World of Warships – Duncan Gameplay Impression

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Checking out the Tier 9 British Battlecruiser, Duncan, where we get to celebrate the beautiful accuracy and lovely concealment. The British Battlecruisers are shaping up to be a really fun treat, hope you enjoy the video and have a wonderful day!

Tier IX British Battleship Duncan Replay


  1. whooh slow down Notser 😉

  2. Thanks N , greetings from Europe

  3. 👈 LOOKING FOR CASUAL S[E]X 🔞 Check My Channel

    *Let’s take the moment to appreciate how much effort he puts into his content for us*

  4. Spasibo za podderzhku Rodiny tovarishch.

  5. Glad to see you producing more vids again Notser. Div with me sometime. CavCat NA

  6. Another one so soon! Notser for MVP

  7. Oh, and it happened again… Some CC I was in a battle with had this new one called “Ship Smasha“ of which I couldn’t even find the slightest information on the web. What the hell is going on!

  8. Hello Notser, can you explain me how work that new torpedoes?, I don’t understand how they work 🙁

  9. Im noticing that the people reviewing these ships dont use the engine boosts very often, almost like they forget its there.

    • It is very forgettable I’m afraid

    • @Notser yeah, still a good video tho, and a good show of what the ship is like. I play a lot of ships with engine boosts, like bourgogne and the french bc’s and such, so Ill be sure to remember to use my engine boosts lol

  10. So Notser….. the Iwami, yay or nay?

  11. That drop on the sub was too far apart. The reload on your asw is 2 secs, you dropped more like 5 seconds have passed. You should slightly overlap your drop, lead with 2 seconds after your first aimed drop.

  12. Well played and happy you are back.

  13. ” I hope you guys like what you see. ” camera goes to ships back side.

  14. Hiya dude, good to see you. Hope you and the Kitteh’s are good.

  15. 2 bids in 2 days, you’re spoiling us. 🙂

  16. Looking forward to your video on the new update and the bottom line on the new economics.

  17. Sardauker Legion

    The only thing i dislike are the fire angles for turret n°3.

  18. I like the look of this one, and the St. Vincent – odd designs appeal to me, it seems.

  19. CynicallyObnoxious

    First bundle roll got it

  20. WG did not invent this odd-looking ship shape.. the British admiralty did. 48k tonne G3 battlecruiser, laid down & then quietly cancelled after the Washington Naval Treaty. The design was then recycled into the odd-looking Rodney & Nelson battleships.

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