World of Warships – Dunkerque Review

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Let’s take a look at the T6 French .

She’s funny looking. I’ll give her that, but she’s a French lady, so I have to treat her nice. And besides, she’s got eight forward guns that pack a big punch.

I give a little bit about her history (which is somewhat tragically comical), pros, cons and my overall recommendation as to whether you should pick her up.

Overall, she is highly enjoyable if not a Niche ship.



  1. how the fuck can you say “decent aa” about this piece of crap?

  2. It get’s a fighter at tier 6?

  3. your intros are cracking me up…

  4. Majestic Hotwings

    zoup, do you feel the scharnhorst would end up like the Tirpitz in that
    they will eventually add it to the tech tree? cause if so i would rather
    have the dunkerque now seeing as the scharnhorst hype will probably
    overwhelm the hype for the dunkerque and as such it would end up falling
    into obscurity. so if the scharnhorst can (eventually) be purchased
    whenever someone wants it, then i can wait till its added to the tech tree
    cause i’m almost certain the dunkerque won’t make as much money as the
    scharnhorst and I want to pick it up now in case the company decides it
    isn’t worth keeping dunkerque on the market

  5. Meh, she’s ok, perhaps I’m biased as someone who’s waiting on Nelson. Not
    to mention having played izumo.

  6. I seriously wanna eat bread now

  7. Spec the Dunkin Donuts for fire prevention and damage control with

  8. Can I have that baguette plz? ?

  9. Horrible ship IMO, sunk within 5 minutes of the game, idk if the player
    actually tried but either way, no match for nagatos or colorados if
    uptiered which this ship probably will be

  10. Looks like she has some pretty badass dispersion.

  11. Wargaming, why are you killing my wallet? :(

  12. She was a battlecruiser designed to hunt raider cruisers. Chase them down
    and sink them, thus part of the reason for forward guns.


  14. you mean béret !

  15. Lol French

  16. No “musketeer” beard? I am disappoint, monsieur!

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