World of Warships – Elite Climax

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Small squad of solid players keep the team in the fight, game goes down to the very last seconds. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier IX Replay


  1. Depressing reading all the idiot comments about “camping”.
    If you hold 2 caps and a point advantage, “camping” (or, more accurately, defending the caps and not feeding yourself to the enemy like a moron) is the correct, smart play.
    Mind you, the majority who play are neither smart nor have much of a clue about what’s “correct” for their ship v enemy under different circumstances.
    The Baltimore played it smart. Assisted DD capping C, preserved life not giving Amagi clear shots, took position behind the island while allowing fire, then advanced to take back B. If that’s not good play for that ship in that situation I don’t know what is.
    How about the enemy DM? Sat back doing lord knows what then went full retard and lost to a 1/4 health ship of the same type 1 tier lower. How the fk do you manage that in a DM?
    THAT’s why they lost.
    That and the fact the friendly CV carried hard.

    • Spot on analysis as always Steeltrap.

    • Hi again. You stalking me? 😀
      Thanks for the endorsement.
      How’d you do in that battle? Wasn’t sure what you meant about the PM.

    • that’s the thing, have 2 caps have the advantage don’t need to rush up like a idiot

      things like this most players failed to see and they say why you camp all that bla bla bla

      have the advantage protect it, let the enemy come and pick them off

    • this is why i lose some easy games in randoms… teams get the advantage and give it up by yoloing.

    • muwahaha! No, Notser is one I’m subscribed too. What I meant is I’m on NA now. Everything I had on SEA/Asia is there too. That’s what I meant about PMing me through the site. I can tell how I did that. 🙂

  2. Notser spent a lot of time pointing out that the Shima sent all his torps at once and how this was a bad play, but didn’t notice that the ship was about to die and this was probably a last gasp.

    • He probably noticed that too, he just wanted to shit talk another player

    • That was definitely an obvious “oh shit I’m about to die, launch everything” moment. Guessing Notser made the commentary while watching a preview window that is so small he may not even have noticed the shim died RIGHT as he was talking about needing to save torps.

  3. Here is a GOOD example that CV do not dominate the game even if you are a good player Like Fem .. removing CV from second Season CLAN WARS is a mistake ..No CLan will put a newb CV player in there team

    • no Good luck and the enemy team made bad mistakes at the end that is what cost the game …they ruled at the start even with losing the cv …NO CV player will go in with Strike in Clans thats just dumb you need to have air sup and you can to that if you are outnumbered with fighters

    • I think the “no clan will play a newb CV” is part of the problem. If CVs were permitted presumably you’d have to have mirror matchmaking which would effectively mean there were 2 separate Clan Wars running – with CV and without.

    • +Nigel
      The issue that nobody wants to address is that, rightly or otherwise, many people see CVs in the same way arty was seen in WoT. There are a LOT of people who are happy never to see one and I suspect WG knows if they presented an option to have “no CV” matchmaking you’d end up with a load of CVs waiting in one queue while the vast majority of players played in the other (which is why they didn’t do it in WoT, and arty is far more obnoxious than CVs IMO).
      I remember commenting in Alpha that I wished WG had done WoWS covering the period ~1900 – 1934 as there were far more ships in far more navies and the issue of how to shoehorn an entirely different set of mechanics (i.e. aircraft controls, attacks with aircraft, rearming aircraft, aircraft spotting and AA fire to list a few) would not have arisen.
      For all their claims of 2017 being “the year of the CV”, it seems to me WG is no closer to solving the problems they brought upon themselves. It’s unfair for CV players in particular; if WG is going to allow/encourage people to play them then they need to fix them. I’m not at all convinced they know how to do that, nor am I convinced that the majority of players care if CVs are never fixed provided they never need to deal with CVs.

    • its kinda how it is and random anyway so it will make no difference and like you said separate clans war will it matter to allow cv or not NO… it is the same ether way ,the difference isthe cv player gets to play and is not benched .. most cv player play only cv because they suck at BB dd and ca or they can be a better asset for the team as a cv or is plainly to boring for them

    • there are only 3 problems in cv play ..IMO
      1 learning curve from 4 to 6 is to hi most give at six they relies CV is not easy because they suddenly lose all their planes one go due to strafing incentive to play cv besides having a cv it self
      3.the UI needs work .

      the rest is fine i use to bitch alot about AA now i am ok with it ..i made me a better cv player . iam lucky to have started cv before they removed alt fire on t 4 and 5 …they should can keep t 4 on auto ..give t 5 strafing ..t 6 manual DB drop and all cv only one torp squad even IJN and keep t 7 and UP as is …they can give the Ranger 2 squids but weaker fighters it is easy to snipe

  4. Was nice to see this match from another perspective, it was a really close one, the ram the Balti took at end end easily won the game.

    Unfortunately I was stricken with fps/ping dump the entire duration of this game 🙁

  5. Enemy CV is quite an idiot

  6. -We have Feme

    Zoup had Feme.

    Feme is everywhere.

  7. I hate people that just hide.. He should have used Radr and should have attacked the DDs. That is the cruisers job

  8. I died in a Notser vid. How embarrassing. Oh well though, Witherer wasn’t enough to save the game or save my DD divmate. THANK YOU BASED FEM. 😛

  9. you touched on one of the CV issues due to the dominance and scarcity of CV’s in game especially in the top tiers. When they show up they dominate as most players will not speculate on a AA build and or AA consumables and/or flags in a random game as cv’s are so in frequent, this causes when they show up to have an unfair advantage on the unsuspecting or under prepared teams. Again WG could have solved this by at least allowing those ships that have it to pic an “AA” consumable instead during the match count down if CV’s are present in game, and allow CV’s to switch their plane load outs. Instead they forced set load outs on the USN CV’s, This did not solve anything….

  10. really a bad play imho, he made it look like he pays radar by the use!

  11. bloody enemy balti moron…comes with bright side from left???- full hp advantage and take usless AP rounds. WTF, this Tier IX Captain without logic at the end. Back to Tier III pls:-)

  12. This was the 2nd replay within a couple of days, where I found the player’s style of gameplay so passively annoying that I could barely finish the video. The lack of radar use, the half-hearted effort dealing with close proximity destroyers, the time spent with loaded guns while targets were available to shoot, the several seconds of delay firing when a target did appear, the hiding behind islands bullshit, is all an example of how not to play the game. Sorry to be so negative but I want you to have the feedback for your channel. The thumbs up is for Notser’s time and effort, not this replay and substandard gameplay.

    • I was with you until the “hiding behind islands bullshit.” That’s what US CA do… And I can see why he held his fire early in the match, he was quite low, and fully broadside to a battleship. The lack of radar really did annoy me though. His fletcher could have killed the DD he was fighting if he wasn’t so selfish with the radar.

  13. im not creative enough to put a name

    Notser, i think that des moines tries to destroy the guns of baltimore since krupp steel of des moines is strong enough to break the guns

    But oh well he tried

  14. Please, stop saying that there is people out there that are much better than the average player. I’ve seen Super Unicum players have terrible games because RNG wasn’t giving them anything. Without a good team, you aren’t going to be able to win a match all by yourself. Tournaments in this game are simply retarded. RNG is too important in this game.

  15. I like your narration. You’re simply a “Bob Ross” of Warships 🙂

  16. This Baltimore gameplay gave me cancer. Totally useless for 5 minutes behind a rock back and forth dealing zero damage… Honestly I don’t want these kind of players in my team.

  17. This isn’t very well played by the Baltimore. Inactivity, slow to react, losing valuable DPM, poor reaction to the CV torp attack (why turn in?! don’t change your turn!)…eeeh. Just not great. Enemy CV was a moron, the flank the Balti was on was basically empty…

  18. 3:30 Once I played Shima in CB and I deleted a full life Yamato with one Torpedo salvo ~~ But shima is too inconsistent

  19. He could have easily go 1v2 against the amagi and the CV. Position in Midgame was kinda boring and not using the radar is a waste of resources. The enemy team won the game for them. Really boring to watch and nothing special at all.

  20. I love these cv games

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