World of Warships – Dunkerque Fire and Deception

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on Fault Line moves out to support the team in the west, I just try to work players down with HE. The Dunkerque is sort of like a shotgun, it has terrible dispersion and needs to be close to justify AP usage. The team falls a little, I try to stall until help arrives. The game is interesting and close, hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VI Dunkerque Replay


  1. Kill secure a la NOTSER in the beginning with the DD. 🙂 Better trainingsvideo for kill stealing you won’t find 😀

  2. Lol, I’ve managed to train up my Dunkerque’s admiral to be 17pts, and in all that time, I don’t think I’ve ever run the ship aground in a BB knife fight with the turrets facing the wrong way. I never through of having no rear turrets a real problem until I saw that!

  3. EF2000Typhoon7LWA

    all the dudes: Hatsu is a coward *memememe*
    just shows that every idiot thinks he knows exactly what to do all the time nowadays -.-. Just shut up if youre bad and dont blame others

  4. I bought the Dunkerque and I noticed that AP are good for killing cruisers (This is why the Dunkerque was created) or Fuso, since I play it only with AP. I can’t wait for French Cruisers !

  5. garbage AP? Serious?
    Just had a 124k game with it. Try to fire at a North Carolina from about 10km. fair chance for multiple citadels (got a triple once). Though bad dispersion its guns have quite high velocity.
    …but its a love or hate ship. its all odd (french) duck, but i love it… Just as much as Fiji, Belfast, shira, Bismarck etc. went through my game summary and found out ive had over 1000 in it of total 6000.

  6. Pinky Notser 😛

  7. Love your frustration in this vid and am still smiling your ships must were the pink coat of shame for a few games. Rare is the video from a game contributor showing frustration with a ship and team members, let alone earning the TK battle ribbon! Nice to see a contributor break the model of trying to appear super prefect in all matters of gaming. Great vid, really enjoyed and learn a bit, as always.

  8. I would still fire AP if the enemy was showing flat broadside and was at reasonable range so lets say <15Km

  9. Lego stop motion movies!!!

    Notser team killer?

  10. the ap on the shit is amazing, but i guess u hate this shop for long now 🙂
    alot people call it OPkerque

  11. Guns arent very good with AP?? have you smoked your socks?? I citadel Colorados, New Mexicos,North Carolina etc etc… I have even citadeled a Tirpitz on 16 km… Dont use HE… Use AP ALL THE TIME… head on target and fire in the superstructure gives serious damage each salvo..

  12. You look great in Pink Notsie!

  13. Dunkerques AP works Notser, wtf man

  14. Notser, with you I get good gameplay, great commentary and hilarious chat! Must be Spring Break and all the elementary school kids are playing WOWs. 13:30 “Ask mommy for your balls back.” 16:15 “Look, the sissy, pussy man.” Dead players must be the best on the team, because they always give everyone else advice. Oh how funny! Thanks.

  15. I have one and agree on your points. Plus I call mine a tin can because compared to he other ships on the tier it has tin armor.

  16. Ever to still full face with the ennemy and to be already to backward with 4×2 turrets no one protest for the dispersion because that is invisible but you can reduct the dispersion in a module ! and the citadelle are possible the next year the Richelieu will come better guns better range better secondary guns 3×3 6inch better AA better armor better speed , this is the pride of the french !

  17. the accuracy on the dunk’s guns are historically accurate
    apparently quadruple turrets reduce the accuracy of all the guns in said turret
    I believe they’re more accurate when fired at different angles

  18. Did the French refer to their ships as men? I refuse!

  19. I would have to disagree about you saying she has bad AP, I personally haven’t noticed much of a problem. We have both ammo types for a reason and their certainly is a place for Dunkerques AP

  20. I have no issues with AP on DANKSHIP. Accuracy of guns is accurate.// the dual quad arrangement of the rifles led to vibrations and midflight collisions of shells when fired.

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