World of Warships- Economic Rework First Look

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Hey guys, today we take a look at the economic rework on the PT server and see how this exactly works, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. It would be nice to be able to buy a permanent period correct skin for low tier ships with no bonuses.

  2. Any change to clan boosts? but overall looks ok, but does look like a money-making scheme, I did get online feedback the other week from them and one of the questions was about the number of players in a match and whether the player count should be increased. “may need bigger maps if they do that”

  3. I’m wondering wether it would be a good or bad thing for matchmaking?

    • I fear 80% of players will be stuck at tier6 creating longer cue times and 2x overmatch as the norm, not to mention “hot shot” players dropping down to seal club new/average players…DPM dollars per minute.

    • @Brian Korn hit the nail on the head , i will be playing teir 6 with 21 point captains and full spec ships . how is that fare to new players

  4. Krzysztof Narloch

    Its kind of funny that PTS is missing the one time button to break the exp packages into the smaller ones. People go to PTS play some games and go… cool we are getting more EXP (all kind) its good without them realising that they now will run out of exp flags (camos) way faster.

  5. Credits are not a premium currency, they are really starting to lose it.

  6. What level of dystopian hell do we live in where even in our video games WE HAVE TO WORK FOR MONEY!

  7. They have some how scaled down all the effects of flag bonuses globally. Its taking me longer for experience and credit earning even with nearly every flag equipped including the specials. Since most players end up in t9-10 they will soon slowly increase the cost at the high end to force people to spend at higher tiers or having to go back and grind at lower tiers for credits, except the only problem is 90% of the matchmaking puts you into the +2 tier matches. Its all going down hill.

    • As T9/T10 games lately were mostly boring as hell, as everyone is just camping and the team taking the caps most times doesn’t fear of losing them again as no one goes in to defend or retake them, this change is just one more reason not to play those tiers.
      Yes, it goes all down hill, but look at WoT they succeed with it, so they will go on this path.

    • random youtube Commenter secundar account

      Glad i gave up a few days ago on this dumpster fire

  8. So I wonder now does this mean all ships will have a 4% better accuracy now because of removing it from the camo, or have they baked the 4% into all the ships so its the same ?

    • As far as WG acted in the past. Those bonuses are gone totally and I mean both of these bonuses. The accuracy and the other one.

    • @Loeffel I am afraid you are wrong the other one was 3% to detection and that is now baked into all ships, hence why I said if the dispersion would be too

    • @Valhalla I haven’t heard about what’s happening to the dispersion, but remember, WG is not doing this for OUR benefit…

  9. im now more afraid of playing cruisers

  10. Not sure how I feel about it. For the vast majority of games I play (not tier 10), it shouldn’t make a difference. At low tier, the grind is easier. You can rack up way more XP way faster. Same for commander XP and free XP. But it slows T10 and supership game play. Slowing supership gameplay I have no issues with. For T10, it seems to be that they want you to really buy those permanent bonuses. Whether or not it works out OK for players will be all about how we can make those bonuses back without shelling credits or dubs for them. We understand the economic signals and camos pretty well, now, but now that they are spread out more, presumably we will need more supply in order to keep the bonuses similar. I will say that I played a few T10 games on the PTS without any bonuses applied (like, nothing, 0% across the board). With premium time, I came out a little ahead in games where I was getting 1200-1500 base XP (not that credits correlates well with base XP). Without the premium time, it was close to break even. So, it shouldn’t be as bad as people fear unless you are playing a lot of T10 and nothing else and run out of bonuses (something I think is probably pretty rare).

    This will probably change the high tier meta a bit. People will be a little more cautious, I think, to avoid taking the credit hit of being reckless. That could mean that DDs stop killing themselves in the first few minutes, which would be good. But it may also lead to more back map camping, which would be bad.

    • players will stop playing dds full stop and go to cvs or subs , or like me , just join the bbs at the back as i can’t control planes

    • @Grizzz I’ve seen a few people come to the same conclusion, but I’m not entirely sure why. Can you explain in more detail, please? I’m interested to know. If you look across the stats of all three main ship classes, the damage varies but the average XP doesn’t really. In all cases, average XP by ship in a class varies between about 1500-2000 at T10. Damage changes between classes. DDs are 40-60k, cruisers 60-80, and BBs 75-110. That variation is largely based on what they are shooting. But your credits and XP earned aren’t based on absolute damage, they are based on %damage to a ship. So, doing 20k to a Shima is worth the same as 100k to a Yammy. Not to mention the smaller ships get more spotting, capture, and defence points on average. In the end, the XP balances out pretty reasonably between the classes and so should the credits. If there is a credit issue, though, over time, the easy thing to do with a class is to reduce the maintenance cost of the ship class. But that’s a small and easy tweak.

  11. The highest amount of base xp you get in this game is by playing dd for the objectives what are you talking about. If anything this will increase the number of dd players. The amount of credit on a win is the same as for a loss so even if your team is potato and you play for the objective as a dd you will make a lot of credits.

  12. If they want to get mid/low players to spend more money, they need to change the game to actually make it more play friendly for those people. Currently I think all mid/low players should just leave the game, without skills based matchmaker this game is not for new or casual players.

    • Steve Oltjenbruns

      As a fairly new player myself it was rather cruel learning curve at first lol.

    • Even though I played WoT for 12 years, it took me a few hundred games to become decent at WoW. So that says something too, especially in ranked where people yelled at me for being new haha

  13. The biggest (and probably only) thing I’m looking forward to is being able to remove the winter themed perma-camos (that I’ve gotten for free) from my ships and still get their economic bonuses, The Kobayashi camos aren’t so bad as they are in their own category in the “Additional Content Settings” so I can hide them without messing up the ones I do like, such as the Independence Day camo for the Colorado/Constellation

  14. Since they are removing the flags and the camo bonus’s I cant help but wonder how we earn more once they go live with this thing? Going forward they are going to need something we have to add to our inventory or do all the bonus’s run out once we exhaust whatever we had on had after the conversion?

    • You can get bonuses from a new container they are adding, it will be in daily containers and you get bonuses from operations, collections, etc.

  15. @BigData 2 yes, i think so too. If i had to guess, i would say the stealthy torp boats will be more popular then the gunboats.

  16. Lance Thibodeaux

    I really dislike “post battle services”. War Thunder does it too. I have had matches where i die pretty quick, for whatever reason and actually end up owing credits after all is said and done.

    Id rather them just tweak the rewards so a bad game can still get some income but never have to worry about having to pay out afterwards.

    • i feel that you should never go into negative just for playing the game, sure if you do no damage and its an loss etc maybe it hits 0 xp and credits earned at the worst (tho i think atleast an little should be awarded), but going into negative credits is just bs imo.

    • WT post battle service is reasonable. WOT tier x repair cost is crazy, it lost me there. i am afraid i’ll be losing interest in WOWs now

  17. I’m surprised that of all those strange camos, they never allowed itasha style camos for the anime /transformer cross overs

  18. Sorry but this is all false.

  19. I’m a bit divided on making higher tiers too expensive to play without being really, really good. On the one hand it’s weegee trying to make players buy more premiums to get more money, and it’ll make higher tiers a lot harder and more competitive since anyone who stays up in the higher tiers is probably at least above average to keep doing that. On the other hand it’ll also increase the population of players playing in the mid-tiers out of necessity which is probably good because that means mid-tiers are gonna be populated again which has been a growing issue ever since weegee introduced the ability to skip tiers via the new-ship-line events.

    That does also mean that the mid-tiers are going to be significantly harder too since now some of the more experienced free-to-play players will be forced to go there every now and again to earn extra cash for the high tiers which will make the mid-tiers a lot more interesting with more experienced players in the mix, but might also scare away newer players because they’re suddenly matched up against players with thousands more matches than they’ve got.

    I’d honestly prefer that they didn’t just remove the ability to have post-battle reductions outright and just reduced it slightly, like between -25% to -30%. I didn’t spend all those doubloons on those premium camos just to have a flashier ship.

    • its called sealing clubbing , and when i reset a line i use a lot of free exp to cut down on the number of game i play under t8 , as a 21 point captain under t8 is trolling at best

  20. Um it’s always been like this, this isnt new.

  21. As a casual, this sounds lime it sucks. I always loved that wows was very fair with credits and bills after a round, never seeing a negative cash flow. One thing i hate about wot how hard it is to make credits cause of aftrr battle costs. No incentive for me to grind and play tech tree ships. Like wot i will just stick with premiums now.

    • Ashleigh Elizabeth

      Sounds like the premiums aren’t exempted from cost a ton of credits to run too. Maybe I’m misunderstanding the information….

  22. well no one has realised that t 10 just died , there will be more cvs and subs , at t6 all with 21 point captains and full speck ships . and NO NEW PLAYERS

  23. Complaints Department

    They already have premium shells in World of Warships. It’s called High-Explosive.

  24. @J P Not false. Speculation.

  25. Having played on the PT sever I hate the new way of doing things, I am older and don’t like being messed about. it took me a while to get use to how the game work for credits and ex . Now I have to learn all over again and lose money/ credit while doing it. A right Bugger.

  26. @Complaints Department Wait till the gold shells show up.

  27. Complaints Department

    @Gauris you clearly didnt get what I said. Premium/gold shells have been in World of Warships since the very beginning. They are called “High-Explosive Shells” in World of Warships.

  28. @Complaints Department I get it, HE are almost as blasphemous as the old HVCR gold shells in WOT, I was meaning more the super heavy US 16″ type shells, and I wouldn’t put it past weegee to start charging 5 doubs a shot, especially if you have 9 or 12 barrels, lol

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