World of Warships – Duca D’Aosta Preview Impression

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The Duca D’Aosta will be a premium ship that comes to in the near future, I take her out on Estuary to see how she fights. We engage in the east and just try to use our rate of fire to our advantage. Gun velocity is pretty nice with this ship, it also feels similar to Soviet Cruisers. Hope this was interesting and have a wonderful day!

Tier VI Duca D’Aosta Replay


  1. So, does it switch sides if its team falls below 2/3 of its original strength?

  2. T6 has such cool ships (also the french cruiser is nice) .. unfortunately the MM kills it.

  3. What happened to the April Fools event? :V
    it’s so lame compared to last year

  4. @notser
    it shouldn’t be a star for it being an italian ship the star is as you mentioned from its soviet days.
    the symbol should be the one of the regia marina of an eagle sat ontop of an anchor with a crown above

  5. I want Pola dess!

  6. Weird Random Dude

    just me who thinks the italians made the best looking ships?

  7. Monika Von Heerlingen

    The velocity on those guns is hilarious, main reason I want that ship besides its novelty

  8. Aaand concea-
    Demolition expert
    Wtf Notser?

  9. This Ships is NOT any good. w 14 km range… the La Galissonnière will skit on this Italian CL..

  10. So, im not even an Italian fanboy like some people ive run into, but even im getting tilted by you calling them Soviet cruisers. The two Duca D’Aosta’s might have been given to the Greeks and Soviets and operated by them, but they were still built by the Italians. Its an Italian Cruiser, not a Soviet cruiser.

  11. To be fair, Notser: we don´t have the Duca “because it was in soviet service”.

    We have the Duca because it was in soviet service and therefore the plans and detailed documentations of the ship were somewhere in the former SSSR. So for WG it was easy to research, without political obstacles.

  12. Not all of the Italian ships had a star: RN Roma which had the Roman Republic emblem(SPQR or Senatus PopulusQue Romanorum, loosely translated in the Senate and the Roman People). On the star on’t know the reason why, might be because there was a famous ship called RN Stella Polare. She was used in an Arctic exploration mission and remained in La Spezia Arsenal as museum ship(and sadly lost during WWII). Next time I go there I can ask.

  13. italian military uniforms have a star on the lapel.

  14. Give me a fucking Roma or bust!

  15. Can you compare it to other tier 6 Cruisers – Molotv, Spee which

  16. Wow, 1000 meter/sec AP velocity, 950 HE! So same HE velocity as the Soviet 152s but slightly more AP velocity. But lower shell weight and damage for both types, and lower Krupp values for AP by a little, so Stalinium will still likely perform better against thick armor. Meanwhile Soviet HE does 100 more damage and lights more fires – still an interesting ship at very least! I gotta wonder about her armor layout and whatnot.

  17. The stats of its main guns are wrong. The OTO Malera model 1929 6 inch guns had a muzzle velocity of 850 mps only. The 1000 mps was achieved with the original Ansaldo model 1926 guns but were changed because the dispersion and the reload time were horrible.

    Also, i was always dubious about the speed announced on the Italian cruisers. All of the Condottieri class (exept the last Abruzzi sub class) show a max speed of around 37 knots even though similar cruisers of the time lighter and/or with more powerful engine present officially a slower max speed. A good exemple is to compare them with the Emile Bertin, built around a similar design, with no armor to make it the fastest possible and was the fastest French cuiser with a speed record of 40 knots.

    Emile Bertin (as designed) : displacement 5886 tons (standard) 6530 tons (full load)
    6 boilers, 4 turbines, power 102000 shp, speed 34 knots (40.2 knots on trials at 137908 shp)
    Condottieri class : displacement from 5323 tons to 8450 tons (standard) from 6954 tons to 10539 tons (full load)
    6 boilers, 2 turbines, power 95000 shp – 110000 shp, speed 37 knots (42 knots on trials at 123,479 shp)

    So most ot the Italian cruisers had either the same displacement than the Emile but with less power, or had the same or more power than the Emile but were way heavier and all had less turbines. And yet they all announce a max speed of 37 knots instead of 34 knots for the Emile. And its even more strange for the record speed established by the Alberico da Barbiano, a ship heavier than the Emile (6571 tons standard), less powerful (95000 shp) and with even less max power developped for only 30 minutes (123479 shp) and yet it boast to have reached 42 knots, 2 knots more than Emile’s own record !
    Something is really fishy…

  18. The star is obviously just a hood ornament.

  19. That was great, dude! Very fun game to watch! Thanks for the upload Notser.

  20. Is it just me, or does it look like the ship is sailing backwards?

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