World of Warships – Dunker-Who?

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Look, if they wanted me to pronounce it “Dunkirk” they should have spelled it the way we do. Not my fault the French don’t know how to spell is it?!

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  1. Ah, the Dunk-a-Queue

  2. Just pronounce it the Dutch way: Duinkerken. It literally means “Dune churches”

  3. I love that Dunkerque is pronounced wrong according to Jingles but Worcester beeing pronounced als Wuster is fine

    • @Matt Gilmour Isn’t that what Orks “speak”?

    • Right? If they wanted me to pronounce Worcester as Wooster instead of war-sester they should have spelled it Wooster.

    • Not gonna lie I saw the title of the video and I was so hungry I thought it said Dunkeroo….

    • @57thorns I am not saying English is necessarily better in this regard, but in French you pronounce about half the letters you see in a word, or turn combinations of vowels into something completely different.

      In German, the Seine would be pronounced like Sine. In French, it is “Sane”.

    • @Bill Cipher Exactly. But those rules are (mostly) straight forward. Going the other way might be harder (finding the spellin from the spoken words).

  4. I’m pretty sure some tier 10 battles are considered seal clubbing anyways.

  5. Wha.. WHAAAT!! Thinking AND Breathing at the same time?! What is this madness?! – WoWs Players 2020

  6. About the name teasing. That’s very brave coming from an Englishman!
    Mind telling the good people how to pronounce Marylebone or Leicester, Mr Jingles? 😉

  7. Sound out of sync….

  8. lol sound was outa sync on this 1

  9. Hum… A good fraction of a second delay between video an in-game audio.

  10. Jingles, Youtube is at it again, it gave you 1440p60fps, and delayed your sound. It starts hanging behind at the 6:00 mark.

  11. as a french person i must say…


  12. Awaiting to pronounce Worcester “your correct way” in the future as well!

  13. Jingles did not only provoked the french, but also everyone else of the latin family language.

  14. I bet I too look like a juicy piece of fried chicken when I broadside in my atago

  15. The Oklakoma doesn’t move “slowly”, she approaches “purposefully”.

  16. Ohhhhhh Jingles, now you’ve done it. This is a serious Casus Belli, we’ve gone to war for less than that!
    Especially with the british!

  17. Ignore the seal clubber complains, people want to see variety. Only high tier gets boring to watch after a while.

  18. Jaime Bacariza Morillas

    Indeed he did hahahaha, I instantly thought: a British man having a laugh at the pronunciation….Idk if they forgot that ship….WORCESTER

  19. The turkeys were supposed to play a little soft. They weren’t supposed to throw, but I think it was something along the lines of “give players the chance to shoot at you”.

  20. The Turkey thing was for Thanksgiving. It’s been over for a while now.

  21. 11:26 sound lag when the guns fire

  22. so it’s steered by a wookie?

  23. That means that it is Dunkin-Donuts BB.

  24. @Jaime Bacariza Morillas what the T10 american light one you mean 😉

  25. broadside cruisers are like njce german chocolate, once you get through the rapper they go down quick

  26. That one made me laugh out loud.

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