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One does not simply send such a great gunboat game and not get featured in a full commentary. Today we’re checking out Karlibur’s take on X Druid. Interested in the game? Get bonuses on your new account at



  1. Quality intro, respect!

  2. Great intros lately. Bonjour Robin. I have a replay you can review, 321k DMG in halland, 17th most on EU. Lost with 2400 base XP. I potatoed against the Shima towards the end feel free to roast lol.

  3. Lovely presentation, nice video production, and excellent battle !

  4. The moment I see video from Robin. .. Instant like! Great video as always!

  5. The moment I saw the Karlibur logo I was intrigued. Really great game.

  6. videos of this quality feel illegal to watch for free, keep up the great content robin and fantastic game

  7. I just love your videos my dude, keep them up!

  8. Lovely video, as always

  9. Olaf Messchendorp

    The implacable kill was really satisfying to watch 😀

  10. Omg that CV kill was amazing!

  11. When he killed the cv and Robin said isn’t that therapeutic I felt that lmao

  12. I can’t express enough how relaxing your content is! Please keep on delivering, you’re a gift from God for this game xD

  13. The Druid is such a fun DD. Tricky to play… but so deadly when in the right situation. Her AP shreds other DDs very quickly. And if anyone gives you broadside… they regret it.

  14. Love the review of the specifications it was beautiful

  15. The animation of the shot across your logo revealing Karlibur’s behind it was incredible. I don’t know how each and every video you make is amazing.

  16. Very beautiful to watch as always. Thank you

  17. Hey Robin, thanks for the video, it’s a great honor to be featured on your channel! As you and someone else have pointed out in the comments, the use of my smoke screens in this battle was certainly a bit questionable. It always takes a bit of getting used to the Short-Burst Smoke Generator when you haven’t played British DDs in a while. Also, I can imagine that some viewers don’t understand why I played so cautiously at the beginning: It was my first time in Druid on Haven and those wide open caps are pretty awkward to play as Druid, given her sub-par concealment and the lack of island cover. Before I contested the Bravo cap, I first wanted to be sure I wouldn’t run into Stalin radar, possibly paired with another radar by Ragnar or perma-hydro by Vampire II or Siliwangi. That’s just to explain some of my actions. Cheers!

  18. Excellent intro! Love it!

  19. Top Tier video, Robin. 9.5/10. the remaining 0.5 is the orchestral string hum that was a distraction. Otherwise, the perfect commentary video. You might consider putting your work together in a protfolio and a movie production comapny a friendly call. Well done, Robin. Every video is more than worth the wait.

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