World of Warships – Dynamic Crosshair

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Dynamic Crosshair has been in the game for a while, I waited a while before even trying it out. Now I feel confident to share my tips to using the Dynamic Crosshair. The game in the background is the on Fault Line, we aim at all sorts of targets with different angles and distances. Hope the explanation helps you out and have a wonderful day!

Tier V Konig Replay


  1. Already at the start a Notser, this is going to be a good video.

  2. I’m playing this game for 1 1/2 year now and Shooting is now on my instinct

  3. Notser, is it not user replay day today?

  4. YES! Thank you Twenty Seven!

    Was using it last night for high tier battles. Very useful when facing
    faster ships.

  5. I’m sort of struggling to really understand how this is particularly
    helpful…. Like I use the standard cross-hair and all I really need to
    know is the enemy ships max speed, time to target, the movements they’ve
    made, and the calibre I’m firing (lighter shells do seem to slow down
    quicker in game; as they should). Maybe it’s just because I’m so used to
    the standard one.

  6. Good deal bud. Thanks for making this! ETA: After seeing this I am
    realizing that the “static” crosshair is essentially a SFP (second focal
    plane) type reticle. The dynamic is what is known as a FFP or first focal
    plane. This is how high powered rifle scopes work.

  7. I have better luck eyeing it up and using kentucky windage than using the
    dynamic cross hair and calculating each shot on moving, distant targets.
    It’s quicker too.

  8. I am using only the max zoom, in a shortcut in my mouse, so static and
    dynamic is the some in my case?

  9. +Notser, really appreciate the live video, way better to pick tips up from,
    especially aiming.

  10. If i have 4-6 turrets and when im fire them one by one i’ll adjust each
    turret a bit,not easy all the time but you do more hits though. But it
    works best at long range and no other threats close to you,otherwise im
    firing them all. Fun to experiment with it.

  11. Shit video. Spent more time droning on about destroyers than giving aiming
    examples. Delete this and try again.

  12. I use the dynamic crosshair, but I never knew how to use it. I always aim
    well without any help.

  13. Hey, Notser. I’m a die hard Iowa-class fan and player, she’s beyond any
    doubt my favorite ship in the game and the real world, with the USS New
    Jersey being my top love. Could you give me some tips on how to handle the
    Yamato and the German T10 with her?

  14. This video was about 12 minutes longer than it needed to be.

  15. The one thing I have with the dynamic crosshair is that not all numbers are
    written in the scale, I find it more annoying to go 2 right of 5 than just
    doing the mental math and find 7 on the scale.

    That being said, this vid still leaves me a couple questions. Are we still
    placing those tickmarks on the bow, or imaginary bow, of the targeted
    ships? I assumo so, since you shot the Cleveland @4:56 with the 5 tick
    about on her bow when the time to target was about 5.10s, you did however
    say you gave her a bit more lead, so that left me a bit confused on what
    you were doing there.
    When you shot the Gnevny at the beginning, @2:54, the time to target was
    3.50s, and the bow of the ship was placed at about 9.5. The smoke on the
    Gnevny was faded, so it should have been moving at almost 40 knots, so that
    would be a ~33% increase to the lead time for 30kts, yet it was given
    almost triple. Now, I’m pretty bad at this visualizing a different size of
    ship when aiming, but I’d assume if it was the case you’d actually be
    aiming at what would be at 6.5 – 7 at that moment, which would still be
    almost double the time to target. How did you reach at that lead in that
    situation? It worked perfectly, so it’s not like it was the wrong lead.

    As a feedback to the video, it was very chatty and entertainment as usual,
    but I think this kind of tutorial video would benefit more from being made
    in a more structured and informative way, it’s a bit ‘hard’ to find the
    information this way

  16. Trial and error is how I learned to aim.

  17. My big beef with the dynamic crosshair (and the reason I still don’t use
    it) is because they changed the scaling from 20 knots to 30 knots. All the
    static ones are set to 20 and after spending months on it, practically to
    the point of muscle memory, it’s really hard to suddenly change to 30 knots
    on a single crosshair. I personally wish there was a setting where you
    could set the scale yourself :/

  18. Callum “Cjayster” Jerwood

    …And those mods are classed as cheating?

  19. Notser, I’ve been using the dynamic crosshair since it came out. I think
    the scales are as such:

    Cruiser = x1 +/- 0.2 depending on the type; IJN CA/CLs are faster so you
    add 1-2s extra for longer ranges (even 3s for some cases)
    Battleship = x0.5 or x0.6 ; except for the faster ones like Kongo, Iowa, NC
    and the other BBs you mentioned earlier.
    Destroyer = x2 or greater; for faster DDs like the Russkies you have to add
    1-2 extra seconds for lead time. For example, whenever shell ETA is 4
    seconds, I actually lead 10s ahead of the bow to land hits; 12s for 5s ETA
    and so on.

    It’s the aiming system that’s been working for me, just try it out if you
    can. I play cruisers and my average main battey accuracy is 36%% (even my
    155mm Mogami has an accuracy of 33%). But then again, shell dynamics may
    differ from ship to ship so it might not work well for other players.

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