World of Warships Easter Eggs #1 CORRECTION – Citadel Hill not Citadelle de Quebec

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I’m such a terrible Canadian 🙁 I misidentified one of our landmarks! A very good catch by Jonas and Tiduspeco and here’s a short video correcting my mistake.


  1. Hi Chase, great job as always! Could you revisit the Mikhail Kutuzov some
    time since it has changed a lot since 0.5.3 and it seems really popular now
    on the EU servers?

  2. Chase, how do we send you replays? I might have one worthy of making a
    video :D

  3. I’ve been in Halifax

  4. on one map, forgot what it was, (I think it was the one with 2 long islands
    and a little passage down the middle, and no it’s not two brothers) there
    was an airfield on the coast. I spotted it while playing in a cv

  5. Andrew Schembri

    Your Canadianness has been revoked! Hand over your Tim Hortons rewards card
    and cut your hockey hair!

  6. Brian Lock (神通)

    iCHASE FAIL!!!!!!!

  7. confirmed SIR

  8. Jonas Drøjdahl

    Chase feels bad about misidentifying a fort… Should I point out that I’m
    not Norwegian but Danish?

    Sorry… 😛

    Anyway, cool of you. :)

  9. Vauban fortresses are so impressive … you can find a lot of them in
    France :)

  10. This game has Easter Eggs 0.0 Only thing I ever found was the beached ship
    they show in one of the trailers complete with creates and all.

  11. Damnit iChase, you had one job! ? /Billy qyotes

  12. I thought this was cool that WG actually put historical ships and buildings
    in the maps. I live in upstate NY and have been to the forts in Canada and
    in NY. Worth the trip. Great job. Puddahead.

    Check this battle out. If you like, I will send you the files.

  13. Although, WoWS has the wrong side facing the water… :)

  14. Every one of us doesn’t know at least ONE landmark Chase so don’t worry
    about it.

  15. WHOOOOO Halifax shout out!!!

  16. YAY I inspired a video xD Pretty cool to know you’re Canadian as well. And
    you become the next person on my list who have mispronounced my name 😛 But
    don’t feel bad, I’ve yet to meet anybody who can say it right without help
    🙂 You’re welcome to come play WoWS with a buddy and me sometime if you

  17. much potato very wow. If you plan on doing more of these Easter egg vids
    then I’d see if you cant find anything on Solomon Islands. And maybe cause
    its new Trident. ;D Just a suggestion though keep it up chase.

  18. You use ‘particular’ far too often, Chase ;)

  19. Lol

  20. ahh nice. Its good to keep it accurate. Love the Easter eggs. Hope to see

  21. Christopher Putt Rogers

    Wait, you mean you got a structure that you’ve likely never seen before in
    your life wrong?! How could you!!!? Oh, right… huge freaking country.
    Lots of awesome historical stuff.


  23. I been there, great place

  24. To quote Jingles here, “You are such crap.”
    Still, nice correction. Now go dunk your head in the maple syrup bucket of

  25. It’s ok we all make mistakes

  26. Not only did you not have to make a correction video, you did it quickly!
    Awesome and congrats on the 40k subs!

  27. I didn’t watch the easter egg video but when I saw the fort I thought “That
    looks familiar”.

  28. I don’t understand the shape of the fort, wouldn’t that one side be easier
    to attack?

  29. Sebastian Krzyczewski

    I have been there it’s actually really cool

  30. FW 190 Productions

    What if Wow actually had ai coastal defenses and could be bombed by Dive
    bombs and main guns?

  31. These citadels were designed by a brilliant french military architect named
    Vauban. The layout of the citadels removed all blind spots in the citadels
    defense against infantry. There’s quite a lot of these citadels (Called
    Vauban citadels) in France.

  32. Thanks for the correction, this shows that you are a great you tuber,
    (remember me when you become mighty jingles big)

  33. That long building in the middle annoys me because it’s not symmetric. Y u
    do dis Canada?

  34. I could tell right away this was Citadel Hill. I live 15 minutes outside of
    Halifax and have been to the hill many times. Nice to see something from
    Halifax make it into the game!

  35. That was quick. Dang.

  36. Where in Canada are you?

  37. i was wondering why the real picture looked a bit off from the in-game
    model :/

  38. I thought it was weird. :I

  39. honorbru

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