World of Warships – Duke of York First Impression

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of York is a premium British Battleship that will supposedly be a for a campaign in future. I take it out to see how the ship works out. Hope you have a wonderful and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VII British Battleship Duke of York Replay


  1. The Sharnhorst is better in the super heavy role.

    • sharnhorst is totally that role, i remember when it was first released all the “INCOMING MERCHANT RAIDER!!” in chat..good times charging balls to the walls in it.

    • Words cant describe how much I love this ship.

    • I sold it to buy the bismarck…..and i regret so much… 🙁 i got the acceleration boost so oh my god it was flying…you can really take the speed of dd´s even when ruddering like crazy and just troll their attempts to torp you. also nice AA and secondaries…tanky as shit when angled + matchmaking just nice to farm kills…

      miss it! ^^

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan

      hqgrummel why would you sell a premium to get a standard? You can’t be serious Specially an awesome ship like the Shanhorst

  2. It’s just a better cruiser with Amazing AA.

    Let’s be honest here. If this was marked as a Cruiser players would call t OP.

    • 100% correct, but that says way more about how bad Cruisers are compared to Battleships then anything else -_-

    • The difference is that it takes up a BB slot instead of a cruiser slot. Scharn does BB-as-cruiser much better than this thing, without having to resort to stealing cruiser consumables and instead keeping tools that BBs already have.

    • The need for a battlecruiser icon is growing

  3. STILL waiting for a T8 British BB then

  4. I wish they had gone with a T8 King George for Duke of York. be nice to have a T8 British ship

  5. It’s such a stupid ship.
    With no heal makes players go max range and be selfish, no reason to push and help the team.

  6. Maybe WG is experimenting with a true BattleCruiser line and using only cruiser modules. The RN didnt have a lot of heavy cruisers so maybe they will fill the line out with battlecruisers and this is the first attempt?

  7. A BB without the repair party is akin to a DD without any torps…even a DD with bad torps at least has the threat, they could give this ship at least a standard BB repair party even if it isn’t the super British one…

  8. A Idea for the IJN DD line
    Make the torp reload at max 40 secs at T10, have them do 1/3 for the damage, lower det range of torps, BUT!

    and give them a Unique IJN DD torp property, ” Heavy Flooding” were damage control only halves the flooding timer instead of fixing it.

    That or a debuff that decreases turn and speed of ships do to add weight of flooding water on ships. Maybe based on which side of the ship is hit.

    • In some way the Shima 12km torpedoes already have this, they have something like a 400% flooding chance, which in actual gameplay translates to 100%, in other words almost guaranteed flooding. I think all they need to do with Shimakaze is either lowering the reload time or the detection range of the torps (from the current 1.7km to 1.5)

    • the detetion is absurde
      base is 1.7,but with skill and modules u get it around 2.5 i think…and they are slow

      if someone is not dumb,he will dodge…no?

    • “with skill and modules u get it around 2.5 i think”

      There are no skills that the player can take to increase detection range of his *own* torpedoes, but other players can take skills to detect *enemy torpedoes* further away. However, different torpedoes have their own different detection range. Detection ranges of Shimakaze’s different torps are:
      20km: 2,5km (the worst)
      12km: 1,7km (the best)
      F3 8km: 1,9km

    • I’m sorry,should write better next time
      Off course I meant that the other players could take skill and modules,but the point stand still
      The torpedo could be seen from the moon

    • Yes, the 20km ones are absolute crap. The 12km ones are just okay. Gearing and Fletcher torps only have 1.4km detection, and I absolutely think Shimakaze should have the same on the 12km ones.

  9. Why do I get the cold feeling that Wargaming is going to omit battleship repair party for either French or Italian non-premium battleships? Are they going to shove these gimmicks in like they have with the British, Pan-Asians and Graf Zeppelin?

  10. Have heal still sniping, no heal still sniping. Yep no heal will make duke of yorck shitty

  11. I’m not sure what they are trying to do with RN BBs. I wish they were handled like crusiers and only given ap because their HE is ridiculous especially given the other strengths that the lion and conqueror enjoy. The RN BB lines identity should be built around the great heal not overpowered HE.

  12. Boy I’m so glad cruisers are getting an HP buff…..oh wait

  13. All ik is when the Roma and the Duke of York come out I won’t have enough credits to fully upgrade them haha

  14. I think the problem is MM needs to be based off role, if you are going to be a support BB that hides like a cruiser, then get matched like a cruiser. If you are an anti DD cruiser, get matched with a anti dd cruiser. When one side is all atlantas and belfasts and the other is russians or such you end up with a very skewed balance.

  15. Hydroacoustic is never a “waste” on a BB. You’re out more or less solo sniping, a dd is stalking you, also works toward endgame where you can afford to move in and need to guard yourself and possibly others against torps. That plus the def fire should make it a nice fairly independent platform.

  16. Joey01warhawk Niehaus

    Not even worth going through the campaign, if I want a big cruiser that struggles against t5 American bbs then I’ll get the Omaha. It has defensive fire and torpedoes.

  17. Might be testing for other types of ships( IE, you said super heavy cruiser,.. Alaska Class SH Cruiser?) Not saying they are, but possibly.

  18. So basically WG is now encouraging the BB sniper meta? The biggest problem with battleships isn’t the ships, but the gameplay, and vice versa. I really wish they would have used the introduction of ships like Duke of York and Ashitaka to promote aggressive (brawling) battleships able to compete with the Bismarck and Tirpitz.

  19. I feel like this ship is built as a cruiser replacement for tier 7 ranked battles. Having a ship like this paired with an Indianapolis or an Atlanta (for radar) could work well as escorts for a battleship group.

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