World of Warships- Dutch Cruiser, Airstrikes, & The Auction House Are Coming Soon

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Hey guys, today we have quite the news package coming out of the DevBlog and the WoWs Stream yesterday, enjoy!


Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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0:00 Channel Intro
0:22 News Intro And Links
1:28 Dutch Cruisers
5:28 Air Strikes
7:58 Congress
9:36 The Seven Provinces
10:36 Dutch Cruiser Stats (Link To Full Stats In Description)
13:22 Thoughts on Dutch Cruisers
14:03 The Seven Provinces Stats (Link To Full Stats In Description)
14:41 Battle of The Beasts Event
15:48 German DD Collection
16:33 Auction House
20:24 Achievement UI Update
20:59 13th Season of Clan Battles
21:30 Ranked Battles Season 3
21:43 Brawl
21:58 New Content
23:25 Closing Thoughts
16:57 Closing Thoughts


  1. Can’t wait for those cruisers!!! ( yes… I’m Dutch 🙂 )

  2. New devblog just nerfed the German DDs again xD

  3. Ships will be in this, because in all likelihood it will be like the WoT Auction….

    Where t10 tanks sell for insane prices

  4. Sriram Bharadhwaj

    9000m/s shell velocity on the t4, the shells can literally be launched into space

  5. This is why i found Flandre as a vanilla ship was a refreshing addition as nowaday, ships come with all sort of weird gimmicks, as for auction, i do not see the purpose of this, if i wanted to gamble, i would go and play the casino.

  6. Eastern Europe starts in Ukraine and Russia, Netherlands are in Western Europe.

  7. I am mlre annoyed with the removal of flags for getting achievements. Aka np flags for getting detonated

  8. How on Earth did you hit that Ohio’s citadel at 8:14?

  9. i think the achievements section needs more attention they see like they are changing the way you can do achievements. “Disabled rewards for obtaining achievements.” Seems you now have to do more to get even the basics? If i am reading it correctly

  10. rofl @ the google translate.

  11. The Auction house is in WoT and it is a massive resource dump.

    I am saddened by eliminating reward flags for achievements, in the Massa I get a secondary flag every day.

  12. De Rutyer is here! Just need Karel Doorman.

    • Karel Doorman was not the captain on cruiser De Ruyter, the captain was Eugène Lacomblé. Karel Doorman aboard De Ruyter was the Dutch Rear-Admiral of the flotilla. Karel Doorman would be a good premium captain tho.

  13. christopher shrank

    “People will throw insane amounts of money at this game”
    WG smiles.

  14. Very excited about the Dutch cruisers, but the auction event sounds a lot like the black market event on WoT.

  15. +1 effort for the Dutch google translate

  16. Day 1 Auction: Anyone want to bid on Imperator Nikolai I ? >.>

  17. WoWs is about to be G E K O L O N I S E E R D

  18. Devblog just got updated again…

    And bid your farewell to deadeye. Ain’t gonna miss it though…

  19. Auction House: How to take advantage of people’s irresponsibility and money understanding

  20. ToughAncientSpark

    Auctions: “Holy shit, take my money please, before I spend it on something else”.

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