World of Warships – Dunkerque Triple Threat, 3x Perspective

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A three division battles it out against impossible odds in ! Featuring the perspectives of all three players!

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  1. Watched this live on twitch and it was an amazing game.

  2. Great Vid!!! Great Come Back!! WOW

  3. Man I was in that battle and we were so far up I still don’t know how we
    lost…..That was a crazy match.

  4. Great come-back, awesome!


    It was a NEW MEXICO not a Colorado!!!1! :)

  5. I really like the triple and dual perspective, keep up the good work!

  6. Haha that guy saying GG at 998 😀 well played Sidestrafe and Co

  7. Triple WOW!

  8. marco “t500” jonker

    I bet some guys were like o shit when you killed them lol

  9. Nailbiter. Nice battle.

  10. Hey that’s me! Glad I never realized they were that close to winning.
    Amazing game though, so much went right for us at the end.

  11. am I the only one that like this ship? I know for a fact other don’t. just
    angle and shoot

  12. Not stealing your thunder, was a well worked come back and you did an
    amazing job considering your team mates – but 3 enemy DDs letting
    themselves be spotted and killed by just BBs, at that tier? 1 DD should
    have killed all of you and never even been seen with that much island
    cover. Their DDs were terrible. In fact their whole team were pretty stupid
    to keep giving you free broadsides. I wish I saw enemies like that in every

  13. So much clench!

  14. Just bought the ship =P
    You should get revenue =D

  15. great vid ❤❤

  16. Great game!! Imagine you had something like the Richeleiu instead of the
    Dunkerque – with her higher speed, 15″ guns and 150 x 330 x 40 mm armor.
    You could REALLY mess some stuff up.

  17. That was an amazing carry.

  18. Excellent play, well done. Thanks for taking the extra time to make this
    video (editing)

  19. Are you going to play the Last of Us DLC? Great videos, keep up the awesome

  20. Nicely done, though you’ve probably just guaranteed a nerf for this ship.

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