World of Warships: Eendrach – New T7 Dutch Cruiser

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Eendracht is the tier 7 light cruiser of the new Dutch tech tree line. She’s like many light cruisers, but also has the airstrike ability.
The ship was given to me by Wargaming.

0:00 Eendracht Match
14:58 End Screen
15:49 Captain Skills & Upgrades
18:21 Eendracht Armor
21:51 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 7 Dutch light cruiser Eendrach.


  1. Not many airstrikes in this one. 10 km is a bit more limiting.

  2. Don’t leave your Kidds unattended!

  3. this thing seems a lot better or a lot more fun to play than the Tier 8

  4. CynicallyObnoxious

    This line to me even if youd take the gimmick out it appears these are gonna be solid

  5. Love your content Aerroon keep it up man <3

  6. Thanks, liking your vids. BTW the correct way to say the name of this ship is not EINdracht, its EENdracht (like how you would say the ‘ai’ in pain). Look forward to meeting you in ranked next time XD.

  7. RearAdmiralBIGCORE

    Would be a Grind breaker in Narai, you can kill forts via airtstrike and later on the 3 wave assault.

  8. 9:50

    Turret pens do 1/10 damage now :V in the past would’ve been 0 damage I think.

    • @Nafis ul Islam almost at all ranges. At 16km-18km is a bit rng due to Petro dispersion but it works 80% of the time. from 10km or less you have the upper hand. Stalingrad and other Petro is worse to fight as they have almost 50% to right out just destroy your turrets… Funny thou, 380mm dose the same but not 406mm or higher, must be a bug as I don’t see how such big guns can overpen your turrets.

    • @Nafis ul Islam I still love my legendary mod, Halsey, steel cammo DM 🙂 At point blank is normal for the DM to overcome the Petro, that’s why Petro is mid range brawling cruiser, not close range. Worst things a Petro can face is Bourgogne at mid range, Thunderer at any range and concealed high DPM HE spam. Anything else is just trivial to that ship.

    • I have both the DM and Petro and have wrecked both with each ship. With the LM on the DM, it more more than a match for the Petro, it just matters who gets the drop, angle and positioning on the other first.

    • iirc it’s also 1/10 damage on a fully saturated section

  9. Donnarumma OP

  10. 9:26, did you just catch fire from the plane crash? Neat, I’ve never seen that happen before. And again the plane goes for your ship at 13:10, when did they add this mechanic?

  11. Skarhabek Greyrukh


  12. I doubt I’ve ever heard a better rendition of “salty ingame chat”. Who’s Salvo Is It Anyway? Where the logic is forbidden and the points don’t matter.

  13. I remember when a full AA build on the MO was that good.

  14. Nice info session. Thanks Aeroon!

  15. 00:35 There was a time before the CV rework that the Cleveland was not a ship to attack with aircraft. It is funny how WG gives this out to other nations. I wonder if AA guns are automatically loaded at the start?

  16. dafuq o.O that looks like it’s enough torpedos to skip from one island to the next without getting your feet wet . . .

  17. I didn’t even realize that!

  18. Fredrick Nietzsche

    LAZO is the definition of pasive HE spam.

  19. This thing almost has Zao HP lol

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