World of Warships Dunkerque First Look and Battle

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Another ship has once again been made available for preview so as is customary here are my first thoughts and a battle so you can see the ship in action.

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System Specs:
Intel I7-6700K @ 4.1Ghz
512Gb SSD Dedicated to Games
2 x nVidia GTX 960 in SLI Configuration
BENQ RL2460H Gaming Monitor

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  1. Leave it to the French to come up with artistic design.

  2. I don’ believe this ship is worth it. I don’t understand why you like it.
    All the videos I have seen the dispersion is horrendous due to the 2-by-2
    gun setup in each turret. Also is the fact that if hit you lose a whole
    turret with no possibility of losing only half a turret.

  3. Love your own game play jammin more plz love to see u get rekt Muhhahahaha

  4. Similar to the Alaska and Scharnhorst, will feast upon cruisers but
    struggle against real Battleships…. You didn’t show more than a 20 degree
    offset from bow but the Nagato and particularly the Colorado were able to
    pen you repeatedly.

  5. that kongo…

  6. 12 in guns on a WW@ battleship….. not gonna stand up with other BBs.
    thanks for the video

  7. Dunkirk -> French: Dunkerque, pronounced: [dœ̃kɛʁk]

  8. As soon as I seen the 13k exp you had on the ship I said to myself he’s in
    love with it lol

  9. Pretty cool video !
    Also the Dunkerque and the Richelieu were actually reputed for their
    underwater protection, which were humongous compared to battleships from
    other nations at this time.
    (They also were reputed for their ability to reload their main battery guns
    from any angle, but that’s something else).

  10. I think I just found San’s favorite ship. He’ll call it “Dunker”

    Get dunked on!

  11. Is there any way to get a replay after the match is done if you didn’t have
    replays enabled?

  12. your shell would go easly of the omaha :D

  13. Dispersion is terrible on this ship. It’s worse than a Colorado’s or
    warspite’s. Just watch how in the beginning you got 2 over pens when
    clearly you aimed at the waterline at only like 12 kilometer range

  14. This ship looks sexy AF.

  15. If 0 deg. is bow in, then it looks like being shot from 20-30 deg. to the
    side (perhaps less, just estimating that Colorado position) will pen the
    I presume the flaring of the bow (where it widens to make room for the
    first turret) is a weak spot when shooting it slightly from the side.
    Meh, I’ll reserve my opinion until I get to see a more aggressive play,
    looks like a static role doesn’t fit the ship.

  16. Your own team fell left and rifght in this one. I’d say you should show us
    another one with the team not abandoning you in favor of visiting Davey
    Jones for a look into his locker. And yes, that’s the only reason. It’s not
    about seeing more gameplay with this ship, nuh-uh. Scienific method, man. I
    swear. :-D

  17. How do the 330m rifles hold up against tier 8 BBs?

  18. I dont know if the DQ can angle bounce shots from the american 16inch
    guns…. using the warspite I get hit hard from the front easy…. i dont
    have this ship yet so not sure if it will play the same

  19. It is not good ship , it can be penetrated by BB’s almost from any angle
    and the turrets setup is bad cuz if u lose one ( and u will ) then u lose
    50% of yr fire power , Worst T6 BB in the game ,

  20. wow… i wont be getting one of those thats for sure :D

  21. which aim reticle do you use?

  22. Wonderful review. I do see one down side to the design of the ship is 100%
    of the main battery is located on the bow. If hit with HE or well placed AP
    I could see a turret being knocked out. This would leave you at 50%
    firepower or with none at all if both are hit. Would be interested to know
    the percentages.

  23. I have to ask… why is is that you say enemy ships have “awkward angles”
    when they are only like 25-degrees off of a full broadside, but when you
    are a good 70-degrees towards incoming fire, you say you are showing a lot
    of skirt?

    17:00 I think I figured out why it took the kongo so long to show up…
    that’s either a bot or afk ;p

  24. jihyuk kim (Ayakashi)

    Izumo tier 6 ver

  25. I guess you can pronounce her as Dunkirk, as in the Battle back in 1940.
    Otherwise you pronounce it roughly like Donkerc. The que is muted. The er
    in Kerque is similar to Kerry or Carry. Don’t forget the hard C in the end.

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