

    Use HE might be more effective than shooting AP the entire game

  18. @8:25 – that’s on WarGaming. They want low tier BB’s main gun to be piss poor accuracy. Not only it confuses the HELL out of new players (I had to reassure a new player friend 5x going thru T3/T4 he was so pissed, annoyed and the worst part? he was following my advice and playing like a champ). Now you’re a pretty good player, so proof that this makes no sense whatsoever. It could be forgave if secondaries’ range where to be buffed to compensate (say 5km, which imho is decent from T2 to T4). Personally, I only found out I KNEW HOW TO AIM at tier 6 with the WarSpite, and T7 with the Nagato… All of a sudden I was top 3-5 of my team almost every game.

    Stupid balance decision for BBs. And yes protected cruisers are awesome, and DDs are quite OP little boats at low tiers as well… because balance.
    I love the game but they really need to redo a complete balance pass on the low tiers. Especially with Mikasa, Kawachi, South Carolina, Myogi and now Dreadnought…
    Some DDs need to have their torps adjusted too. Not in range but maybe in damage?

    Thanks for showing her. I can’t wait to get her even tho I probably wont be using her too much. No secondaries + bad main gun accuracy is very harsh to a BB player.

  19. The Royal Navy are currently building a new HMS Dreadnought – the first of a new class of SSBN nuclear ballistic missile submarines.

  20. Fun fact Texas isn’t the only Dreadnought still around there is Iowa, New Jersey, Missouri, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Alabama Just they are a later design and at that point the Dreadnought Battleship had been shortened to just Battleship but they were still Dreadnoughts, the name was shortened as there were essentially no Pre-Dreadnought around by that time but the. However Texas is the only WW1 era Dreadnought still around, along with the only Pre-Dreadnought still around being the Mikasa built for Japan by the UK.

    • Yeah, I guess that’s true. I suppose the statement is related to dreadnoughts that were made right after dreads camea bout.

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