World of Warships – Duca D’Aosta Update – Balans Comrades

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*Imaginary conversation with WG*
Me: You know, I enjoyed this ship, it’s reasonably well balanced, maybe small changes here and there will make it perfect.
WG: Dats good comrade, anything else?
Me: Well she does require a bit more skill to play compared to some other cruisers, so she’s probably not for everybody.
WG: That can’t be! Glorious communism says everybody should be able to play this ship. BRING ZE BALANS COMRADES, BUFF THE SHIP!


  1. Why Wargaming?? just why??

  2. YES YES KEEP BUFFING MY BABY! I bet when its released it will have 80 knots top speed KEK

  3. do you have to be a supertester to use french ships

  4. Turrets: ugh, fine. I guess.
    Rudder: The durability boost is fine, but oh my god why is the turning so fast. It’s practically a Soviet DD, what the hell
    Both consumables vs having to choose: That shit is just plain unfair, do not give ships the Belfast treatment


  6. Also… Have WGs WoWS department got new leadership? This past year has been crazy in power creep

  7. so we have indirect confirmation that next ranked will be t6 😉
    Brace yourselves for wallet warriors ;P

  8. That’s one of the few balanced things left in the game, having to choose between Hydro and Defensive AA. Leave it to WG to fuck up again.

  9. This ship went from “meh” to “must have” for me.

  10. Meanwhile, on the French side 🙂

  11. You can’t blame WG for these buffs to premium ships. WE are actually at fault as a community. Every new premium ship or ship branch that is released follows a disturbingly familiar pattern:

    1. New Ship(s) announced. Players get excited and want to know more.
    2. New ships is given to supertesters and community contributors for testing/reviewing.
    3. Ship reviews released by community contributors YT or on the blogs.
    3a. Community contributors tell the public everything about the ship. This includes strengths and weaknesses of each ship.
    3b. Community contributors share their opinions. *SOME* overreact about weakness.
    4. Players react to the review of the ship. Oftentimes focusing on the bad or go batshit crazy about an *actual* or *perceived* weakness.
    5. Wargaming notices the fall out. To avoid taking a financial hit, they buff the ship whether it needed it or not. The Ship’s release is delayed to make the changes.
    6. Community contributors release an update to their reviews. If the players like the changes to the ship, the ship gets released. If not, repeat from step 4.
    7. The ship is released more powerful than it was originally intended to be. Now satisfied players buy the ship. Wargaming avoids a financial hit.

    My solution to this? Well I don’t really have one.

    Wargaming could stop giving community contributors the ships before they’re released, but then WG loses the advertising and feedback mechanisms, community contributors lose their revenue, and players don’t get the info they want.
    It would break the cycle, but the real question is that what do we, as a community, want? Do we as a community want powerful premiums we can buy or do we want a balanced, free-to-play game?

  12. I Love it. I want premium ships that are competitive. If we are paying money for a ship that will generate credit and train our captain I want it to be a good one. The D’Aosta if her specs stay as of now it’s going to be a good tier 6 ship. Fun to play but not invincible

  13. **** DON’T BUY PREMIUM SHIPS ****
    Unless you want pay to lose money. The detectability nerf in 6.3.0 to premium ships such as The Blyskawica shows that Wargaming will nerf all premium ships at some time in the future in the hope that players will then buy a new OP Premium! This is disgraceful behaviour. Wargaming cannot be trusted. Spend your money on BF1 or Overwatch. A full AAA game for the cost of one Premium ship. They need hitting financially. That’ll get them to wake up and listen to the community rather than just pandering to BB players and those with money to burn!

  14. Good ship but you didn’t last long in the game I played with you today. You were the first one to die, not sure what happened to you.

  15. meh im sticking with RN

  16. I HATE W.G. since close and open beta and the

    _ *”ho’ this is japanese?! NEEERF!!”*
    _ *”Hey! Let’s go with our ww2 “marine” – But we didnt had any sir! – pfrrruuh! TKE SOMETHING FROM THE 50-60’s you morron”!*

    And NOW , the *P2WIN* is there!

    Yeah… A bit mad…

  17. this ship need also radar

  18. You’re such an imbecile. Good job almost torping that friendly Atago

  19. This is way too much. I do agree she needed a buff, but there’s a difference between buff and … this. Being able to equip both hydro and DF is already way better than what every other cruiser can do. Add on to that these crazy long range low detect torps and … yeah, wow.

    Folks have been begging WG to let german cruisers equip both for ages. And suddenly this premium appears that can do both. Riiiiight …

  20. TheGuardianofAzarath

    Sadly, I think it’s all the new players that have only just started the game, and haven’t yet learned how to play, who are calling for this power creeping the most, and WG are listening to them more than players who actually know what they’re doing and where WG should focus balance efforts.

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