World of Warships – Dunkerque Premium Impressions

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is a interesting ship, we take a look at it in a couple games. First game is on Estuary where I push a flank dominated by the enemy. We try to play it similar to the Izumo, bow on and maximize the angling against incoming fire. The game becomes pretty close, we try our best to salvage a victory from a defeat. The second game we find the strong flank and provide supporting fire as bottom tier. Hope both games serve to inform you and hope you have a wonderful day!

Tier VI Dunkerque Replay


  1. so the secondaries on the french ship are mounted in the back, because it’s
    helpful at retraiting… should I pop the French joke? naaah, someone else
    should do it, it’s so obvious.

  2. The ship really dissapointed me since I really like the looks of it. But
    having seen a couple of reviews of it made me appreciate it for what it is.
    A Battlecruiser nothing more nothing less. It should be played like that.

    Though many of the stats of the ship is shit lets be honest WG cannot
    double the armor since it didn´t have that in real life and the stats seem
    quite true to the real ship. I like the Tier 6 bracket it´s more forgiving
    and sometimes more fun then higher tiers but at least I think this ship
    should get Preferencial MM up to only Tier 7 to neglect it´s flaws. Because
    lets be honest most players who buy won´t have these games Notser´s having.
    I think I will buy the ship though depending on the price because I love
    the looks of her and I love hunting cruisers.

    Though Scharnhorst is a way better cruiser hunter I believe though Im not
    that interested in the German BB line to be honest. I hope the Dunky at
    least get´s Pref MM.

  3. so Dunkerque do u have any dates?

  4. usukatlifegodiekthx

    Kinda weird we call our ships “she” then. The French were really the
    founders of studying military science and military trainers had a huge
    influence on the US military because of the revolutionary war, which is why
    we use so many French pronunciations vs British Military’s pronunciations,
    (“lieutenant” vs “leftenant”) and tons of words/phrases (cantonment, cadre,
    epirite de corps, exc.)

  5. the worst mm for this ship would be a t8 match with a t8 strike CV in the
    enemy team or 2 t7 strike CVs xD, in matches like this you really need to
    make love with some AA CLs/CAs xD

  6. Good job to WG to keep pumping out the content, meanwhile Gaijin are
    becoming assholes to what they are doing with their coastguard forces only
    because of retarded bias.

  7. setting a point that comes ship ?

  8. FRANCE loves you Notser. I asked.

  9. If it was ap at 25:40 you would have done 4k cause more than half would
    bounce , he is better in every scenario with this ship , I feel ap is there
    just to troll you .

  10. Hey Notser, any chance that you might do a video looking at location of
    cits on BBs or perhaps looking closer at the dynamic crosshair as I noticed
    you have more or less switched over from the static crosshair? Thanks for
    all the great content thus far!

  11. From the way she was designed, she’s a cruiser hunter and should not
    attempt to engage BBs alone.

  12. ever since they introduced the detailed ribbons, they arent making much

  13. Notser, thanks for the video. I’ve decided I will purchase the Scharnhorst,
    but I’m going to pass on Dunkerque. I keep hoping that the German BB line
    will actually be fun.

  14. If I were in the Warspite I have ave oneshotted that 5km pepsi!! no matter
    the angle!

  15. It is not very often that the 5 or so WOWS Tubers I sub to agree on a ship
    but all have said this ship is not worth buying. Based on the past several
    premium ships WG has put out it seems they have lost the idea of giving us
    more bang for our buck

  16. Notser, the tecnical term for describing the angle of fire effect of having
    the gus close together vs widely separated is parallax. This ship has
    comparitively small parallex effects.

  17. Notser did you know in real the Dunkerque class had a armored bulkhead
    divided the 2 guns from the other so that a shell knocks 2 guns out the
    other 2 are safe.

  18. Notser, how come nobody has mentioned that the Dunkerque has a fighter

  19. This ship looks like garbage compared to every other tier 6 battleship…
    every review Ive seen has either been outright negative, or lukewarm at the

  20. Dunkek

  21. Awesome review…. probably be a port slot but probably never use it much.
    Ship looks awesome WG is great for that

  22. Notser likes to take damage? I never realized he was such a masochist.

  23. Indunil Sameera Danthanarayana

    Hey Notser what are your thoughts on the Alaska Class Battlecruiser? Now
    that we are seeing Battlecruisers slowly being added. Do you think the game
    has a place for an over sized Baltimore Class cruiser mounting 9 x 12inch
    guns and a whole lot of AA guns.

  24. I usually buy premium ships, but I’ll pass on this one and not just because
    it looks like a chore to get it to perform: I prefer to have a premium ship
    of a nationality that has a tech tree, or at least another premium ship of
    the same nationality, and preferably the same type.

    If the Dunkerque was more like the Blyskawica, the only Polish ship likely
    to ever be in WoWS, but very playable, it would be tempting.

    The problems premium ships from non-tech tree nations pose are minor
    enough, but noticeable.

    My Warspite captain and my Campbeltown captain have entirely opposite skill
    requirements, so you can’t swap them if you want to focus on one captain.

    Even my Anshan and Lo Yang captains are barely interchangeable, as the two
    DD’s main batteries are quite different from each other.

    I have yet to take any of the little girl ships out even once, mainly
    because they creep me out, but even if the little girls with dinner-plate
    sized eyes didn’t bother me, the ships themselves are ugly as sin.
    Assuming I could get past all that, and I can’t, I would be better off
    running my non-creepy grown-up man IJN captains in their IJN ships for the

  25. MeKanism Lastname

    Expect some Dunkek fan art soon, Notser!

  26. So the verdict is, you WILL lose to a good enemy in ANY other tier 6 BB.
    Warspite pens your bow, New Mex/Arizona are immune to your guns, fuso will
    drown you in shells. In fact the one thing you are good at,
    stereo-typically, is running away, and you cant even fire back while doing
    so. Ill save my money.

  27. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    In spain you usually use masculine example the DD fletcher is in spanish
    e”l destructor” being “el” same as “the” but for saying “the ship” you can
    use both “el barco” (masculine) or la nave (feminine) but usual the names
    for classes (BB CA and that stuff) are always in masculine

  28. its a ship for skilled players, u can get good results if u know how to use
    it strenghts, and cover its weaknesses! but i think most average players
    (like me) is gonna hate this ship! statistically its just worse than any
    other tier 6 bb! its definetly possible to do good in this ship, u just
    have to work harder, so is it worth the effort?

  29. I was on the enemy team but I played with you although not sure if it’s in
    the vid

  30. Was in the stream but had to go super early so I only saw you showing the
    stats, but I think I’ll get this ship, is very good looking plus something
    about those quad turrets….

  31. don’t lie notser the ship is just a joke its ok you don’t need to make the
    ship look useful

  32. There’s also a saying I believe that goes like “A sailor has two wives. His
    wife who he leaves behind and the ship he serves on” I believe that has
    something to do with the calling of ships “she”

  33. Russians or at least the Soviets call their ships he

  34. DPM, dispersion, AA, speed, armor, turning and HP all seem similar to the
    Kongo. Yes, it has all guns forward, but then again, it has slightly
    smaller guns with slightly less pen and slightly less range.

    So; are there any hidden aspects of the ship that makes it feel stronger
    than a Kongo and justify being a tier higher?

    (Oh, and it *does* actually have the Fuso’s rate of fire: 2.1 shots per

  35. notser can yon make a preview about the USS gearing if you would not mind ,
    and I want to know what do you prefer the gearing or the khoba (tier 10
    Russian DD)? I confused which to choose
    and sorry for the annoying you.

  36. Christopher DiCesare

    yay I made a Noter video! I was the one who closed the stream to not stream

  37. So French ships are already rare and then they make it ‘not worth the
    money’ to say the least. I guess there will be buffs, because not many
    people will buy it when it gets outperformed by other ships.

  38. Christopher DiCesare

    yay I made a Noter video! I was the one who closed the stream to not stream

  39. so you’re saying that you are a masochist. i mean concluding from what you
    said before “i like taking damage”

  40. Every single YouTube channel of players I watch (about 4 including you)
    have concluded this thing simply isn’t worth the money, not only because of
    no French line for ages as you pointed out, but because it has only 2
    strengths (all bow armament and excellent speed for tier 6) while it has
    multiple, significant weaknesses (poor armour, poor accuracy with main
    guns, lower RoF than Fuso, laughably poor AA, HUGE size, poor secondary
    placement..and so on…quite a list).
    WG will probably sell plenty on that basis because resons.
    One thing I’m surprised you didn’t comment on was that the 25mm bow armour
    effectively means if you go bow on against any tier 7+ BB (and the
    Warspite) they can lolpen straight through it.
    Really an oversized battlecuiser, in fact designed to counter the German
    so-called ‘Pocket Battleships’ 11″ guns, which are the same as the
    Scharnhorst’s of course. Given how much BS WG invents about the ships in
    this game, however, I doubt that counts for anything.

  41. Wasnt this a part of the stream?
    Edit: Never mind… Just watched further into the video… “This was in the
    stream yesterday”

  42. I’ve seen a few videos of the Dunkerque in action now and one thing stuck
    out to me. She seems to perform better with HE loaded. Even the dispersion
    kinda looked better, which shouldn’t be possible, but it somehow looked
    like it. Maybe she’s an HE ship?

  43. Can you shoot yourself with this ship? :D

  44. Took long enough for those secondaries to get the kill. Those things shoot
    all over the place; kinda funny to watch.

  45. Notser is the ap broken ? I see u get 970 ap damage most of the time. and
    why is it mostly over pens

  46. German ships are female as well.

  47. Suddenly every premium ship is expected to be good?

  48. I have been playing since Jan 1, 2016 and have yet to swap out commanders,
    ever. Is it a bad idea to have separate commanders for every ship?

  49. I think the habit of naming warships her is relatively new
    because in the age of sail a warship was called a Man-of-war

  50. ok notser, ive been running a 15 pt troll all eggs in 2ndary basket in my
    tirpitz, it’s amazing, and fun too! since the tirpitz has such crappy
    dispersion, without aim mod it makes it a bit more challenging at range,
    then forces u to play strengths and brawl, but since the german 2ndary
    gunners are crackshots, they spray lead all over your enemies from 6.8kms
    out and still hit them spot on! way more accurate than my iowa. so much
    fun. i got 2 double strikes and 2 cqb kills in a match yesterday with 6
    kills ending, i should fish thru and find it send it to you. all happened
    within 5 mins too, was nuts. u gotta run it, film it, for the lols

  51. magicGfinger Grant

    Just want to thank you Notser for answering about 5 of my questions last
    night, I fell very welcome watching :)

  52. Notser do you have a Twitter? I think it’d be great if you had one as its a
    great way to tell people when you’re streaming (people will check Twitter
    much more often than their sub boxes in my experience)
    I think it’d be great for you, and you’d get a bunch more viewers (I keep
    missing your streams)
    If you do get one, please link it in your description!
    Thanks, and keep the amazing vids coming :)

  53. Logical idea to go to D ? how about C ?

  54. Vive La France !

  55. I honestly think that ship should be tier V

  56. So reviews of the Dunkerque have been less than stellar so far. I’d like to
    still get the ship because I am a collector of ships myself. I really hope
    that WG does change something about the ship before it’s released. Remember
    when the Indianapolis was first introduced and community contributors were
    commenting on how bad the armour on it was? We could have another one of
    those situations on our hands…. I hope

  57. Notser salesman confirmed.
    First Youtuber i see rating the Dunkek mediocre. xD

  58. In regards to the stream sniping…..isn’t there a delay to twitch?

  59. notser do you think there will be other carriers then Japanes and USA ?

  60. review on German BBs not yet permitted?

  61. FRENCH POWA ! Et vive les navires français !

  62. Any hints on which commander skills one should have in a German battleship?

  63. Should come pre-equiped with a white flag! Effect: +30% speed when
    reversing., 4head kappa

  64. Notser, the reason why ships are taken as female, is because they take so
    long to build and are expensive to maintain.

  65. Ive seen these battles 🙁 Hopefully we get some original content tomorrow

  66. …because americans Know how to name. Simple.

  67. Lets see your opinion

  68. Thanks for calling Dunkerque a he. It always gets me when anglophones think
    every country has feminine ships.

  69. Pulling a Notser!!!

  70. Wainting for anti-french jokes

  71. hello notser cool vid :D

  72. First! 39 sec after upload. .____.

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