World of Warships – Dude calls it in chat

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At the start of this match, dude in chat named “cv_reeeework” takes a super crazy random wild guess, totally out of the blue, and gets it right.

The chances of this are VERY very small. To make matters crazier he actually left after the prediction or fell asleep 😀

We did get in touch with him later and got him the CC container.

Now don’t get me wrong here, this is not something I do or ever did before, nor will I continue to do but it felt just right to reward him for his crazy prediction which was on point.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Dont REEEEEE!!!…Just Do It!!!

  2. Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας

    So i couldn’t be arsed to grind the fuel tokens that means no Benham for me? Btw, that Monarch…left the east flank, sailed all the way to the other side of the map just to die there without doing anything usefull…precious!

    • Unless it gets added to the supercontainer or Santa crate loot tables, yeah you’re out of luck and won’t be able to get Benham. As for the Monarch, well what can you say, it is high tiers after all…

  3. I’m impressed someone new the name of the 3rd hull of the Yamato class. She was being converted to a carrier when she was being moved from Tokyo she was hit by 6 torps and sank but the submarine capt was not believed as she was that secret us naval intelligence only found out about her after the war ended.

    • From Wikipedia “Shinano (信濃) was an aircraft carrier built by the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) during World War II, the largest such built up to that time. Laid down in May 1940 as the third of the Yamato-class battleships, Shinano’s partially complete hull was ordered to be converted to a carrier following Japan’s disastrous loss of four fleet carriers at the Battle of Midway in mid-1942. Her conversion was still not finished in November 1944 when she was ordered to sail from the Yokosuka Naval Arsenal to Kure Naval Base to complete fitting out and transfer a load of 50 Yokosuka MXY7 Ohka rocket-propelled kamikaze flying bombs. She was sunk en route, 10 days after commissioning, on 29 November 1944, by four torpedoes from the U.S. Navy submarine Archerfish. Over a thousand sailors and civilians were rescued and 1,435 were lost, including her captain. She remains the largest warship ever sunk by a submarine.”

      Damn, that’s interesting largest ever ship sunk by a sub.

      Also “Serious punishment—up to and including death—awaited any worker who mentioned the new ship. As a result, Shinano was the only major warship built in the 20th century to have avoided being officially photographed during its construction. The ship is only known to have been photographed twice: on 1 November 1944, by a Boeing B-29 Superfortress reconnaissance aircraft from an altitude of 9,800 meters (32,000 ft), and ten days later, by a civilian photographer aboard a harbor tug during Shinano’s initial sea trials in Tokyo Bay.”

    • shinano is a yamato hull that ended up as a carrier, torps sank her cuz the watertight door isnt put on & the captain forced the ship to keep moving, naval creed has shinano, her hangar capacity is on the low side

  4. 8 Torps per side that actually do damage with a 50sec cooldown? Cries in Z-52…

    • GK is a mid/lategame Ship. dont push brainless to the enemy team. if all destroyers or those on your side is dead you can push. it is still a dangerous battleship and most people have a lot of respect for it. Although you always die but take in the close range at least 3 ships out

    • @MrSKULLoO while I would agree GK isn’t as effective as the other BBs of her tier, she does wonders under the right circumstances. I don’t really like the ship, but I have 301k and 324k dmg games in her. She also has my 3rd highest avg dmg (behind Kremlin and Conqueror) and my highest WR. Even in this harsh HE meta, she’s still an effective ship.

    • I cry in my Shima

    • @MrSKULLoO maybe you just dont know how to play them? I have krakens in Bismarck fdg and gk and do well in all 3 just about every game unless I potatoe by pushing the cap too hard

    • German ships just have a high skill cap. They are situationally op as fuck. Even secondary GK – although it’s not the most effective can wreck games. I play this game for 13 months now, have the GK for 5 of it. And had over 25 games were I got Kraken only by secondary kills. Have average of nearly 3 kills per game and over 120k damage on average. It’s definitely no bad ship if played right.

  5. I love My Benham too .. just scoot around and torp torp torp … and torp again . just love it ?

  6. ive played with cv_rework from na and hes a legend

  7. Potato of the Match award goes to..


  8. The Great Flambino!!!

  9. Quite frankly we don’t need any more ships. What we really need is new maps, new scenarios that we can actually win something whilst playing. Its ok for you CC’s as you never have to buy anything. I’ve just lost 80 million credits doing a reset and can only buy a few things for the effort as i don’t want the Ohio or Courbet. Plus the tier 9 ship didn’t reset so i didn’t get the tokens i should have.What a waste.

  10. could plainly see it swap to contested. Be honest, thou. Guy had the cap already. You were just tryin’ to skiff some cap points, didn’t work out, but was HARDLY worth calling “cheat”, lol.

  11. It seems more like he expected your first wave of torps to all hit but you hit with 0 of the initial 16 you sent.

  12. cv_reeeework… Yuro(atsf)?

  13. Is joining the discord the only thing I have to to to join the give away

  14. 3:40 i don’t get it, what was happen there ?

  15. Wait, I thought in the current AA meta, every attack for a carrier not T10 is a suicide run already.

  16. i see no one calling anything in chat at the start of the video, downvoted

  17. I predict flambass will give me a cc container.

  18. Wanna hear a joke. IJN DDs are Torpedo boats ??

  19. yea, this ship is overpowered 12 torps under 1 min reload? patchetic now that is called gimmick

  20., candy..
    that mm sounded just right

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