World of Warships: Elbing Superb AP

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Elbing has superb AP. It’s such a joy to use. The accuracy is also incredible!
Sorry about my Elbing pronunciation complaints.

0:00 Elbing Match
18:52 End Screen
20:06 Captain Skills & Upgrades
20:47 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 German destroyer Elbing.


  1. My pronunciation complaints are in jest.
    Don’t actually take em seriously.

    • don’t forget the soviet ships pronunciation
      Smaliensk, Petrapavlovsk, Habaravsk, Grozavoi, Krieml, Maskva, Nievsky, Tashkient, etc.

    • @Sirsirsir1234 I think Königsberg is perfectly fine.

    • well the city was founded by the teutonic order as elbing
      also it would be quite ironic if a fascist regime would name a ship in a language of inferior humans

    • The name of the ship is pronounced Elbing, not Elbląg. The City of Elbing was german at the time and is still called Elbing in german. Going with this logic, the Königsberg should be called Kaliningrad, not to mention all the other soviet ships.

  2. We need to enjoy this ship while we can, there will be huge nerfs come next update.
    You not shooting the Halland is killing me. At those ranges the Elbing can consistently do 1200 to 2000 damage per salvo on a DD and if that DD is doing evasive some of those overpens will turn into pens. On the thicker DDs, Harugemos, Gearings and Khab you can get the damage all the way up to 6k.

    • May I ask what is the incoming nerf might be?

    • @Schützen – More of a gut feeling plus experience. It’s german and it performs well are really the only indicators you need. Most likely it’ll be a combination of reload, detection, penetration, air drag/shellspeed nerf or even all at once.

    • Maybe not.. german or not, the recent trend is to make tier 10s something you want to rush towards, so you’d be inclined to spend money.. but.. idk, could be nerfs but for the average player, flanking and using ap is already hard enough.

  3. Oliwier Loojenga

    Elbląg <3

  4. damn, those AP volleys are terrifying…. especially to cruisers

    • There are CLs that are made to be DD hunters, there are DDs that are made to be DD hunters. And then there’s this line of DDs that take massive dumps on both CLs and CAs.

  5. Yeah but when is Akagi gonna be a thing

  6. What a time to be alive when a DD can deal 16k in a salvo against a cruiser

    • @Michael D. Uchiha90 I may have been that cruiser, I was super pissed.

    • @Michael D. Uchiha90 that’s disgusting

    • Sounds pretty accurate

    • Arman Sagmanligil

      @Demose Aries I mean, you’re hardly wrong. BBs in WoWs are something of an anacronism, since the invention of the CV, and later the anti-ship missle, meant that their massive guns weren’t really that useful anymore, since a similar explosvie can be sent further at less risk. but hey, they’re a fun anacronism, and i think we can all agree that world of crusers, dds and Cvs would be more boring

    • @Arman Sagmanligil true, especialy within modern tech, most 150mm guns nowadays are automated, can hit a target as small as a nickle at 6km.. and can fire 90 rounds a min of supersonic ultra high penetrating rounds..

  7. 5:50 im pretty sure you can arm AP on the gearing tho. At least Z-52 can

    • I think if flat broadsided not, but most DDs angle when fighting to lower their profile, than with the improved pen angles totally.

    • I wonder how much damage the Elbing could do the the gearing, I mean the maximum damage I did to the Gearing in my Z-52 was 5k 1 salvo and the alpha is 3000 compare to the Elbing 3800

    • @Schützen – I fought a couple of DDs with Elbing so far, I got a 7k+ hit on a Gearing once 🙂 Never angle against Elbing as a DD, it will absolutely murder you 😀

    • @SaiyajinOG true, slightly angle will arm the AP shell even on slim DD like the IJN one, I haven’t got the Elbing yet but I have done 4,5k to a shima with AP

    • @Schützen – Yup, that’s a lot of damage for any DD. Gearing especially has a chunky broadside, so AP works even better 😉 I also slapped a Harugumo for 8k once….Who would have thought that this wip meme ship would become such a monster 😀 Elbing has a really special playstyle, but god damn it is so much fun to play. I had a lot of fun playing Schultz, so I already had 250k XP on it when Elbing was released^^. If you like playing Schultz and are comfortable with the playstyle, you will absolutely love Elbing 😉

  8. Hindy playing as US cruiser, Jesus, these players makes me eye cancer

  9. I never thought I’d see the day when DDs do more damage with AP than BBs

  10. Wow that thumbnail. I didn’t realize Elbing was as big as, what looks likeColorado.

  11. I’m from France and I love you’re accent and how you say Cowber (Colbert), Bowghonia, Republyk, Rychouliu, Marsaw (Marceau)

  12. Elbing is probably the forerunner of today’s frigates and destroyers which are relatively thin armor and cheap but large

  13. yep, showing broadside to an Elbing is pretty much the same as showing broadside to a Stalingrad.

  14. Heartbreaking

  15. “In Poland they don’t speak German”

    Well, that’s not for the lack of German effort at least.

  16. Damn fine carry sir – even in a loss

  17. I’ve taken an extended break from the game, but I liked the concept of this line from the start! I was worried about execution, but I’ve actually enjoyed playing the 7-9 and def the elbing! There is a challenge to making them work that is very engaging for me. Yes, strong against unaware cruisers, but I eat these DDs alive in any of my DD hunting destroyers! One of the handful of lines wg seemed to balance well(in my opinion)

  18. Actually the ammo is made of tungsten. It makes since considering Germany’s lack of tungsten during the war. Don’t question it

  19. This thing is scary.
    I remember first times we heard about i was very sceptical and thought it would be a pain to play.
    Irl it’s the exact opposite, it’s the new serial killer around here.
    Recently I was in a gearing, leaving the cap in early game after DM dropped his radar.
    There was a mino unspotted, the DM, and the Elbing.
    DM got the time to drop 2 salvos on me after he left the island cover and got 1 fire but few dmg.
    Mino did 3-4 salvos and I dodged most of the shells I guess (mino was first to open fire on me).
    And Elbing got overall 1 salvo on me from my back, all full pens, taking half my hp, destroying permanently 1 of my tubes, and dmging my rudder… all in one salvo!
    And he was at 10.5-11km roughly.
    Damn !
    This ship create PTSD like none other 😱😱😱
    Smolensk when he came out feels now gentle in comparison ! Lol
    I don’t have started grinding new ger dd line yet, but that’s definitely the next thing I do.
    Elbing is a must have now.
    GG btw, nice game 👌

  20. Best part, you can BLAP the CRAP out of Smolensk with that bad girl. Revenge of the Krigsmarine indeed.

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