World of Warships- Economy Rework: Did We Get Screwed?

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Hey guys, today we take a look at this new economic system, and I run a simple test on this new rework. Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. finding the high boosts make it really easy to get good xp etc, but they seem to be insanely hard to get. We won’t see how bad the rework is for another few weeks until people start running out of boosts i reckon

    • @Nicholas D. That’s because there are more than normal amounts of missions to make everyone feel that there is no change. Give it 3 months and you will be crying.

    • The high boosts are better than the flags, though you are right, they are rare and I have not found an effective way of getting them. The lower boosts are awful and not worth it, yet seem to be the most common to drop.

    • @Jasper You mean the Boosts container will be removed?

    • @Nicholas D. No, you currently are getting more missions that are rewarding you with boosts. There is no guarantee that you will aquire the same amount boosts as you previously got from the last system. Later on these boosts will be acquired less often there fire the economic impact will only be felt as players start using all their bossts up.

    • Ashleigh Elizabeth

      I agree. As I explained elsewhere they went from a system where you could stack as many as 7 levels of boost percentage on to a ship to one where you could put no more than 5 levels on the ship. I don’t think anybody has truly done the math in a spreadsheet kind of way to see how that all shakes out except for WG.

  2. Few years ago there was a similar change in world of tanks. Before playing a tier 8 prem with premium account could land u in 400.000 to 1mil+ credits in amazing results. After the change u need prem account, prem tank, booster and have amazing games to get more than 150k credits, nowhere close to the old economy. Sooner or later they would do the same here as they did. As soon as everything stocked from boosts is gone then the real new economy will become more obvious.

  3. I think what really pissed me off about this update was that the income of premium ships seems to be affected as well (seems to, it just feels that way I haven’t done any hard number-crunching) since my Tirpitz and Pommern have about the same income as my Bismarck and Iowa in games with similar performances. I love PomPom and Tirpitz but the reason why i sank money into them all that time ago was because I thought it was a guaranteed investment for some permanent stable income. What the fuck, WeeGee?

    • @TheRhadamanthus I have the old missouri and the boni isn’t enough even back then we hat a nerf of around 10%, today the income should also be treated as 100% for this ship

    • Nothing is guaranteed with WarGaming.

    • Now they only get a 5,10,15 and 20 I think % on credits bonus thanks to their perma bonus, the thing affecting them is the post service reduction gone….

    • Yeah… feels like about a 50% reduction. About right for WG… encourages people buying credits.

  4. my thoughts ? Honestly im disappointed.. but not surprised , more so that it took them this long to bring the horrid WoT econ into WoWS. Thanks for the video.

  5. If I’m being honest… I was sceptical about this and still am.

    Now… I’m very happy about two things – that camo bonuses are now simply added to normal ship stats and that boosts and camo are no longer tied together – I no longer have to turn my ship into a clown vessel… Which I like.

    Now, when it comes to changes in earnings… I didn’t notice much, at least yet. I have had mostly mediocre games recently and did not notice anything really – while not running boosters of any kind, nor premium account – simply to test the thing.
    If this holds after longer testing, that would be a good sign. Tier 8 without premium nor economy boosters/flags were always making small, but consistent money and they still seem to do so.
    Tier 9 was the breaking point where you would be roughly on 0 earning or really small amounts of credits, unless you had horrible games – that also appears unchanged.
    Tier 10 – again, would make you money on decent games, and this still seems to be the case, but would lose money consistently on bad ones and would lose small amounts on ‘meh’ games. Again, this still seems to be the case from what I could tell.
    Granted, my testing was rough and over a tiny sample size, so it is too early to draw any real conclusions yet, but so far… And I’m not some sort of miracle unicum, just an average Joe.

    • @Jagsdomain my clanmates are making upwards of 48k exp per match with the new economy. Probably also stacking cards lol

    • Ashleigh Elizabeth

      @Jagsdomain definitely not true. I’ve seen plenty of people get that kind of XP in a match and myself have EASILY made 10K by running a second tier XP booster in a very ho hum game for me.

    • @Abby Saito ok great.
      Do you know how to put on the other flags? Aka speed flag aa flag so on?

    • @Ashleigh Elizabeth ok thanks!

    • @Jagsdomain speed flags and what not are now in a different panel… I think it’s under equipment? Ive been slotting them in during my ranked games so I know they’re still there.

      Also not sure if it’s a bug currently or not but I painfully found that if I sell a ship it also sells the commander on that ship so make sure to take the commander off before selling a ship………. That was a harsh lesson for me to learn lol

  6. Of course we’re screwed. This was done for WG’s financial benefit, not for the players. Once your stash of economic boosts begin to dry up we’ll find that it is more costly to replace them.

    • Exactly… I stopped paying WG for premium account time a while ago so of course I’ve noticed an immediate drop in income now with this latest update, but for Sea Lord and everyone else still running premium time they skate right through this update thinking eh not so bad!… But pay attention to results screens now for what a non premium account would have made for the same match… 15:40 time stamp – you can see a non premium account would have made a measly 87k credits compared to the 193k Sea Lord pulled in with premium… Standard accounts are now pulling in literally less than 1/2 what premium accounts are….

    • @SWIFTY_WINS As a premium account owner i normally would defend the premium system in a F2P game. HOWEVER, WG is doing their utmost to monetize the living sh*t out of this game. Its even getting rough for people like me who always play with prem time but dont spend money on other things.
      Really dont like it how the game developed since 2019. Too many “fuck you players, we want more cash” from WGs side.

    • @SWIFTY_WINS That has always been the case as some one who does not use premium this result is normal.

  7. Stefano Crosazzo

    It’s better than before BUT ONLY WITH EVERY BOOSTER ACTIVE, and the difference between the common ones and the rare ones is noticeable. Credit earnings seem equal, or better than before, but XP based earnings (especially FreeXP) seem lower. This is not just my opinion, it’s a shared sentiment across the community. You can get close to your previous xp earnings but only using the best boosters, and still generally speaking the results aren’t as good as before when you could stack every dragon signal + the regular eco signals + camo bonuses.
    Further testing needed.
    However getting rid of all those eye-soaring Frosty Fir camos was great, I made a ton of cash from them.

  8. WG never does anything to benefit the player. This is, once again, something to sell you. When this happened in WOT console, many.. many.. players left the game.

    • Exactly. The fact that they re-work premium ships one paid for… yeah can’t send WG money anymore. i would like to support their games again, but I know from experience, they’ll screw you. So don’t.

    • Actually they really do something to benefit the players, they provide the game. Right now we have WORLD WIDE inflation which means everyone is charging higher prices for their goods and services. Why would War Gaming be any different?

  9. 7:07, after her first voyage, Bismarck didn’t really cost anything for the KM to keep up, courtesy of the RN

    • Ashleigh Elizabeth

      @Antoine Chauvet under. She was under the ocean. I don’t think many people say IN the ocean unless they are talking about swimming. Most people say ships sail ON the ocean and they sink to the bottom of the ocean or they are going UNDER the ocean when they sink.

    • @Antoine Chauvet I figured, I was Just being a little bit of a smart-a**

    • @Ashleigh Elizabeth English is so complicated with all that nuance. It doesn’t really make sense to say under either when there’s ocean all around.

    • Ashleigh Elizabeth

      @Antoine Chauvet I’m just telling you how it is normally used. When a ship is sinking we say she is going under. U boats are literally UNDER SEA BOATS. However in the ocean is usually referring to swimming as I said. As in there are plenty of fish IN the sea or we are going swimming IN the ocean. On is used for things that float. Ships sail ON the ocean. Don’t ask me where it all comes from. Under clearly is something English has in common with German since they are the ones that gave U Boats their name. Beyond that I haven’t a clue why these terms are customarily the way they are.

    • There are always paperwork costs. It was likely the Allies not the Axis who zeroed out the bureaucracy that looked after the Bismarck and her paperwork.

  10. I’ve played some co-op games in a T9 premium. I constantly make between 100k – 180k credits from those games. Before the rework, it was about 50k to 100k.

  11. The issue is it ties into the match making for the game, which in part removes how well you do vs how are the two teams stacked. You either get rolled quickly or may not have enough time to rack up the dmg/objectives to make a ton of credits/exp. So unlike the old WoWS where you had certain control of your incoming/out going costs, now you can only control which boosts you use and the rest is RNG. I would also keep an eye on incoming coal after the rework as well…

  12. This is a huge buff to unicum players at higher tiers. I played 2x matches with 2nd highest economic boosters, 2x wins ranked in Ohio (ave dam 95k 1.5kills), 1.7mil credits earned 15k free xp.

  13. One note I learned from PQs video on this, is to not use XP boosters for Premium ships, or any ships you do not need to grow, as it is now separate, it is a waste, and increases the XP sitting on the ship and basically unusable.

  14. You missed one very important part of the new economy here, the bill you get depends on how many times you fired the guns and torpedoes too. You still get the offset on the cost but now its in the form of extra income vs reduced charge to play the ship. My income seems close to the same on premium ships like the MO and GA and the only boosters I used were the perma booster and thats it.

  15. Thanks for the video, I appreciate your content!
    Once the details were released about the economy change and how similar it was to world of tank, I started building up my tier 8s because I played WoT for 6 years before WoWS and unless you had amazing games at tier 10 in WoT you would almost always lose money and then add the option for premium ammo in WoT and tier 10 was almost always a loss…tiers 5 and 8 were the place to be and it seems WoWS is headed this direction and that wargamming are trying to cash in on top tier items.

  16. Of course you also have to realize that with a lot of the players no longer able to make the credits they once were and some already having trouble maintaining enough credits to keep up with their experience and to be able to invest in New ships and or upgrading captains are essentially being forced into having to buy credits which of course is exactly what or gaming wants you to do. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out the primary reason why they’re doing this and it’s always about the money.

  17. @Jesper Holst How so?

  18. Fredrik Eriksson

    Well I bought the Steel cammo for my Yamato… And I got screwed! 🙁

  19. No extra bonus top 5 old system was always break even. New system no extra bonus top 3 break even. Just because you can use more of your boost to make more doesn’t mean this was a fair trade all they have allowed is you to use your boost faster so you have to buy more. So let’s make it more simple for you. If you had enough bonuses in the old system for 100 games and averaged 50k profit per game that left you an end of 100 games with 5mil credits.
    The new system the same 100 now only last for 33 games and allow an 8% increase per match makes it 54k for 33 matches and 45k for the next 67 matches which nexts you 4.8mil a net loss of 200k. So no credits didn’t get better your ability to burn though bonuses did….. And the amount of your bonus reflect your above average amount played not most of us.

  20. My experience is that without boosters, you’re getting more credits than before (base earnings), especially on tech line ships for the same performance as before in average ish games at lower tiers (6-8), but not much difference at higher tiers (9-10). I just got 300k with just premium time in a 95k damage dunkerque (top 1 950 base xp defeat), I don’t recall ever going over 300k for a game that wasn’t pure unicum carry on a t6.

  21. Ariliquin Ariliquin

    Having ro pay increasing amounts for cammo is a rip off, they dont do this in WOT, all cammo is the same price

  22. New Economy reminds me a lot of War Thunder, boosters and premium being almost required to make the grind bearable. Next thing you know you’re going to have to buy the ships and then pay a millions credits to crew the ships and you can’t sell ships once you’re done with them in the grind.

  23. Kind of shocking how no one is talking about this on the forum yet. I can’t be the only one who spent doubloons on tier X camos because of the post-service cost reduction bonus. feels like they are straight up ripping us off.

  24. @Ariliquin Ariliquin Just don’t buy camo, it doesn’t do anything but look pretty.

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