World of Warships – Drive Me Closer, I Want To Hit Them With My Sword

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There are two things that are likely to amaze you about todays’ video and one of them is that I managed to fit that title into thumbnail.

more eagle-eyed amongst you may also have noticed the image of the Graf Zepellin in the thumbnail from the WOWS Wiki features a navalised Ju-87, not a Ta-152. Yeah. Funny. that.

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System Specs: Core 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. A 40k meme in the title? Just sat down with a hot cup of coffee while in Quarantine? This going to be entertaining =)

    • DJVC1985 fitting since this is free weekend for warhammer2

    • I was not disappointed

    • Sgt. Schulz // NOTHING

      Was about to write just that. 40k reference? This can only be good. Like Henry Caville painting Custode miniatures.

    • tbh could be a mad jack churchill quote at one point.

    • Sgt. Schulz // NOTHING

      @Joseph Dedrick You are under scrutiny for possible heresy regarding your comment. Report to your nearest commissar for investigation and the possibility to repend. Should you not follow this order..a heavy dose of BLAMM delivered by your commissar will be the result. ALL HAIL THE EMPEROR!

  2. Where is Chieftain on The Carl with his Officer’s Sword

  3. So, if this guy spent most of the match with his pedal to the metal, and he was driving a Graf Zeppelin…does that mean he was a Lead Zeppelin?
    Edit: Well, maybe he didn’t spend all match with his pedal to the medal, but he certainly avoided that infamous Stairway to Heaven.

  4. thought a wild 899 was going to show up, this isn’t bad though

  5. Definitely_Noc_A_CV_Main

    Hey this is the Graf Zeppelin Captain speaking here:
    Thanks fot the feature Jingles, we had a blast playing this match:) we are going to try to get some more hillarious moments with this in the future. For anyone interested feel free to join me on my twitch:) or join Discord for Notifications when I go live or post new screens/replays
    also there are the Videos of us doing this available 🙂

    • Thank you for making the world worse by doing the selfish action and then sharing the replay.

    • @StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe As Wargaming defines it, Passive play means joining a battle and AFKing the whole thing, repeatedly. This was not that.

      I think I’ve CVed around players like you, who seem to think the entire purpose of a CV is to serve THEIR needs, run CAP around their ships while they YOLO into a crossfire, and then spend the rest of the game in chat complaining that the CV is useless for not saving them from their idiocy.

    • If you watch for the four kills his 9 other teammates get, two of them are the Queen Elizabeth basically kill-stealing ships the CV has reduced to one shots. Likewise The Surrey picked off a Sinop that was <200 HP. I missed the fourth one. Basically the rest of the team were a bunch of turnips who couldn't get a kill on their own and had to snap up his scraps. He deprived them of nothing.

    • You really should be using a Kidd for that AA and also American smoke

    • StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe

      @Dr. Mauser I not blame CVs, I blame stupid players.
      It’s funny you don’t know nothing about my playskills but think you know. This perfectly shows how dumb you are.
      I play CVs too, as I play every class.
      And I earned higher base xp, with far less dmg and only 2 kills, simply because I helped my team to win the game and not just YOLO into a cross fire like this guy did. Because this carrier was the one who YOLO into death, only pure luck he survived the first 3 minute of the game, and also pure luck the enemy DD on C ignored him, and not torped into smoke as always.
      One well aimed torp into the torpedo magnet smoke from the enemy DD and this replay ends where he die first in the first 3 min with a carrier and did 14k dmg only.

  6. welp, looks like the graf zep is gonna get nerfed next

    • @Sonlirain That’s not how War Gaming roll.
      “Due to unforseen gameplay elements we are reducing Graf Zeppelin secondary range by 0.1km and increasing rate of fire by 50%
      To encourage the intended gameplay style, Graf Zeppelin has been equipped with Eurofighter Typhoons equipped with Exocet missiles.”

    • @WolfePaws GZ is a german ship though.
      The only balance changes it will get is with a file tool.

    • You are not allowed to have fun in german ships! But GZ is a premium ship so more global change will be needed:
      “Due to unforseen gameplay elements we are now make carriers secondary guns have some penalty to fire from smoke as main guns with same caliber”

    • kkls #onster t234,?

      Duck off sho sho don’t dare speak sin

    • Agir’s secondaries got nerfed again with range reduction base from 7.6km down to 5.3km, and giving it standard dispersion.

  7. Just a side note: when the graf zeppline was first introduced into WoW it did infact have Stuka dive bombers

    • @Lighthawk yeah but you know wargaming, “o no, German ship now OP, nerff it bat to death so Russian ships dominate”.

    • @Nutty31313 It’s not a Wargaming title if they don’t put in vehicles that never actually made it into production. Like half of the heavies in WoT.

    • so why did they remove it?

    • Manik Samaraweera

      @Nutty31313 Lucky for you, I ended up facing the T10 KM CV last night. The rockets did little damage to me(bc I went bow-in) and torps were like normal CV torps. The AP bombs still nearly screwed me over though.

    • ​@KMS Bismarck Drache191200 Made up Russian tanks in WoT? Just like all the made up German, U.S, British and all other nations tanks? At least Soviet had lot of those tanks built in single working examples at least. Even such tanks as IS-7 and Object 279E were actually built.


    • “FEAR ME”

    • Funny thing, this is more or less how germany envisioned the graf working. Her air group would scout and soften escorts, then she would close and finish the convoy with guns. Its why she has such a strong “secondary” battery, it was a main.

    • @Ronald Thompson Not really… Her air group (consisting of Ju87 divebombers, Bf-109 fighters and Fi-167 topedobombers) would be her primary offensive weapon (just like any other carrier).
      Germans never really thought: “Hey, let’s slap secondaries on it so we can go on the offensive with them” (maybe some thought so but it wasn’t how they envisioned the Zep)…
      They knew the threat surface ships could pose to the Graf Zeppelin so that’s why they gave her the secondaries, so that She wouldn’t be helpless.

      You don’t want to have your carriers be spotted in the first place, so why would they suddenly go like: “Hey, why not use this ship as a battlecarrier!!”?
      They just knew that having the Zep be spotted at some point is inevitable, so they gave her the defensive capability in case she came under attack.

  9. Everybody saw the title and thought….
    “yup Graf Zeppelin”

  10. Enemy Team: “Oh? You’re Approaching Me?”

    Graf Zeppelin: “I can’t beat the shit out of you without getting closer.”

  11. graf zep needs to be reclassified as a battlecarrier

  12. First of all: thats fucking hilarious and impressive at the same time – Günther Lütjens totally brought this to a new level 😀
    Second: Jingles you did it again – Ta-152 C1 as shown in WoWs is the medium altitude multirole fighter, the H1 was the high altitude variant – but this time you are forgiven, this is specific nerd knowledge… 😉

    • The Ta-152 C1/R14, which is the plane in the game, was an actual study of a torpedobomber version, but I very much doubt it could have been carrier-borne.

    • @Jacopo Mangini This.

    • Piotr Mikołajski

      @Jacopo Mangini Well, it couldn’t because at this time development of German aircraft carriers was cancelled. But IF that program was still running, both Fw 190Fs and Ta 152Cs could be carrier-borne.

  13. Out of all meme builds that have ever memed this is the memiest

  14. Would you look at that, his secondaries are actually hitting the targets he is focusing on. Would be nice if my Bismarck could do the same, but i guess it’s not a CV so brawling isn’t really it’s thing, right? No wargaming, this isn’t cancer at all, ask your god damn spreadsheet and shove it up your ass

    • The accuracy buff from manual secondaries is obscene for high tier ships, making it absolutely necessary if you want to do anything at all with secondaries. I have it on all my German BBs and it makes a huge difference.

    • The aircraft carriers have the most accurate secondaries in the game…they get manual secondaries baked in.

    • @Zoe Cornish Of course i have the full secondary build with manual AA but a DD for example can spend entire minutes getting focus-fired and he will take like 5 hits? 10 at the very most. I remember rushing down a Friedrich der Große with my Shima shortly after the German BBs came out and he melted me within seconds.

    • Economics Simulator

      im pretty sure the Graph Zepplin has a better secondary dispersion pattern than any other ship, although iirc it was shared by the current test ship, agir.

    • @Economics Simulator, all the aircraft carriers share that pattern…GZ just has longer range and higher caliber secondaries with improved penetration.

  15. the Graf Zeppelin:

    A battlecruiser with planes

  16. Yuro’s gonna have a stroke when he see’s this one .

  17. Remember what happened when Jingles featured a triple lyon division on his YT? So, what do you think is going to start happening now, gnome overlord?

  18. Cap: Full steam ahead!
    Crew: Sir, we are in an Aircraft Carrier.
    Cap: Full. Steam. AHEAD!!!!!

  19. This replay proves exactly why players cannot just bugger off, ignore objectives and do absolutely nothing to contribute to the win. If those DDs and CV were on my team I would be as frustrated as fck. Yeah sure, the CV did damage and got kills, but since the DDs bots spent the entire battle nursing him and doing nothing else, they lost. Very poor play from the division.

  20. “It’s a Gneisenau doing Gneisenau things…” Jimgles you need to do a joint commentary with Drachinfel, the snark would reach epic levels…

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