World of Warships: Elbing – New T10 German Destroyer

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Elbing is the top of the new German destroyer line. She has excellent long range AP with excellent pen and ricochet angles. She feels great in randoms.
The ship was given to me by Wargaming for preview.

0:00 Intro
0:28 Elbing Match
11:55 Elbing Pen
14:16 End Screen
15:32 Captain Skills & Upgrades
17:00 My Thoughts on Elbing
17:33 Outro

World of Warships footage of the new tier 10 German destroyer Elbing.


  1. So, it’s a light cruiser that identify as a destroyer

    • Quoting Elvis a bit here:
      “Talks like a DD,
      walks like a DD,
      but –
      it’s a cruiser is disquise!”😅

    • How can a DD citadel a BB a cruiser with higher caliber guns can’t?

    • @USS_FITZPATRICK which cruiser may you be speaking of? Cause most BBs except ones with turtleback of course can be citadelled by some smaller caliber guns if you are, 1: close enough and 2: have the velocity/angle to hit the citadel effectively

    • @USS_FITZPATRICK Bear in mind he is shooing the BB at POINT BLANK RANGE with those guns. As for why, i don’t know ballistics of the shell?

    • @USS_FITZPATRICK its maybe Venezia which cannot i am not sure. Zao, Des Moines, Henri, Moskva, even maybe Nevski can

  2. You can only citadel these battleships at less than 1 km range!

    • Can you compare this to the Kleber please UwU

    • I mean. Its not like destroyers can come with in 1km of BB’s with basically pure impunity for awhile. Secondary nerf, and making DD’s take less than full pen damage means that they can come knock on the door with out being afraid of too much.

    • Still that is insane

    • I WOULD HOPE SO! Those are only 150mms after all. Still that is hilarious, cus if you get that close im pretty sure BBs cant lower their guns enough to shoot you ether.

    • For the love of god, as a German, stop calling it the Elblong, You pronounced it correctly as Elbing the first time. I cringed every time, but I’m also a grammar-nazi, sooo….

  3. If she has a heal, she just gonna put AP light-cruiser to retirement

    • That’s where the special German commander comes into play – spot 3 ships and get +3000 hp!

    • @Aerroon Kinna scare now, because i don’t want to see a 30k HP DD regen infront of me while i’m on a DD😅

    • @JB Dang considering this ship is an AP specialist with poor HE, just show broadside and you should be fine. the HE DPM is too bad and the AP pen is too great it will just overpen you can comfortably beat it if you have a gunboat DD. The coming Druid would just completely murder it.
      Just don’t show broadside to it on a Khaba, that is suicide.

  4. The Elbing is proving to be a somewhat of an interesting ship but its a pain to grind that line unless you have free XP to spare, also it’s not the size of the dog in the fight it’s the size of the fight in the dog

  5. Somehow, Zao is being powercrept by a DD. My poor Zao…

  6. Patrick Radcliffe

    The German version of the Zumwalt.

  7. So. Have I understood this correctly?
    the Germans build DDs that are small cruisers, cruisers that are pocket battleship, and battleships that are actually just oversized torpedo-boats!😂

    • Historically that’s kinda what happened. German strategy to fight British ships is simply just to outweigh them

    • by outweighing you mean fighting one weight class lower than you should’ve?

    • Not quite, early German DD’s were normal well balanced destroyers, but later they build destroyers with “light cruiser” calibre 15cm, and they were quite good too. Deutschland-class is not cruisers, they are Panzerschiff or Ironclad, but later reclassified as heavy cruiser. The battleships with torpedoes was an archaic, but really good choice without sacrificing anything, and were generally well armed with good seaworthiness.

  8. If you could describe this ship in 1 word what would it be?

    Mine: “Bruh”

  9. Purple Speckled Apple Eater

    I realize some WWII ships in real life were called one thing and in reality just beastly and intentionally designed to outgun other ships of their class among other things*, but we need bigger maps or something if the ship classes in game continue to get as grey and blurred as they were in real life. Most video games have a class system, but ships classes in real life was like “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!”. Unless you were British, then it was life “you’ve been colonized. Ta-ta.”

  10. WHO told him it’s pronounced elblong? It’s elbing. i as in infant

    • Technically the city of Elbing was given to Poland after the war. Now the city is pronounced like that

    • @Ibnu Right. Ok fair enough. But ww2 german ship cmon 😉

    • @Corvus Corax that ship have never existed , is just wg immagination , but namig it after Polish city is just a move for all those nazi sypatizers in germany …
      (BTW if we are calling ships after places that one time in history belonged to countries , so moskwa & smolensk should be in Polish tech tree)

    • @Reksio Hundson I was talking something much different, but if all you can see is nazis everywhere that says more about you than anything else..

    • @Corvus Corax Ok who play wows ? , 99% guys , what are playing with ? , with war machines ! , and majority of “german” ships that are in the game are nazi war machines Bismark, Tirpitz , Graf Zepplin where build with adolf blessing , and dont bullshit me that all germans are ok with Poland annexation of eastern lands , cause there are some nazi sympetizers that want world to belive that nazis where some mythical creature that appered from nowhere started war , and germans are ww2 victims , german whitewashing history that is and FACT , and WG play with that they introduce Pommren or Elbing so all those closeted nazis could make their dirty nazi dreams virual reality , but in reality Pommren in Pomorze and Elbing is Elblag that is Polish land , and nazis need to accept it , or Poland will kick their nazi asses again.

  11. Elbing penetration is equal to that of charles martel 203 1934 guns. ibuki guns are way way outdated at t9 it needs the possibility to upgrade to use the zao guns.

  12. The question is not “why would you play Ibuki rather than Elbing?”… the true question is: “Why would you play Ibuki at all?”

    • Because that leads to Zao. But Ibuki is also good, at least i like her. With double rudder mod its agile af

  13. Aerroon: “I feel that destroyers are slowly replacing cruisers…”

    That’s what happened post WW2. With the advent of guided missiles and advanced radar systems, destroyers filled the role of cruisers while frigates took on more of the scout role of the WW2 era destroyer. Now modern destroyers are some of the most powerful and versatile naval weapon platforms on the earth with the role of anti-submarine, anti-ship and anti-aircraft all in one ship.

    • So destroyers are replacing cruisers, CVs ruin fun for everyone, we’re going to get submarines eventually and BBs are left behind… At this point I expect WG to rework WoWs and transform it into a post WWII ships wargame lol

    • @Paul The Bored It’s coming to that because they’re painting themselves into an historical corner by introducing later ships and tech.
      I remember when destroyers absolutely dominated the game. They were the CV of their time with “torp cancer” boats like Shima. Then radar was introduced and all destroyer players yelled it was the end of the world. Then the fast shooting cruisers improved on what Atlanta had introduced and BB players yelled it was the end of the game. Then the CV rework happened and all players yelled it was the end of the game. Then hybrids are introduced and players…. you get my point. lol

  14. Me : Battleship Detroyers what the hell is he talking about
    Him shooting and citadel a BB
    Me : oooh ok right….

  15. at 0:16 I feel like the Gladiator “ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED” Meme fits so well lol

  16. Kiều Đức Anh

    When you realize Elbing historically is a ‘Torpedo Boat’

  17. “She was given to me by war gaming for a preview.”
    “But they are going to take it back”
    I can sense the anger in this second part!

  18. as a German, i can tell you, how you pronounced it first was perfectly right.

  19. Aerroon: “It kinda feels like destroyers are slowly replacing cruiser..”
    Well, DDs are replacing cruisers so do CAs are slowly replacing BBs and BBs slowly replacing CVs xD

    • Just wait for the subs to come out. Once wargaming releases the i400, then cv’s will be subs, and subs will be torp boats

  20. “She’s playing me like a fiddle here”

    _Laughs in Kazuhira_

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