World of Warships – Dunkerque Review – How I Wanted to Love You

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Oh how I wanted to love this Tier 6 French , the ,, but she completely breaks my heart by being just bad, bad, bad, bad, bad and…BAD T__T


  1. I’m surprised that Aerroon seems to really like her.

  2. Михаил Серафимов

    IChase is that on the test server? Where you got 1milion gold, 34 milion
    credits and 7 milion free xp? Good guide btw (both versions) ;)

  3. Hey Chase, I teach Military History, and if my digging provides anything,
    the dispersion on these guns is almost pointedly accurate… Due to the
    split turrets, and the inability to fire a single gun per turret, at
    minimum the real ship had to fire two guns which would affect the guns on
    the other side of the turret…. Making the turret have to be re-zeroed in
    times of combat… So I see the frustration but it is a historical accuracy
    of the ship… I don’t understand why the turrets don’t fire in two gun
    salvos though…. That baffles me…

  4. One thing that seems to run through expert commentary in WoWS is
    frustration with shot dispersion. It is just SO inconsistent, SO random, SO
    maddening. It’s not enough to know where to aim; you have to know where to
    aim EVERY time AND have RNG comply. And that doesn’t happen as often as it

    For WG to think this glorified slot machine-type gameplay will become an
    E-sport… LOL!!

  5. WG ain’t gonna get many sales on these reviews. Why do they keep making
    such garbage ships?

  6. how did you do the on deck walkthrough

  7. I am wondering why they didn’t make Strasbourg the premium ship like they
    did with Tirpitz over Bismarck? Strasbourg had 283mm side armor, 360mm
    turret armor and 127-137mm deck armor. The notes on the 330mm (13″) 1931
    gun says it fired a 560kg (1,235 lb) AP shell over 40km (24 mi) at high
    velocity (870 mps/ 2,850 fps) with a flat trajectory. It could penetrate
    342mm (13.5″) of armor at 23 km (25,000 yards/14 miles) and 292mm (11.5″)
    at 27.5km (30,000 yards/17 miles). The flat trajectory lowers deck
    penetration while it’s noted the four-gun turret affected accuracy. Other
    notes say the gun mountings were complicated with only two 100 hp motors
    available to rotate the 1,500 mt turrets. Elevation was limited to 35°. The
    guns were heavily protected in an dual twin design with two guns per sleeve
    and 25-40 mm armor dividing each gun compartment within the turret. At
    Mers-el-Kébir a British 15″ shell hit Dunkerque in one of her turrets: the
    projectile penetrated the roof and killed everyone in the semi-turret, but
    the other pair of guns continued to operate. So Wargaming has that wrong.
    Wargaming tells us that their policy is that no one can buy an advantage
    but as I’ve said before they sure will sell you junk. I’m sorry it came out
    bad. I would have bought it otherwise.

  8. Jem Coasters Art Dept

    It’s a French battleship – what did you expect……. The French never
    managed to adjust to using steel instead of wood for their capital ships

  9. Plot twist: this ship is released ONLY to make the Scharnhorst look even

  10. Cyber Cyclist (Yugumo 夕雲)

    23:16 You disappointed me chase. You said F……ine? I was expecting you
    to say F=)k.

  11. Frosty Thundertrod

    mayby wargamming will reduce it to tier 5

  12. ill stick to al bundy: Its wrong to be frensh!


  13. It’s disappointing to hear about the lack of turret partitions. That
    would’ve at least been an interesting feature.

  14. IChase. About the guns , they are actually historically accurate. The
    Dunkerque class battlecruisers ware horrible. The problem was that the guns
    ware packed so closely to each other , that when 1 fires it trows the aim
    of all others. The ship had a reputation of not been able to hit the side
    of a barn from the inside. Her armor was desined to only counter Graf
    Spee’s 11 inch (just like the Scharnhost). The ship was horrific in real
    life ,I dont know what WG can do to make it better. That is the reason why
    the Germans used only double turrets for their large caliber designs and
    historically had the best aim with it (even tho in WOWs they are balanced
    as the most inaccurate ships….)

  15. chase did u delete thats guys (+1/-1) new MM comment for next patch? i know
    he was beyond wrong but isnt it better to teach people like that also if he
    replied with something stupid and uncalled for let me see it before u
    delete it lol thats just ruining my fun

  16. Rip I was excited for this

  17. Ok, how did you do that glorious deck walk in the beginning??

  18. Sure is weird seeing yourself from the otherside of the replay. Funnily
    enough when you first saw my Colorado I went ” Oh no a Dunkerque, I have no
    idea what that thing can do!”, then you turned around, I breathed a sigh of
    relief, and started firing at cruisers instead. Wish I knew you were that
    scared of my little Colorado.

  19. This ship was never meant to go up against BB’s from my understanding. it
    was meant to counteract the German Deutschland class ships hence to shitty
    armour. This ship is not a BB but more of a battlecruiser. I could be wrong
    on this but I think I am correct.

  20. Not set try shooting he I know I sound crazy but maybe it a he ship

  21. 31 mins video bruh…..

  22. She’s French what do you expect? They’re just gonna surrender anyways

  23. Typical French ship… Just bad because the French never were good sailors.
    Every country was better then the French.

  24. TheGuardianofAzarath

    Hm, sounds like this thing was meant to go after Carriers, if it can’t
    engage BBs or Cruisers very well, shame hardly anyone plays those anymore.
    I’m thinking of getting one or two Prem BBs, Warspite is a definite maybe,
    now contemplating the Scharnhorst, but this thing? Nope.

  25. the french should just stick to making food

  26. Judas Priest, I think you spent a whole 45 seconds of that game unspotted.
    :/ This feels more like a Battlecruiser than a Battleship, IMO. And the RN
    showed us all what happens when you pit BCs against BBs. Twice. I may pick
    this up, but only because I am an inveterate collector. Otherwise, I must
    say I’m rather underwhelmed with this ship. Alas. Hopefully the Richelieu /
    Jean Bart will be better?

  27. iChase, I can’t tell you how much this question troubled me: I have no idea
    whether the Midway overpowers the Hakuryu, or the other way around. I heard
    so many people boosting about how flexible the Hakuryu is, while watching
    your video about how OP the Midway is.
    Could you please upload a video comparing the two after the recent upgrade,

  28. [Akbar] We can’t repel fire of that magnitude! [/Akbar]

  29. the thing with dispersion and damage seems to be a trend for all BBs now

  30. Bad Accuracy and Dispersion is not the trouble of the gun alone, but also
    Fire Control system. Historicly Japanese have better if not the best
    Optical rangefinder in the world – which is true even today as you can
    found every DSLR and its respective lens were either cannon or Nikon.

    The US however have best radar rangefinder in the war. Mk 13 in IOWA have
    3cm Wavelenght 50kW output, enabled it to Blindfire with very accurate
    result with high realibility.

    Now lets look at Dunkerque, The french dont have those optical prowness of
    Japanese (or German which also produce quality lens), and their radar
    director technology were also lagged behind – Dunkerque Type 284M have like
    50cm Wavelenght, that means their radar lacks the angular accuracy needed
    to produce effective firring solution.

    The Japanese and German managed to make 10cm Wavelenght Radar capable of
    producing Decent firing solution like Mk 2, Mod 2 on Yamato near the end of
    conflict, but it still cant maintain firing solution on taget performing
    radical maneuvers.

    So, the Inconsistent shoot might have historical basis afterall

  31. 🙁 Another good review. I’m like you as I was REALLY looking forward to
    her, but it looks like I’ll have to pass. Drag. I’m a battle cruiser guy at
    heart, but she would have be throwing things at the screen.

  32. she’s gunna need a reload buff maybe down to 24 secs or something along the

  33. Seems to be a theme developing with every review of the Dunkerque, and it’s
    this “buyer beware do not buy this ship!” Shame really as she looks like a
    very unique good looking ship that could give hours of great fun but it’s
    not to be. The dispersion is really bad but the inconsistent performance of
    those shells when you do hit is what’s killing this ship, it’s almost like
    the performance of the Royal Navy shells during the Battle of Jutland, the
    shells were striking the targets but either not penetrating ie bouncing or
    the explosive filler was not detonating, because of the design flaw of the
    Royal Navies shells. Has Wargaming modeled this ships shells correctly?

  34. Thanks for the video, this help me to save some money :P

  35. Battlecruisers are so unbalanced and poorly implemented at the moment to
    the point that most are useless and because WG refuses to classify or
    provide a role for this class of vessels they will most likely stay this
    way, at least in the near future.

  36. The ship might not be great in WoWs, but damn she was beatiful! The french
    did indeed know how to build great warships. The Dunkerque was of course
    designed to fight the Italian and German navies and not other massive
    battleships like those built by the Japanese, Americans and British. The
    french were excellent ship builders and had been for the past 300 years.
    There is a reason why even the Japanese had French ship builders design and
    build their ships before WW1.

  37. Wow… She should NEVER have been higher than tier 5, I mean even at tier
    5, Kongo and New York both have 356mm guns and FAR better armor!

    This ship is just dead weight at tier 6 and above. But hey, I will probably
    have a good time killing them in my Molotov!

  38. Dunkerque, or how I learnt to stop worrying and love RNG

  39. oh btw, there seems to be some maor issues with the ribbons a least and/or
    the damage calculation, mainly of AP shells. a lot of german cruiser cpts.
    have those issues and almost all BB drivers. just watch the first min on
    Business6 Ships and Giggles 10 to see what i mean. I HATE that there are
    obviously broken things ingame that WG is not abled to fix!

  40. This Vs Warspite?

  41. Needs to be a Tier 5 , does not seem to be better than a Kongo

  42. What are those “Testers” testing anyway? Bugs by yoloing into the Enemy?
    Does their opinion even matter in terms of Balance? Anyone who has a slight
    clue of that game can tell that there is something wrong just by looking at
    the numbers…those guns at least need a reload in the low 20s to be
    competitive…esp. since almost all T6 BBs are pure awesomeness! i bett hey
    want us to use HE on BBs more seeing this has up to 38% fire and the high
    tier germans get up to 44%

  43. Aziz Hari Maulana

    in other word’s ……….

    the gun ( the ship to be more preciesly ) is so RNG :D

  44. What is the “noob”-friendliest tier 8 premium? I am indifferent between
    ship types.

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  46. Diamond Respawn gaming

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  47. So we will see overpens when this thing is broadside to 16 inch guns? ;)

  48. I’am 31:05 this Atago

  49. … yeah the turret traverse was pretty significantly good. Reload good.
    Speed good. Not really sure this ship is as bad as you make it out.
    (Correction : Just watched Jingles video …hmmm … does not look like a
    very good ship)

  50. James Castleberry

    Chase, WG should’ve released the France’s Richelieu-class battleships at
    tier 8 to counter the Tirpitz.

  51. I forgot to add Scharnhorst was built as a reply to Dunkerque

  52. they h=could have this ship mounted with 4×4 🙂 maybe I would buy it
    despite the dispersion

  53. iChase this is very easy to understand – they saw in paper: almost 30
    knots, 8 guns with no broadside on lower tier (easier, worse players
    against it) – WG said in meeting about this ship – nerf this of they will
    stat pad with – neft this beast – and they did it soo much that this ship
    is just bad.

    After many videos – not only your video – i understand that Dunkuerque is
    shit and Scharnorst with 280mm guns is not as good (bad main guns
    penetraton) as i hoped soo lol … i will go with Bayern in tier 6 and
    Gneisenau with 380mm guns (who also has torpedoes despite initially WG i
    think wanted to give torpedoes to only premium german battleships) and i
    will be much better and much more happy in compare to what i wanted: 6 –
    Dunkuerque and 7 – Scharhnorst.

  54. Yeah we won the match where everyone targeted you and you did bounce on the
    berg. I kind of figured from watching it live in action that ship is just
    not worth it. Especially when a few ships hit and your HP took a nose dive.
    What is the end all be all is when you can’t get a cit on a German paper

  55. the Tech-tree ship will probably be her sistership straßbourg, which should
    be a bit better since it had a 283 mm belt compared to Dunkerques 225mm
    also straßbourgs Turrets where better armored so should have a bit more
    so there is a bit hope for the class

  56. World of Warships Best Replays

    Can’t stop laughing when Chase pauses and tries to rephrase some words when
    describing the ship.

  57. To put this out here I’m saying get her but if you don’t want to then don’t
    just ignore her but chase should have mentioned that she was only build to
    withstand the Graf Spee and some Italian cruisers not these 14-16in super
    ships she should be played like a cruiser leader not a BB leader plus you
    need to have the upmost attention on maneuvering and keeping watch of you
    map for those pesky DDs you can’t be going full retard by fighting enemy
    BBs alone have at least 1 other cruiser with you who can fire HE and
    distract the other ships while you attack like a tag team with one spamming
    HE and you firing AP. That’s all I have to say for now

  58. WG must be pretty dumb thinking ppl will buy shit floating on water,they
    have no idea about business at all.

  59. From all T6 premium Battleships(i.e. Arizona, Warspite, Dunkerque) which
    one would you recommend?

  60. the dunkerque a sniper nope brawler nope then i know what it could be a
    meat sheid

  61. is this ship a joke? or is this ship a joke itself?

  62. Peter Andreas Kirk Lossius

    Well she is more like a battlecruiser so it would make sense if the guns
    were good against cruisers…..

  63. Tamás Kerecsényi

    Nice french engineering 😀 commissioned in 1937, 20 years later than the
    other tier 6 battleships, and still getting shafted by them, oh France
    never change

  64. WG needs to make battlecrusier classes as a side, apart from just grouping
    whole bunch of BB/BCs as BB.
    Example: scharnhorst; it’s not a goddamn BB for life of it, because of
    caliber of gun.
    maybe throw a preferential MM that puts one BCs on each side of team.

  65. Sad 🙁 She realy interested me.But if shes realy that Bad?!I better save my

  66. Give it tighter dispersion, drop the reload to 25 sec, and buff the turret
    health. Boom you have a unique cool ship. Makes no sense for WG to have
    made this ship this bad. Well other than to take shots at WGEU which is
    based in Paris.

  67. I think this layout would have worked historically, since the secondary
    guns do actually have a much longer range, as is the case of the Izumo. But
    well, WG have to nerf battleships enough to be on par with destroyers and
    cruisers, so yeah…

  68. In the latest version of public test they doubled the turret health though.
    Still doesn’t make her a good ship. One other issue is that since you dont
    have turrets at the back you can’t really fight while running away. It’s
    not all great to have 100% fire power at the front either.

  69. Paint me like one of your French battleships, Chase…

  70. From the looks of it; it needs to be tier 5 or its stats buffed. :(

  71. French ship? My new main target :).

  72. Chase you say if I was in this battleship or that battleship I wouldn’t run
    off id stay and fight that Colorado , if you take a ship that really isn’t
    a battleship , it came from a AC design (I would say it was more a French
    political decision to call it such) and in its final design would not be
    fighting 16inch armed battleships , not to mention its only armed with
    13inch guns. As I’m sure you are aware battleships are generally built to
    fight ships of comparable or lesser armament , the Colorado was built with
    the assumption it can go up against ships with main armament of 16inch ,
    Dunkerque was designed to counter 11inch armed ships. If you go head to
    head with larger calibre gun ships and get over matched well then that
    really is to be expected equally you cant expect the Dunkerques 13inch guns
    to over match battleships with better armour that also most of witch had
    been built long before the naval limitations treaty the Dunkerque was built
    under and as such have an advantage in size , armour and armament.

  73. +iChaseGaming
    Seems like the french BB’s, or at least this one, is/are going to be campy
    mid range cruiser killers?

  74. Avoid! Next!

  75. so its french and it sucks

  76. Just a headsup, iChase: “turret” is the entire assembly, including the
    cylindrical construction in the hull itself. What you see containing the
    actual guns, is called a “gunhouse”. As the bulkhead only divides the box
    where the guns are, the “turret” is not divided, but the “gunhouse” is. I
    just thought you’d like to know.

    I love and trust these reviews, and I actually put your word as trustworthy
    on the level of Notser and Aeroon.

  77. Guess Dunkerque is a cure for our addiction to premium ships, eh? ;-P

    Over 60k experience on the ship, I’d say you gave her a fair chance. Btw,
    that on deck walk through was pretty neat.

    Whoever buys this and the Scharnhorst will be seeing overpen ribbons in
    their sleep. I’ll pass on this one, at least for the time being. Especially
    since there’s no other French ships in the game (yet) so don’t really need
    a French trainer.

  78. I know this is a game but your comment about running into any ship with
    356mm main armament and how she cant go up against those ships, I think the
    problem is the simple fact this ship was designed to counter German
    cruisers with armament no larger than 280mm. The ship was never designed to
    fight battleships , everything abut the ship given the limitations put on
    the weight limit is geared to hunt and chase down cruisers.

    Even when she deflected a round from Hood off the 330mm turret roof it
    still took out the right compartment , every other shell over matched the

  79. Thanks for the honest review. I hope they buff her (quite a lot) if not
    before she gets released, then in the coming weeks.
    Those where my observations as well.. that and she catches fire from
    Nothing. One review I’ve seen, the guy constantly had 2-3 and even 4 fires
    on him.
    This is a ship you want to play to enrage yourself before switching out to
    the Yamato and lash out.

  80. it seems like new wows premium ships have lost all quality (except the new
    German ship)

  81. Battlecruisers vs battleships, that explains the Scharnhorst and the

  82. Why don’t you ever mentioned the USS Arizona

  83. I would think for 4 barrels, it’s be pretty accurate. I was even thinking
    about getting the ship when it came out.

  84. If Richelieu is also this bad, I would still buy Richelieu just for her
    look. Dunkerque looks somewhat crude to me tho.

  85. The turrets have 15000 HP each… For a comparison Warspite has 20000 HP
    per turret, mind you they are duals. So Warspite has a total of 80000
    turret HP while Derpkerque has a total of 30000. That’s bloody fragile for
    such huge turrets.

    By the way, you managed to miss that the first salvo on the NC had him
    broadside at a rather short range. Result: Ricochet and non-pen. 0 damage
    on broadside…

  86. It’s like Wargaming made the Dunkerque be everything Soviet ships would
    have been if the game were actually accurate.

  87. how do you get your camera so low, I can’t do it with the replay system.
    Please, tell me your secrets oh wise one!

  88. That’s sad to hear. Hmm, you think it would have been better had it been
    tier 5?

  89. 2nd review of the Dunkerque that day. Nice! (first one was from Aerroon)
    And 2 different advices! nice too, i hate unilateral opinions. the
    important thing is that flaws of the ship seems to be quite obvious: bad
    dispersion, bad armor. Ok. For the other points, it seems to depend on game
    experience. The ship must be judged for her tier. At tier 6, you can fight
    tier 8, but you can also fight tier 4! Tier for tier, the Dunkerque is
    fast, the rudder shift is good too. Her camo is bad, she will be spotted
    from long range, and if she can reply with a good fire range (far more than
    the new mex and the warspite), she won’t do a lot a lot of damage due to
    dispersion. She’s a brawler. Everything in her says it : Fast, all guns in
    front, bad dispersion. And she’s not fit to fight other BBs, too. The real
    Dunkerque was designed to fight deutshland class, the pocket battleships,
    wich were cruisers. (And Gneisnau class was designed to fight Dunkerque in
    response!) Note that the HE shells has 35% chance to set fire! may be a
    good option to fight higher tier BBs, if necessary.
    I can’t wait to try her, but one thing seems sure: it will not be an easy
    BB to master!

  90. who else spent half of his game wanting to hit the “T” button

  91. I think I can understand why the Dunkirk’s armor is the way it is…it was
    NEVER intended to fight other battleships. From my research, her design was
    to counter German Pocket Battleships which used 11 in guns

  92. How did you do the on deck walk through? That was pretty cool!

  93. I was that cleve that was standing still :D. what happened was the game
    crashed, i wasn’t playing at that point

  94. lies ichasegaming in 0.5.10 its either +1/-1 tier in battle

  95. why not go full cruiser mode and spam HE?

  96. Just another ship that shows how little they care about anything but the
    Russian and Japanese ships.

  97. kind of a bummer… She certainly had a lot going for her and seemed VERY
    unique. I was looking forwards to her, but not anymore. Great review as
    always Chase. Too bad it wasn’t more positive. Hopefully WG will give her
    some love.

  98. The only thing consistent about her guns is their inconsistency.

  99. CynicallyObnoxious

    This settles my decision between it and Scharnhorst

  100. Between this and the Scharnhorst I swear Wargaming is just trying to make
    me go broke. I honestly don’t care how unremarkable she is I like the
    French quadruple turreted ships of the 30s. Which probably means I buy this
    thing when it comes out. then proceed to eat nothing but cereal for the
    next month…

  101. Kongo seems to be better in every aspect…

  102. Dat free camera

  103. This ship is more like a battlecruiser cruiser armor, battleships size,
    maneuverability, and speed, with battleship guns

  104. are you going to do a preview on the koing albert?

  105. Poor Dunkerque gets no love from anyone

  106. Jesus, you shot at the flat broadside of a BB and only get 3 over pens?
    This ship seems garbage tier.

  107. With armor like that any tier 7-8 cruiser is going to be able to crunch
    your citadel at medium-close range.

  108. I think this is also a negative, but being the only French ship, you get
    one one French Captain. You can’t use any other captain. So it’ll be a
    strugglebus to even level up that Captain to make your ship marginally

  109. I saw this ship when I was testing out update 5.9. I was super excited and
    went to record the battle just to show off this rather unique ship
    (mispronounced the name horribly). I was honestly super excited to see her
    and thought about buying but seeing this review and Flamu’s, not so much.
    It is rather disappointing.

    Also probably doesn’t help that most people recognize and will attempt to
    kill you.

  110. WaterDogZilla/MuttZilla

    And I was so looking forward to this ship.. Ohh well.

  111. maybe preventive maintenance for the main turret problem ?
    i never used that skill before

  112. Though I know the almighty Chase will not advise, Im getting her. Mainly
    because of historical reasons, collector and because of the movie Dunkirk
    next year. Love ya Chase, and wish me luck when I do buy her and die
    unrelentingly in battle XD

  113. This is kind of ridiculous, these turrets aren’t quad turrets, they’re
    double dual turrets, we can visibly SEE the guns are divided in the middle.
    Why they don’t model this properly is beyond me…

  114. Sad, she could have been a beauty :(

  115. Oh your are using YOKOSUKA!!!

  116. She was designed to sink the Deutschland class and other raiders of
    commerce… yeah, hard to place in this game. Scharnhorst was designed to
    kill it lol

  117. Shame I was thinking on picking one up one of these days.But do agree that
    she is a gorgeous ship.

  118. Not a big shock that her armor sucks. She was actually a battlecruiser, not
    a battleship. She was designed to go after the German “pocket battleships”
    like the Graf Spee.

  119. MajesticDemonLord

    You were playing her wrong…

    You need to mount the White flag and run away from all the enemies….

  120. Good review iChase, I fully agree with your sentiments on the frustration
    of trying to find a suitable role for the ship. As well as the nagging fear
    in the back of your mind that any fight against a BB is going to cripple
    your firepower by losing a turret, as for some reason the DQ has 15k hp
    turrets just like the Fuso. Could have at least given it 20k hp turrets
    like the Warspite has.. it only has 2 of them after all. With the
    Scharnhorst I could aggressively use the speed to hunt and harass enemy
    cruisers, with the DQ I’m mostly using the speed to run away..

  121. well, i had this once: i played my tirpitz and both front guns got knocked
    out + 1 torpedo tube (unfortunately on the wrong side because i was within
    4 km range with a north caro) so what to do then? well, run away so your
    rear guns can fire and try to hit the north caro in the front magazine but
    we all know the freaky dispersion from the tirpitz, even at 4 km 2 shells
    fly over the bow, 1 lands in water and the last shell hits the first meter
    of the bow or smth simular but either an overpen or bounce, then you turn
    to the other side to try to get your torpedoes off, well… RNG loves the
    tirpitz… secondary disabled it and my repiar was on cooldown, now you
    took a full boradside from a north carolina…

    so another question: what do you want with a ship, actually a BATTLESHIP in
    a battle that cant do anything except ramming?

    the fuck did wargaming to both ships? i could try to fight in this battle,
    even it didnt worked for me but wtf are you supposed to do with the
    dunkerque if a sniping north caro destroys both main turrets?, close
    distance for a torp run? this ship has no “last-stand weapon”, what about
    ramming? well, why would you give your life for nothing if you are the
    north carolina, your somewhat full hp, your have your guns, why wouldnt you
    dodge the ramming from the dunkerque?
    try to get as many fires as possible from your secondaries? yeah, sure, of
    course, first you need to pass the north carolina, otherwise your
    secondaries do nothing, second of all, the north carolina needs only 1 good
    salvo, maybe 2 if your are almost full hp, then north carolina uses heal,
    put the fire out and the final score says: “you havent proofed yourself in

    whats the point of having a full hp battleship in battle that cant do
    anything at all except go to ram another battleship? you’re a free kill for
    the enemy team and i dont want to just run away as far as possible from a
    battle as a battleship only that i maybe survive? why should it be the only
    thing i can do so that my team doesnt loose the points lead, or atleast
    delayed, if you going for a ram it must be a secured ram kill, otherwise
    you are a free kill…

    WARGAMING, you seriously need to do something with those main guns,
    otherwise the Dunkerque doesnt generate good selling numbers xD

  122. i really hope this ship does change even though i will never get premium
    ships it’s nice too see game plays of those ships

  123. At least it is nothing to fear if you meet her in battle :D

  124. she burns easy too

  125. Out of curiosity, have you tried just going all HE the whole game? Its HE
    looks really good with that huge fire chance and decent damage. I just
    wonder if using HE most of the time would actually be more effective.

  126. WELL, it Frenchie characteristic after all. Just like WOT xD

  127. Straight savage on the review.

  128. WG hate the French just a little more than they hate the British

  129. Well I’m still getting her as a BB collector… but I appreciate the heads
    up. The shell clusters didn’t look that bad in this vid. Was this your best
    one in her?

  130. Bob The Builder Dupstep

    It might be a battlecruiser?

  131. Just when you think Wargaming is listening to the people they stick their
    heads up there anus and give us a ship which shoots sponge balls. Wargaming
    when will you learn, give us good ships as you have done before; most of
    the time but not always. Listen to people like Ichase or offer him a job.
    If you want to get people to buy lots of ships give us good ships and
    listen to the people

  132. I don’t understand why WG would want to make a paid ship be so bad. It
    sounds like they actually WANT it to suck. I thought they would want every
    premium to be at least average to really good, otherwise not as many people
    will buy it since mainly just the collector types will still want it.

    Really, is WG making it some sick joke that the first French battleship in
    the game is so bad that it’s only good trait is that it can run away

  133. Thanks iChase! I always appreciate an honest review that warns me up front
    rather than forcing me to read into the words because the reviewer is
    bought and paid for. You’re my go to guy for all things WOW. I listen to
    Notzer for all things you don’t cover. I love the extra you do in covering
    the history of the ships too.

  134. I would say that she is a tier 5 at best. Going up against tier 7 is
    already a stretch, going up against the tier 8 is just committing suicide.

  135. SHIT … I was really waiting for her… Still gonna buy it do…. I love
    her… Sexy…

  136. This review sort of sums up my relationship with battleships in general

    Bouncing shells off of destroyers, getting no consistent hits what so ever,
    which is especially annoying when you NEED to dispose of a low helath
    cruiser that is broadside on quickly and you get 2 broadsides that miss
    completely at less than 10km range or something like that when the games
    get close

    Is that me doing something wrong? I’m not entirely sure what to do anymore,
    I just can’t get consistent results out of battleship armament for the life
    of it, and im triyng really hard to practice more and conciously look for
    my own error

    but no matter how perfectly i try to and manage to place my salvos, the
    shells usually spread about 40% behidn 40% in front of the target and the
    rest are usually overpens through the superstructure, and i’m really not
    the type to be negative and salty

  137. dunkerque will get dunked often prrrrrr(making a grin+tongue out)

  138. When does this ship come on in the Premium shop. I’m thinking of getting it
    just because..

  139. Henceforth she shall be known as Surrendership.

  140. But Chase you didnt show or higlight how fast its french “retreat mode”
    reverse is :p

  141. The amount of sighs u make in this video…lol

  142. Thanks or the heads up iChase. I was feeling a bit uneasy about it from a
    few videos posted over the past week. Your’s really shows my shared
    disappointment with it. This ship really needs some buffs for sure or make
    it a T4-5 lol.

  143. So, let me know if I’m getting this wrong. She can’t tank, she can’t snipe,
    she can’t brawl, she can’t run, she can’t maneuver, she can’t withstand
    planes… She can’t even hide and wait for the battle to cap-out. Am I
    grasping the gist of it?

  144. yea just did a group play with this pretty ship next to me and it got owned
    very early in the game. Now you know why there is hidden stats in the game
    which is for these lame boats to perform better than they should on their
    official release.

  145. Don’t hold back, just tell us what you think…lol.

  146. Before I watch, tell me, does it go faster backwards than forwards?

  147. The french should have taken one of the main turrets and put it on the
    back. Then you would still have the same firepower but now it is a
    battlecruiser. What were they thinking?

  148. From watching the show you seem to get a lot of 5 shots out of 8, just
    overpens combined with the lower damage the guns do, since your doing
    overpens most of the time the overall effect is you do less damage. I
    think its more that you are used to doing mass damage even with overpens
    that its the lack of damage you are seeing not the lack of hitting.

  149. Wait for the Rodney. I’m waiting for the Brooklyn.

  150. Damn it… I was actually hoping it would be a nice ship… I kinda of had
    my eyes on her because a friend said they would add a French BB with four
    cannons per turret… Such disappointment…

  151. something, something…. french battleship… something, something… goes
    faster in reverse…

  152. So, at max range, only the front gun will reach the target….

  153. French :^)

  154. Looking forward to seeing you and notser joining up on stream sometime :)

  155. I was so looking forward to getting this ship…until I watched your
    review. With the way Wargaming has just totally and completely mucked it
    up, why did they even waste their time with it? The ship historically had
    its strengths and weaknesses, but if you are going to totally ignore every
    bit of it…why even bother? Seems like such potential wasted for nothing.

  156. Maximilian Graf Von Spee

    Btw chase I was the nurnberg that your shells bounced off of ?

  157. An eye candy ship, I was wondering if I should get the Dunkerque or the
    Warspite, but after the review (and the match, I was lucky enough to be in
    the same match as you were), it seems the Warspite is the way to go.

  158. Sad to hear the Dunk is bad. I was going to buy her… now waiting for a
    French cruiser :(

  159. Here’s hoping that, given the tremendous amount of negative reviews she’s
    getting, that Wargaming will buff her considerably before selling her.

  160. Man I’m so disappointed with this ship 🙁 Any chance, like at all, that
    they’ll at least consider giving her a buff??

  161. P.s. to anyone that is playing a BB, and finds one of these on the enemy
    team – just aim for the turrets. ;D

  162. She was a ship conceived to take out a Graf Spee type ship and only that.
    She was a more inefficient version of the Graf Spee’s “Faster than
    anything that can Outgun it and Outguns anything that Outruns it”
    But they used a very narrow advantage over the Graf Spee to do it so due to
    Treaty limitations and budget constraints
    but even the French acknowledged the Dunkerque inadequacies when the
    Germans laid down the Scharnhorst.

  163. So what you’re saying is that she’s as unremarkable in game as she was in
    real life?

  164. it is a battlecruiser not battleship so was more designed to take on
    cruisers and pocket battleships like graf spee

  165. It’s a good ship for training yourself…. Compensating for the faults of
    your ship makes you play better… If you do well in this ship it will make
    you play other ships with less faults better since you’re used to being in
    a disadvantage….
    Like going to war naked, if you do well, wearing armor would make you even
    more deadlier..

  166. Guess she is sort of like the Atlanta for BBs, you either love it or hate
    it. This French bb is a beauty though. Oh well. Well there is still German
    bbs to look forward to.

  167. seems a low tier premium izumo, only worse

  168. Maximilian Graf Von Spee

    I watched this video practically drooling at the thought of how easily my
    Nagato will tear Dunkerques apart

  169. I could forgive a lot of things, but poor guns AND armour? The Dunkerques
    were the most powerful French battleships ever built, for heaven’s sake. A
    battleship can be played with poor guns or armour, but not both. At that
    point, it’s just an HP pinata. Why on earth didn’t they give the Dunquerke
    a very slow reload, high accuracy, good bow armour and excellent
    penetration? With proper turret armour? It is so very obviously the kind of
    BB that should be pushing hard and targeting other battleships, but with
    these stats…urgh.

    There is another concern. If they’re making the Dunquerke a premium, it’s
    unlikely we’ll be getting a fully fleshed out French battleship line.

  170. That’s really a shame, I thought it would be at least decent

  171. This could of been a tier 5 and I don’t think it’d make it great :/

  172. It’s interesting watching other people’s reviews, people have either loved
    it or hated it. :D

  173. Hi ichase I would still probably purchase her, despite her flaws, but
    remember the Dunkerque class was designed as a counter to the German Pocket
    Battleships and her protection against their 11″ guns. Great video I do
    enjoy following your valued reviews, academy and twitch kind regards

    Dave (buster1984)

  174. Oh no a Colorado better start running away.

    Well it is French

  175. They modeled it as two turrets instead of 4? They’re getting pretty lazy,
    which isn’t good now that there’s competition.

  176. I’d be pretty pissed if I were French tbh. I realise that historically
    there were good ships and bad ships, but in this game Wargaming dictates so
    many factors they can make a ship balanced for it’s tier. Yeah, the
    Dunkerque should have bad armour from what I’ve read, and the guns might be
    lacking in penetration (plus effects of normalisation on lower calibre
    rounds), but why not give her better, more reliable dispersion? That’s a
    factor Wargaming does fully dictate.

  177. First the Krasny Krym, now this?

    What is it with WarGaming making premium ships not worth buying lately?

  178. Is it any good at all if you are perfectly bow in?

  179. Does it come with a white flag? ;)

  180. Iam just a 3:55 and i have to say a Tier 6 Premium Battleship..where we all
    know a Premium ship is almost not good as a normal tier Ship …compare to
    a not fair… if he you said that she get killed a hundred
    times by tier 5 and 6 ships easily i would understand but i dont understand
    the rant about get massive hits by tier 8 BBs thats just normal. And to
    compare it with a scharnhorst is also fail… this ship is about to kill in
    tier 6 , 5 and 4 games not to be competitive in tier7 and never in tier 8
    games. And by thy way after your replay i think she is a good ship… after
    that nearly last shot you just aimed to low…. i think i would buy it

  181. Well everyone thought the Indianapolis was absolutely terrible and to be
    fair it was but it got buffed slightly so who knows…? Maybe they’ll buff
    the Dunkerque slightly. We can only hope!

  182. Really a German cruiser three she’ll bounced wow just wow

  183. If you look closely you can see the german battleships in port!

  184. Called it. French ships are gonna suck dick. Why? Because they’re French.
    You forget, England and USA had to bail their asses out of not only WW1 but

  185. Sounds like most of the secondaries are best suited for running away.
    Definitely French.

  186. So would the Richelieu be the standard tier 6 french BB?

  187. in real life the Dunkerque class was build in a hury for the french navy to
    patch a hole when the German launch the Deutchland class….so its not the
    very best ship to face BB…it was build to chase German fast cruiser and
    pocket BB

  188. what is your opinion on war thunder naval forces?

  189. But the true question is how fast does it go in reverse?!?!?

  190. Welp now I know I can save money, thx for the warning iChase

  191. I’m thinking Aerroon has been paid to give a positive review. Other
    reviewers like Flamu and ichase here. People I credit with integrity. Are
    telling it like it is. It’s a bad ship.

  192. Surprised the turrets are not all at the back since the French ran away so

  193. Vetle Bjørsland (ZykoNerd)

    It’s a glorified piggy bank from Wargaming

  194. How did you get the first person perspective at the start?

  195. with that dmg it looks like it would almost be more reliable just shooting
    he in it…maybe…

  196. I don’t care what he says about the ship I what it it fits my play style
    which is charging straight in Bow on

  197. BelgarathDaSorcerer

    looks like a T5 BB to me stat wise….

  198. Also i was in a New Orleans a while ago and saw a Dunkerque on the enemy
    team…fired one AP salvo right at the start of the match and permanantly
    knocked out BOTH of her main battery guns. after that i went to HE and then
    burned her down some and also knocking out 3 more secondaries…leaving him
    with 1 secondary gun…..then he went and rammed a NC that went charging in
    wanting the kill

  199. yesssssss

  200. Actually a proper Tier 6 French BB would have been the Normandy.
    More Firepower though slower.

    Or the Gille class battlecruiser.
    Similar Speed, suck armor but more firepower than the Dunkerque.

    Or even better the Lyon but I think that one is a Tier 7

  201. The Hungry Wolf 足柄

    I really hope it gets buffed before release. I was getting kind of hyped
    for this beauty.
    Let’s hope that this also does not bode ill for a future French ships like
    Strassbourg and Richelieu.

  202. Tracker101 Johnson

    “paper armor”, what did you expect, its french

  203. Its a battle cruiser! No Battleship!

  204. well shit, was looking forward to this now its all seems meh :(

  205. Would u rather:
    Myogi or Dunkerque
    Bogue or Karlsruhe
    (insert Kappa here)

    BTW @iChase i used to Be SeaAirAndLand…..i changed my name and pic to
    express my passion for sealclubbing (insert RainbowKappa here)

  206. how did you do the deck walk? D:

  207. Can you do a review of the german battle ships

  208. Is Aerroon the only one who likes this ship?

  209. still gonna get it because the name just….. *orgasm*

  210. The people seem to be divided about this one. Aeroon seems to like
    it…Flamu does not

  211. at least its a cool port decoration :)

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