World of Warships: Duke of York First Match

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My very first match in the Duke of York. She’s quite fun and good, but not as good as the King George V. The hydro is nice though.

World of Warships footage of the tier 7 British battleship Duke of York.


  1. Love your videos 😀

  2. Oh god i very dislike this ship. I’d say it’s one of the worst tier 7 Premium ships in game at the moment. I’d rather play the Hood or Nelson any day.

    • Well, T7 premiums are incredibly powerful yeah. I think I’d pick this over the Hood though.

    • I find that the Hood makes an excellent Torpedo boat ( Literally) But some ships like the indianapolis, A ship i find to be very boring and offers nothing different over the Pepsicola are in my opinion a ship that are better to play then this.

    • Николай Бербенлиев

      I don’t agree with you Monika. The Duke is very good ship and I have great time in it and very good battles too. Only the dispersion isn’t very good.

    • Well yeah because it’s more down to opinion. Easily for me one of the worst Premiums for it’s tier.

    • Well, considering her tech tree sister is borderline OP. Yeah, pretty mediorce T7 BB. ( Just look at Cossack and Gadjah OP for example)

  3. The Atlanta committed sudoku? He committed a puzzle game? LOL! I think you mean Seppuku.

  4. *smelting away*

    • What kind of accent is this? You sound so motivated and cute 😀
      I would comment about more useful theme but my english is to bad xD
      Ok lets try it:
      I think DoY isnt a good ship hydro can mostly replaced with skill (sittuation awarenes) AA is unimportant in 9 out of 10 games and even than your aa is dead in seconds because of HE. I prefer the mainbattery. Like on Yamato buff mb instead of secondarys because the mb are the big things you do damage with. Imagine a Yamato with 35sec reload but you get hydro. I would never ever pick hydro. I think most of the people have the DoY because it was free i would never ever spent 1€ for this. Its nothing compared to Gulio Cesare.

  5. Good video. I started grinding for the DoY but as the end date got closer I got less and less interested in getting it, so I’m glad to see a video of yours with it.

    Additionally, what captain voice are you using in this video Aerroon?

  6. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Thumbnail hurts!! So bright! On another topic…would you recommend fire prevention for RN BBs? Or I will stuck with only a tier 4 skill? Maybe aft?

    • I don’t think you should lower fire thingies on RN BBs. However, I’m not sure what else you would take. AFT is definitely a good idea though.

  7. Aerroon alsace gameplay pls

  8. Kas sa eelistas inglise keelseid kommentaare või eesti keelseid? 😀 sessuhtes olen kommenteerinud ja pole vastust saanud

    • Eh, ei ole eelistust. Ma ei loe alati kõiki kommentaare. Oleneb täiesti mitte millestki. Telefonis on inglise keeles lihtsalt lihtsam kirjutada.

  9. Just curious, why don’t you like the Warspite?

  10. Came across one of these in my shokaku. Lost all my planes in every attack .

  11. KGV has a spotter plane so better range. DoY would of benefited more with a spotter than hydro.

  12. Tmw you have Hood, Nelson, Duke of York, and the King George…….

    I think I like the Hood the most.

  13. Re-Class Battleship

    Hawawawawa~ Nanodeath~!

    • Man, it annoyed me so much when they removed “nanodesu” in Death March official LN translations.

    • Re-Class Battleship

      Verbal tics should see at least some work towards getting preserved. It might not always be easy, but that’s what linguists are there for.

  14. Wonder if WG will ever get rid of “standard battle” given how dull it is compared with cap ones.
    Do you think you might have done significantly more damage had you mixed some more AP into your shooting? Sure, fires are nice and damage adds up and the HE is absurdly effective against pretty much everything, but am curious to know is the HE that good that it’s better than AP on a broadside BB? I know there’s the problem of switching ammo, same issue that’s been around since the start, I suppose. Perhaps ‘expert loader’ (or whatever the skill is called) might be worth it on a RN BB?
    Not saying you WOULD have done better, just wondering what you think about the AP as I can understand the reason for simply slinging HE 99% of the time.

  15. Sudoku XD… You mean sepuku.

  16. I don’t like DoY. The dispersion, slow shells, bad reload, very slow turret rotation, vulnerability to HE, less heals. The KGV beats it hands down. I occasionally have good games in her but usually because the other team are being potato. Hydro and better mid and short range AAA don’t really mean all that much because they don’t really protect you from a strike. It’s the long range AAA that counts most. Plus the mid range is quite short. If you boost the AAA ranges, you don’t get the accuracy mod. Which you absolutely need to hit much.

  17. It is not Sudoku it is Sepuko

  18. I think also that DoY’s AA is better than KG5’s. At least I remember seeing other contributors mentioning it.

  19. For some reason, my captain skills dont work on this ship, so cant use it 🙁

  20. Best AA for teir 7 is Gneisenau fully specked the number is 96 and with manual AA the long range does 360 dps so no york is not best in tier for AA

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