World of Warships – Dumb Luck

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Good judgement can often look like dumb luck to the less skilled. But sometimes it is just dumb luck. How do you tell the difference? The artist formerly known as Flambass is open to suggestions.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Just seen it on Flambass‘s channel, but twice in a row never hurt nobody

  2. The last time I was that early, the whole
    “the last time I was this early” thing was not a thing yet ^^

  3. I love watching you everyday jingles, well almost everyday.

  4. Oh! This clip. I was watching this live… lemme tell you, it was a riot in chat… RPF Blindfire new meta?

  5. I literally just watched this on Flambass’ channel, now to watch it again!

  6. Ignore the haters jingles, just sentence them to lifelong hard doulbe shifts in the saltmines.
    That will learn them 🙂

  7. Congrats You found my Channel

    *The last time I was this early for World of Warships the Game was still Considered “Balanced.”*

  8. Ahh a second time wont hurt. I cant wait for his reaction.

  9. The Yugumo was chanelling Oprah Winfrey. “You get a torpedo and you get a torpedo, EVERYBODY gets a torpedo!”

  10. Wow that Yugumo…we’d be seeing a totally different replay if he did end up winning XD

  11. Jingles: I wouldn’t recommend a secondary build
    Next moment, Flambass’ secondaries open up at a target 11 km away….

    • Hes prob just running aft to extend the range, jingles means its not worth it to take secondary armaments expertise and ifhe as well

    • @Fabian Schwegman And he actually seems to be full or nearly full secondary spec based on the range, dispersion and reload.

  12. two emotions when a new jingles video comes out,
    1. Maybe today will be the day for my replay!
    2. Oh god please no, dont make me look like an idiot.

  13. The Venezia might have been spotted just before he fired so there is a good chance he had a pretty good guess of where the yuugumo was.

  14. I WOULD actually recommend everyone to Spec into Secondarys on the Georgia (as Flambass seems to have done as well, since his secondarys go out 11,3 km) because it makes this ship a real Monster to play. I have a long playlist of monster gams in this ship on my channel (with my captain build as well) and it is amazing how many DD close Quarters Experts kills you get with this build.

    One of my Top 5 Ships in the game to play.

  15. Lol the perfect ending line for that Petro. “you useless spunk bubble.”

    Also it was most definitely good judgment that happen to get lucky on top of it.

  16. Jingles is a sellout who only ever features replays from his famous internet friends 🧐

  17. “The USS Georgia is a Tier 9 version of the USS Iowa, which is also tier 9”

    salt mines here i come!

  18. The Venezia also had RPF, which helped him estimate the location of the Yugumo.

  19. Jeremy Clarkson.
    Iowa: “This is good”
    Georgia: “But I like this”

  20. Home: Check.
    Seeing a Jingles Upload: Check.
    Ice Cream: Oh sweet baby Jesus you know that’s a check, lets go!

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