World of Warships – Elite Commander XP

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Quick little video to help anyone who will be getting Elite Commander XP for the first time with 7.5 or anyone looking for some times. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time! – Discord


  1. first. Never got to be first before

  2. Couldnt you just put your commander in reserve just before the patch to keep him assigned after the patch?

    • Jadu Nandana Das

      no because the update is just gonna see Oh, a x pt Capt is trained on the t6 usn cruiser… hes staying on t6 usn cruiser, whether or not he is assigned. thats if i understand correctly.

  3. ArmchairWarrior

    AAAANnnnnddd when all your captains are 19 point, the rich get richer….muhahahahaha…ahahahaha…*cough*…ahahaha

  4. What happens to a commander trained in the Cleveland, but is not in the Cleveland? I have a low ranked putz, in my Cleveland while my higher skilled captain is in the barracks.Will the one in the barracks stay trained in the Cleveland?

    • blk jet I think if his specialization is Cleveland then it will change to the pepsi even if he’s not in the ship at the time of change.

  5. I needed that video two weeks ago! 🙁

  6. I’m not happy with this solution. In the past, WG gave free or reduced CC retraining and skill redistribution. I would prefer that because I want to move/resilient my current Baltimore skipper around as well.

  7. Thank you so much, Notser. This really helps.

  8. Stephen Stockwell

    Great video, thanks. Also in the future maybe (if you haven’t already) make a video outlining how to use your premium ships to level up your commanders and the dynamics of that because, to be honest it’s a little confusing for me and maybe some tips would help the community out. No rush, obviously, I know your a busy guy. However we or least I appreciate all you do for the community. ??.

    • 1. Take commander you want to level up.
      2. Put the commander on the premium ship.
      3. Play battle in premium ship.
      4. Win battle.
      5. Profit exp. points for the commander.
      6. Repeat points 3-5 until you are satisfied.
      7. Put the commander back on the origin ship.

    • Stephen Stockwell wow If You dont unterstand this You are rly a 44% moron and pls delet the game

    • How is it confusing? You take your captain, put it in a premium and play… thats it. When satisfied, you return him to his ship of specialisation.

  9. do you need to do the mission on a cleveland?

  10. I thought you weren’t buying the new commanders I see you have George and John Doe

    • I’m going to make some videos on the commanders to see if they have any legit use

    • Aren’t they exactly the same as the ones you can get from the missions, just with different names? So it just lets the people who couldn’t/didn’t want to do the missions get them for money instead, and people who want a second copy for another ship can buy one.

  11. Question. I have a Cleveland tier VI atm. What will happen to it after the update?

    • As far as I know, you will get tier 6 pensacola from heavy cruiser line and tier 8 columbia (=cleveland) from light cruiser line. Also, tier 7 heavy cruiser new orleans will be researched if you have already researched the pensacola at tier 7.

  12. the space and the dunkirk events accrued elite xp,

  13. LOL i have identical commanders in both my cleveland and my pensacola 🙂

  14. When is 7.5

  15. Notser, honestly, this was a utterly pointless video

  16. I know this is not related with the video but I need some1 to answer my this plss :((

    Right now Im playing with the New Orleans but Im curius about what is going to happend with my XP if I cant unlock Baltimore in the next patch 1.5 ? I should continue playing with New Orleans or it is a waste of time?

  17. ill save the xp and wait for a clan battles free skill reset…most cost effective 🙂
    especially on ships that i rarely play…

  18. Elite commander exp counter: 16

  19. You might want to note that the 190K EXP reward is the exact amount needed to re-spec a 19pt commander. Basically WG is giving us a free captain rebuild without actually making it “free”, and of course, the nice thing is we’re able to spend that EXP any way we want.

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