World of Warships- Duncan First Impressions: Worth The Wait?

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Hey guys, today we take a look at the new Tier IX Techline British Battlecruiser Duncan! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

Have a replay?

Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


0:00 Channel Intro
0:11 Ship Intro
3:36 Ship Armor Layout
4:46 Ship Stats
8:51 Ship Consumables
9:50 Module & Commander Build
13:15 Gameplay Review


  1. Thanks for the review. How do you think she’ll do when you’re inevitably up tiered and are facing super ships?

    *edited a typo, you to you’re

  2. So played against a St.Vincent in ranked yesterday. In my Marseille, I vibe checked it to the bottom of the map while only eating 25k damage. Idk a skilled player could play it better, but ehhhhhhhhhh

  3. undertakernumberone1

    kinda hilarious: British 622mm Torpedoes deal more damage than Japanese 633mm torpedoes… and the 700mm Torpedoes they gave the Anhalt.

  4. Waverley Journalise

    22:38 the single AP salvo you fire, absolutely wrecks… SLM, you often get things right but this review is an absolute car crash. You played an aggressive ambush flanker like a back-line sniper, ignoring your speed, manoeuvrability and damage-soaking ability until the last five minutes of that match. Firing HE at Tier 7s you can overmatch and using *range mod?* I hope you can take a fresh approach once you get hold of Vincent.

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      I tried it as a an aggressive AP BC before this match. It wasn’t working with the games/teams I was handed. The teams were too passive, most of the matches were CV games were everyone sat back at 20km+ for half of the match. Where anyone that attempted to push before more than half the enemy team sunk was signing signing their death warrant. Like I said in the video, I was forced to play more passive because of the teams/matches I was handed. I mention that you should be pushing with it later in the game and using your AP. Just so happens when the time came to finally push in this match, the game was already over, like so many other high tier matches

    • Waverley Journalise

      @Sea Lord Mountbatten Damn, that’s a shame. If you revisited this ship in the future, you could switch tactics and feature a few clips instead of a single game – that might better show the best way the ship is played. Sometimes the matchmaker is just out for your blood 😔

    • damage soaking ability? mediocre HP pool, poorly armor, a barn of a citadel, standard DCP, mediocre AA with no DFAA option. All of those combines with piss poor gun performance at medium to long range, 31s reload, a single troll 30k torp. Sorry but this is just a weird combination which doesn’t work at neither range. The P.Rupprect has everything beautifully in sync with each other with a clearly defined optimal playstyle. Brest has the unreasonably long reload dragging its performance but she is also has a good set of things that works together. Duncan is just a mess.

  5. It’s called a salt water wash down when you straddle your target without a hit

  6. Got my Collingwood on the first bundle. I will absolutely take a t7 Prem for 1000 dubs thank you very much! 😂

  7. These are going to be worse than the French garbage battlecruisers. I was trapped and forced to go broadside to Collingwood last night in North Carolina. I was the last ship on my team and was at that point….a 6 on 1. Had a feeling broadside to this Collingwood was my best alternative. Was right. Tragic ap pen and accuracy.

  8. In reality, to get G3 with the Refits it has in game would require deleting the submerged torpedo tubes

  9. Managed to get the Duncan on my second chance,,was more than happy at that.

  10. The Darkness Network

    I am so happy this is finally in the game. When I first found out about this design, the granddaddy of the Nelson, I needed it!

  11. I actually like the Lion: decent fire chance, great heal, solid concealment. This ship however I’m not so sure about especially with that dispersion. I also don’t play anything above t8 due to the matchmaking and superships etc at the higher tiers.

    • The dispersion on paper looks bad, but with BC dispersion it’s not actually that bad, kinda like the German BC line

      Honestly I barely see superships, I don’t understand the “they’re ruining the game I never play above t8” stuff imo

  12. I super whaled this and even though that was a bad idea I love this ship. It has everything I want in a ship without being over powered. The only real down sides I see is the weak armour and guns can troll sometimes.

  13. Momchil Gradinarov

    I would love to face this in Schlieffen. It will melt in seconds.

  14. Needs more torps – 1 on each side is not enough for a BB. It would be ok on something like Forrest Sherman which has stealth, relatibely speaking.

  15. It’s crazy how in real life these ships were actually approved to be built but the Washington naval treaty cancelled them haha

    • Funny thing is the UK cancelled these paper ships and convinced the US and Japan to cancel about 20 capital shops between them, several of which were almost complete, and then also convinced them to let the UK build the NelRods.

      There’s trolling, and then there’s thr UK.

  16. Got her in the first 8 bundles (idk which one, i just bought 8 at once) and i really like her, just the torps were kinda strange the first time i used them

  17. With all these ships having torps now, I think WG should put torps on the HOOD. The Hood did have them originally. Its time to upgrade this ship to what she was.

  18. the LION is one of the most underrated ships in the game she plays like a battle cruizer.

  19. Oh great, WG has taken one of the most heavily armoured battleship designs ever actually considered for construction and somehow made it under protected… In what world is a fast battleship with a 14″ inclined belt and 8″ of deck armour “squishy?”

  20. WOW must really want me to start playing the game again. I have not played in a few months besides getting the daily drops. This weekend It gave me the Collingwood and Duncan on the first two random bundles. I guess it worked.

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