World of Warships – Duca D’Aosta Italian Ship Tease

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Duca D’Aosta is a new premium that was teased by Asia, I take some of the pictures and research to figure out why it will be the first ship. I’m loving the camo and the stats are intriguing, I hope we get to see this ship in the next 3 months. Hope you enjoy the video and have a wonderful day!

Tier VI Italian Duca D’Aosta Replay


  1. Italian cruisers?

  2. How can you play Italian ships when you have to wave your hands around the whole time?

  3. TomsonPRoDuctions

    Holy shit! Aosta is my hometown! I’m so fucking hyped by this, finally something from the Italian Royal Navy 😀

  4. the Duke of Aosta

  5. We’re coming boiii!

    (omg your pronounce is so bad ;W;
    Also Duca D’Aosta is Male)


    Here the correct pronounciation. It’s so simple (for us) xD sry for my spam
    Keep up the good work!

  7. Italy was on the loosing side, so it should be fairly easy to get plans for Italian ships. But I think Britain got the plans for Italian ships since they were the major naval power in the Mediterranean… maybe France though… but not Russia.
    Hopefully the Italians will get a CV line as the Russians and Germans are likely to not get one (But I hope for at least the Graf Zeppelin as a premium).

  8. ahahahahahahah sorry but i’m an italian and i come from the same city (Aosta) and the prononciation was atrocious ahahahahahah

  9. I always find it amusing that native english speakers turn into complete dyslexics when uttering a foreign word xD….. Aosta…. What part of that word looks like Asota?!? (ps. im just teasing for all you easily offended types)

  10. I want the actual Bismarck paint back !!!!

  11. finally my nation navy, the big italian royal navy is here!!!

  12. Dat citadel is looking quite large.

  13. for April fools, they should release this ship with a pizza camo

  14. Can I get it in Ferrari red?

  15. When we play the Italian ships, do we have to roleplay Italy’s tradition of military incompetence?

  16. Is that a pola class ca?

  17. German Destroyer Question: Have you tried to play german DD’s as a range gunboat do distract the enemy like a russian DD? I want to try it but i don’T have AFT yet. I’m curios if this would work. I’m looking forward to your your feedback as many of you are playing probably more than me.

  18. something is off about the picture where you are looking down onto the ship, the DP 100 mm seems to have been replaced with the second mast 4:00

  19. Rather than butcher the Italian name you could translate it in English: Philip Emmanuel Duke of Aosta. A nice nickname for it would be “The Duke”

  20. I wonder if this and the French cruisers will tone down this campy playstyle. I missed wolfpacking up with other cruisers and wrecking shit.

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