World of Warships: Druid – Half a Minotaur

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Druid is fun! She’s an AP only destroyer with no torps. She’s basically half of a Minotaur in firepower, but she’s still a destroyer with no citadel!
The ship was given to me by Wargaming.

0:00 Druid Match
15:56 End Screen
17:32 Captain Skills & Upgrades
19:03 Outro

World of Warships footage of the new tier 10 Royal Navy destroyer Druid.


  1. I wonder what spells Druids can use.

  2. It’s nice how you can just sit bow on and be such a small target with all firepower!

  3. A Minotaur’s 152mm gun fires a shell weighing 59 kg. Druid’s 127mm gun fires a shell weighing 23 kg. So naturally, *naturally* Druid will do about 130% of Mino’s AP DPM on a per-barrel basis.

    Very cool and very nice, WG.

    • @taserrr Yeah it’s an arcade game, not a simulation, I get that. I’m just pointing out how their desire to shoehorn ever-wackier stuff into the game creates absurd situations like this one.

    • @mjxw Well they just announced soviet carriers so yeah…

    • @taserrr Doesn’t get realistic game, doesn’t get balanced game. Sad life. Happy WG

    • Danhvn “Coroga”

      the experimental weapon 5″/56 (12.7 cm) QF Mark N2 was supposed to fire 40 rpm but only for 1 min then 10 rpm afterward
      Meanwhile in game she has 33 rpm stock but 44 rpm fully upgraded
      Ask WG

    • extra dense tea explosive technology

  4. Im still confused as to why ppl would get this instead of/as well as the vampire. Other than the heal, I could only fire AP, from just my front 2 turrets, and never fire my torps in my vampire, and id still have way more advantages. Better smoke, better hydro, better conceal, just….why?

    • @Capt Happy mys smaland will eat your vampire 😛 but i guess vampire will be one of better submarine hunters

    • @hardkur lol! For sure, the smaland as well as the kleber are the only 2 DDs that are a threat 1v1! Just don’t let me catch you when your radar is on cooldown(which I look for). In that case, your no more effective than a halland and I regularly stomp them out. The key(as you may already know) is to not get caught nose in to a vampire. Difference is, I can hide while killing DDs provided they don’t have radar support.

    • @hardkur besides, my comment wasn’t vampire v smaland, its vampire v druid.

    • Danhvn “Coroga”

      Vampire has better conceal, speed, crawling smoke, torps and HE
      Druid has much much better AP with insane DPM, Mino bounce angle, Kleber pen and balistic, heal, more hp, UK smoke
      Both are overpowered so

  5. This is the sort of dpm they should have given Tiger

  6. I can see it…. the Emperor does have new cloths! No thank you.

  7. Arman Sagmanligil

    there are 2 half minos now. Druid, and Tiger.
    this is getting out of hand!

    • If you combine them you still don’t get a full Mino because no torps.

    • Arman Sagmanligil

      @Aerroon clearly the next logical step from WG is to add a ship with no guns, half a mino hull, and a full set of mino torps so that we can finially have all the mino parts and can play a minotaur div.

    • @Arman Sagmanligil well, tiger and druid each have 2 turrets of 2, accounting for 4 guns. mino has 5 turrets of 2, 10 guns. therefore the last mino part should have a single turret. just one. and then all 16 torps, 8 per side. even funnier if it’s a dd that has no superstructure, like none at all, so the turret does a 360 and is mounted above like a square of torps
      ….don’t question where the crew are

  8. Love how people rage at someone with more than a 100k Damage when they already dead meat

    • Yes, they’re the ones that go out early and pick fault at everyone else. Telling them to do this and do that.

  9. Ngl, the brits sure know how to make their ships and tanks sound cool

    Vampire, terror, centurion, chieftain, etc

  10. Holy hell!

    Any idea if it’s gonna run for free exp, coal, steel or doubloons?

  11. Great that you post loses as well as wins. Refreshing stuff from a CC. Love your vids Aeroon. Probably the best CC imo. Incidentally, that Druid looks great fun.

  12. LMAO A Minotaur got it’s behind kicked by a Druid.

  13. Looks like a chasing ship to me. Finishing off ships which want to run away.

  14. Sub par 6.6km spotting range at tier X, no torps at all, no main battery reload booster or other noticeable new gimmick, no HE at all, and only 4 main battery barrels all front mounted with only 4 AP shells per salvo… Note: no ability to engage anything while kiting away either due to the 2 front mounted only turrets….. Yeeeeaaaaa… Sounds like yall can go have fun with this one hahah, I got some more comfortable and enjoyable tier X DDs that I already own to keep playing in before I give the time of day to something this haggard looking stats wise….

  15. Just what we need, a Druish princess…

  16. your English is very easy to listen. (I’m japanese)

    I was going to buy the Ohio, is this ship strong?also, should I buy Druid?

    • Thank you!
      Ohio is one of the best, if not the best, T10 battleship. She’s very strong and I definitely recommend getting her as the first.
      Druid is more of a choice. Druid has a different playstyle, which some will like, but others might not like. I think it’s a little too early to tell whether Druid is recommended to get or not.

    • @Aerroon thanks! I think I’ll get the Ohio one.

  17. Tiger Tank Transmission

    Basically a friesland that trades he and DFAA for a heal, forward guns, fast rounds, and AP only rounds.

    Healthy trade

  18. 17:00 ‘very few ricochets’ *115 ricochets* Think you looked at torp protection.

  19. Naming is actually based on the Daring-class, which her hull seems to be a derivative of. Whilst they cancelled a bunch of the Darings they had ordered, one of them was actually supposed to be called Druid but later got renamed to Diana after the original Diana was cancelled.

  20. Are the cleric and warlock coming next? XDD

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