World of Warships: Duke of York, the NO heal Battleship.. WIP UK T7 BB

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The Duke of is one of the newest Battleships coming to World of and its definitely an interesting ship nonetheless. The first heal battleship that has come to the game. Although it has tricks up its sleeve with some consumables. Not to sure about this ship yet.


  1. no heal is not a good idea – If they still sticking to no heal they should add smoke so you can hide – like your thinking about not showing up by reducing the time you spotted after firing. Has it got RN AP or normal AP like the Nelson?

  2. Got to take your hat off to WG for trying outnew things, but, the heal on a BB is such a huge, integral part of the shiptype and playstyle that taking it away feels like a massive handicap over and above a scharn, Nagato or KGV……why would you buy this ship? It’s a beautiful ship…..but iv a feeling it would just sit in the port!?
    Not for me!

  3. Stop pronouncing it Dook of York, it isn’t *that* crappy. 😉

  4. Seems like a really high skill floor. The KG V already has to be pretty passive because (as you say) it takes a lot of damage. The KG V heal lets you bully when you have to. I’m a decent player but suspect I would not have a good time playing the Duke of York.

  5. Dook of Yorks, will be fun shooting them and watching them die helplessly. Ill enjoy facing them when the AI get one, it wont be able to heal, so even a lowly cruiser will completely wreck it.

  6. you need a video the new buff of the colorado in the channel

  7. Ironically, I wish they had gone a different direction entirely… they should give Duke of York the Nelson’s heal, great defensive AA, hydro, AND… put it at tier 8, same armor, same load, same 14 inch guns.  As is, I don’t think many people will play it all that often, because as good as it is to have defensive AA, that heal is SOOOO much more important in EVERY game.

  8. I have no idea WG how to balancing

    I cannot even a guess

    CV balancing… French BBs… And now NO Repair Party BB What the hell!?

  9. In my opinion this no heal BB may be just wg trying to check how to implement battlecruisers as separate branch. Hard hitting BB but with no heal and with good consumables = def aa + hydro

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