World of Warships – Effective, Not Pretty

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In , sometimes being effective isn’t always pretty. But if it helps your team win, that’s all that matters.


  1. I’m first comment please pin me to top, Love your videos please comment below.

  2. Can you make a Pong let’s play, please? I hope your PC can run it. I heard it takes at least a KILOBYTE of RAM.

  3. Great vid!

    Nice to see your replay in WoWs ones more!

    You already know this by now but Please have the next Know your ship
    Be Nevada/Wyoming

    Edit: 9:22 that’s because unlike ships like Atlanta the La Galis has a reload to slow to rely on the Damage from the HE it’s self.

  4. Thank you for farming damage on Sir Lemons. As his clan mate it is my duty to make sure he dies every match.

  5. What grade do you teach?

  6. That box in front of the number 3 turret still annoys the hell out of me. Such a design flaw. Cant possibly have a 360 degree turret like the konigsberg, can you? -.-

  7. You sound refreshed and happy! Cheers bro!

  8. I think the AP change is a good thing. BBs might still not change ammo at the sight of a DD, but at least a DD is not heavily penalized for trying to angle and dodge.

    Currently, even if you know the only ship you will be engaging during the next 60 seconds is a DD, BBs still wont change to HE, because AP overpens and HE Pens dont have a huge difference(N.C.’s 1310 for O.Pen and 1900 for HE Pen, or Bismarck’s 1160 O.Pen and 1467 for HE pen).
    And if you manage an AP Pen, you are far ahead in damage(N.C. 4367, Bismarck 3867).

    With the change, BB’s WILL change, if they know that the only target they will be engaging within the next minute is a DD. Ofc., they will clear their barrels first before switching(because 2 over pens is still better than 0 hits).

  9. Hey iChase could i pester you to go back to some of the old Premiums and do reviews with the new captain skills and upgrades available now please? I bought the Molotov, Atlanta and Indianapolis. All i can find is older reviews and thought a few know your ships episodes on them might be nice. Thanks mate keep up the great work

  10. 🙁 Why? Just don’t for excuse over non-issues.

  11. I feel like every Warships YT needs to address the fact that WG basically gouges their community at literally every corner of the game, even for the sense of the scenarios which dont even reset week to week. So they released new content then stonewalled their community again with anything PVE related.

  12. well you shoot Ap but only get OP is a BUFF for DD survivability and its no Buff for RN becasue tehy mostly have HE loaded so they are no more or less efectiv as they are now. Nothing is more anoying than geting AP pens in a DD just for doing their job and going for caps…….we dont need the equivalent of a cruiser citadel hit by a ship that is suposed to conter BBs (wich it reall dont at the moment)

  13. Nice to hear from you IChase regards

  14. I’ve got my tinfoil hat on. Could all these changes be part of an overall plan to make the players change up the captain builds? For example, BB build is pretty consistent, but now a survivability build and lower fire chance at the tier 4 might be seen as more attractive with the HE BB spam and high fire chances. Case in point as well, make BB AP less effective on DD’s will make the “Expert Loader” skill more attractive? Again, just conspiracy theory stuff lol

  15. Congradulation on ten year of significant unicorn!

  16. The reason I have no reason to use HE on a DD in my BB is the the damage saturation mechanics needs to be rethought. I have a choice between guaranteed AP over pens and the occasional full pen or the chance of having zero damage HE salvos due to damage saturation…. It’s a no brainer. HE needs the rework before anything is done to AP.

  17. Wether or not the DD change forces more ammunition switches or not it makes playing an already pretty punishing class a little less RNG heavy on the punishment side.

  18. Groundbreaking battles just means abusing enemy stupidity. On the other hand, effective battles are educational. Teaches a lot of things. So +1.

  19. Your significant other?…. It’s ok dude, just say boyfriend

  20. La Glass~
    I love La Glass~

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