World of Warships – Editorial // “Miss Communication strikes again!”

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They should really fire that Miss Communication. She seems to cause WG oh so many problems.


World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:


  1. Totally with you bud 🙂 And re the Mental Health side, if I can ever help, I have been there as well, so happy to be a ear if it helps

  2. wargaming did something stupid? again, still…always.

  3. I mean,why would a company have something proof read and double checked? Stupid idea

  4. I no longer trust in WG for anything. My default position with them is that they will do nothing but lie to me. They are continually sloppy/lazy, and crooked/slimy. That is reason enough.

    • CatLover JerryGarcia

      Yup that’s why I set my account for deletion yesterday. Once the criminal ineptitude is fixed I might toy with the idea of returning. But the only surefire way of me returning would be some other developer and publisher taking over.

  5. “If you can’t say what you mean, you can’t mean what you say” quote from Peter O’ Toole, The Last Emperor.

  6. I had my blood pressure med upped a couple weeks ago, those first few days were fun…

  7. “Accidently” .. roflmao .. once maybe. But when it happens again and again and again over years .. well the odds dictate this is being done on purpose. Of course the other option is they are incompetent and this is supported by the desire to put Subs into the game and all the constant CV reworks that never work. So 50/50 either on purpose or just incompetent.

    • CatLover JerryGarcia

      Could be a little of both, malice from the upper echelon and hiring yes men to just execute their orders.

  8. I lost my “deepration” when I stopped comparing myself to others.

    Since then I am happy with what I have, how I am and how I look. And there is a constantly growing sense of gratitude for what I had in my life. Meanwhile I don´t even have Aspirin in my household.

    Also, take a walk into the woods. Alone. Phone stays home. At some point you´ll stop bothering about time.
    Get well soon!

  9. Oh, a Pointy editorial—what did they screw up now. 😲

  10. How does the Doria run in Killer Whale? Also good to see another battleship player running that southern hook. Love that route. I used to run Prinz Eitel Friedrich, but find the main battery accuracy too inconsistent; and Normandie, but tend to find that it’s a bit too squishy to face tank the south route and too inaccurate at range to reliably support from the north. I’ve pretty much glued myself to Izmail in Killer Whale. I don’t have Admiral Kutuzov to use as a captain, which would likely make her even more of a lolbote. Always seem to have something else to spend my coal on. She’s fast enough to pull it off, has enough guns with enough penetration and damage that even a clutch of overpens slaps the target, tends to be dangerously accurate at short ranges (which both mean there’s no need to switch to HE when brawling the enemy DDs. Wait until they turn to make their torp drops and give them 12 barrels of AP. If it doesn’t destroy them outright, they won’t live long enough for a second drop), has good maneuverability, and… wonky armour. It’ll tank well enough when angled, but there are an awful lot of shot-traps in the casemates that cause full pens or even citadels from the front.

    I still use all three in Aegis. Izmail’s arms are a little short, so Normandie tends to come out on top here, with PEF being the middle ground. I like to turn broadside on at the very beginning, then steam north directly into the first reinforcement group with all those juicy, juicy cruiser broadsides (also draws fire away from my teammates looping around the island in front of the convoy) and on into brawling the first battleship spawn before turning east-south-east to provide supporting fire against the big group that spawns at the end.

    Never really have been able to get the hang of Naval Station Newport. Feels just a bit too random with too many bow-in targets to deal with effectively.

    Raptor Rescue can be a lot of fun… when Raptor’s navigator isn’t beaching her and failing the op for everyone by default.

    Absolutely adore playing Scharnhorst super aggressively in Narai. Take a route to the right of the main line of advance, more or less pointed at the BB that spawns on the flank (which also allows a salvo or two against the southernmost fort to help out whomever is going after the secondary objective), parallel the convoy with broadside shots against the charging cruisers, then turn in and full steam ahead in front of the convoy to bow tank and drive by Missouri before she can get to the transports. Fiji’s a great choice here too, with a couple of options for routes.

  11. Who is doing their translations? the CIA? What a way to hurt a company.

  12. I hope you find a way to get a handle on that Jedi,
    I love your content and wish you the best

    Always 🍎

  13. Let’s see… if they let go Miss Communication, who’s next in line to step up? Ah yes, Little Miss Take!

  14. WG ran out of credit (or slack) years ago. They’re just like any other large publisher: out for themselves and to milk/screw the player base.

  15. Not buying the “accident” excuse. This is not a 2 man development team putting out an indie game.

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