World of Warships Easter Eggs #4 – A Sheep Connection

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Who knew something in warships is actually connected with sheep!

If you have found an Easter egg and would like it featured on another episode please drop me an e-mail.

Also send me your in game name and server so I can give you credit!


  1. Yay, easter eggs! Thank you for finding all of these.

  2. Hi @iChaseGaming

  3. I recognized the Mont Saint-Michel, first time I saw it on that map. But I do wonder if the Lighthouse on the tiny island north of the A cap is special?

  4. Chase that bunker at 8:50 I think is the L’Angle’ artillery observation tower, Guernsey, Channel Islands. Nice Video buy the way

  5. “really old movie” …OMG. Gone with the Wind, Wizard of Oz, or From here to Eternity are really old movies. Gosh Chase you’re not 12. lol

  6. glad your doing the easter eggs again even though you made me feel old with your Armageddon comment. By the way, how is your mom doing?

  7. We get salt lamb in the Uk from welsh marshes, hard to find though.

  8. Nr1 easter egg, that light house has 45km range?!

    plz nerf

  9. the fortress reminds me of hogwarts :/

  10. its my birthday today ^_^ (im not the real jason XD)

  11. The only fault this video have is, its to short! Love it!

  12. Andry Randrianantoandro

    IChase actually has a good French accent for somebody that doesn’t speak French ?

  13. Sheep meat taste like Chicken Literally

  14. Wait, really? They put in Mont Saint Michel? Dang, that’s genuinely awesome. Mind you, it actually IS in Normandy (Normandie), very close to the western border with Brittany (Bretagne). It’s a gorgeous place, and it’s a real hike to get to the top. The view of the surrounding countryside and the Channel is truly glorious as well.

    The seafood around that area, as well as on the south coast of Brittany, is absolutely amazing. The shellfish and plaice is extraordinary, and Brittany exports oysters all over Europe. I used to work for an oyster farmer who exports to southern Italy, for instance. It’s a huge industry in the region. 🙂

  15. been to mont saint michel but did not realises it was in game

  16. jamica, hamica me hungry man!

  17. I love these Easter Eggs ty for posting! : )

  18. I think the last tower was built on one of the occupied Cannel ISLANDS in WWII.

  19. Really old movie!!!!!   WTF!!!!!  Chase, you’re not 15!!!!

  20. To where can I send my replay to iChase?

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