World of Warships: Edinburgh – Comeback

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An Edinburgh match where the team was doing oh so poorly, but then started to turn things around.

World of Warships footage of the 8 cruiser Edinburgh.



  2. Fneurst !

  3. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Aerroon senpai pls tell us weebos which is your favorite IJN ship?? You can use historical ingame or Kancolle :^) Pls Aerroon sempoi pls pls do a Question and Answer pls sempoi Oh and I think im third

  4. So I have Fuso and Fubuki for ranked… Gnevny very soon. I just don’t know which to use!

  5. Would you like Hyuuga or Ise hybrid BB/CV in the game?

  6. Subs are fun in Steel Ocean…and the game plays similarly to WoWS.

  7. Really enjoy the videos unedited

  8. Hey, Aerroon
    what are your thoughts about WG adding german CV?

  9. Biggest pile of shite i ever downloaded

  10. When I watch you play I get inspired and fire up the game. As soon as it starts “insert Donkey Kong theme here” I end up wondering why the fuck I’m playing it. Nice game though.

  11. aeroon
    i think the second commander skill that made smoke radius larger is better than faster traverse.. since its already has good traverse and with better smoke radius you can move better and anticipate from over smoke

  12. wow Aerroon game changer

  13. Dreadnought is only saying that you healed a lot.. also one of your tasks in a CL is to hunt DDs. You only shot one salvo at a DD that did not even scratch him. One of the DDs sunk the Mogami right next to you at the cap point.. But however Gj coming back.

  14. Luka Goginashvili

    what is your favourite nation of ships?

  15. Such a great game! A win looked very grim at the start but you managed to pull it off! Great video!

  16. Aerroon – just to clarify. The result screen shows actual damage on your spotting and (immediately below that) what it calls “Potential Damage”. You seem to to interpret this as potential damage to yourself – however I always understood it to mean potential damage to the enemy from your spotting. Love the channel. The_Tipsy

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