World of Warships: Duke of York is finalized! New Free Premium!

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NOTE: The start of the video you’ll get a little glance of me being human. That hardest part of making a video is the beginning. Not gonna re upload. Hope you get a laugh like I did when I realized it was there 🙂

The can be acquired for through the newest . Here is a review on its finalized form. Hope you guys are able to unlock this ship!


  1. Nice editing bro! 😀

  2. You have a speed flag on the King George V, but not on the Duke of York. That’s why the KGV in this video has a speed of 29.4 knots. In game, the KGV has a speed of 28 knots without the speed flag, which is identical to the Duke of York.

  3. The icy camo for the Duke of York is awarded by the collection, the items are awarded for the final tasks for the Battle of North Cape campaign (also the Duke of York specific tasks) and the New Years Raid campagin tasks.

  4. OMEGALUL editing

  5. Bestest editing

  6. Nothing like issues…lol. Good vid as always

  7. *clears throat*

  8. But how do u incapicitate 3 turrets in a single battle with battleships V-X.I reallly need help

  9. But Jash, is it free?

    • In the same way winning a trophy is “free.” It took me a lot of grinding, but I got my yesterday. It’s pretty decent.

  10. I just got it today

  11. terrible ship after all

  12. Yes but headeach to have it

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