World of Warships – Emerald is bad they said

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Emerald is a tier 5 british light cruiser, which I personally consider to be okey.

I heard a lot of bad thing about this ship but I find it quite decent.

It has the traits of british light cruisers that can work quite nicely if played properly. It also has the bad onces, like getting once shotted if giving broadside etc but there’s always RNG xD

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Well, to be fair, compared to other cruisers of the tier….
    Just because your sword is a few inches shorter, doesn’t mean you won’t kick the ass of anyone that doesn’t know how to sword fight in the first place.

  2. Emerald was and is awesome, i’ve pulled of some impressive stuff in the Emerald simply bcs no one expected me to do much.

  3. Its not completely bad but requires more skill to do well since having only AP isnt very good when up tiered, since i always end up in T7 games in it and the AP mostly bounces unless i aim for the super structure.

  4. Think you show cased the new US BB line quite well; “This New York has been charging us for the last 7 minutes and I don’t feel he’s getting any closer”. Could apply to all of them for sure 🙂

  5. I found Emerald to be… interesting, and even fun at close to medium ranges. That torpedo stopping power is seriously nothing to scoff at. But the guns, for me, are just far too anemic; calibre, shell type, and especially arrangement. Was sick of shattering everything and getting citadelled in return.

    • @Aditya Tomar Thats the best comment I have seen in a while xD

    • Against anything with the decent army you simply have to go superstructure. at decent ranges it is still perfectly capable of citadeling other white cruisers. I found my key to survival being to pretend I’m a destroyer but with the citadel. Don’t get seen to the greatest extent possible. Stand up battles usually don’t end very well for you unless they have more important stuff to shoot at.

    • @Aditya Tomar I’m sure you’ve used this one before

    • @Leonidas Daemon No suprisingly I haven’t

    • @Aditya Tomar haha was well on point

  6. My favorite ship is Leander, me and my two friends once pushed an entire flank of t8 ships with just a torp dd and 2 leaders, we 3 against 7 enemies… We all did over 130k dmg and had 8 kills in the ens

  7. Emerald Just Handles More Like a Destroyer

  8. Emerald is all fun and games until you meet someone on the enemy team who is doing a citadel directive… Even a noob can land citadels on Emerald, all it takes is for RNG to take a shit on you. However, it did prove to be a learning experience on how to play glass cannon cruisers. All the punishment received in Emerald thought me how to play Edinburgh and Neptune, which feel like uptiered Emeralds with better guns and torps

  9. “This New York has been charging us for the last 7 minutes and I don’t feel he’s getting any closer”. reminded me of the Monty Python film, “The Holy Grail” scene where Sir Galahad charges a castle alone. He is watched by 2 guards at the door for a min as he is observed not getting any closer, then suddenly blam he is on them.

  10. It’s still bad, you just got lucky that the CV didn’t delete you in those two AP bomb drops, and that the BBs didn’t pay any attention to you.

  11. as the person playing the Weser in that match, i will take him getting frustrated with me as a compliment. love how trying to protect my teams cap is “toxic”

    • @NormusDiabolus Also, on top of this, Crystal was detected multiple times and *FIRED ON* at multiple times.

      “Zero risk”? Sure mate. Sure.

    • ​@Gareth Fairclough “AA is only useless against carrier players who don’t know what they’re doing.” That sentence doesn’t make any sense…
      Never did I state that her plays or decision making were bad, please show me quote where I made that statement. No border hugging, using islands as cover. The decision-making was sound and good.. I simply stated that CVs are toxic for the game.
      Please tell me what risk did she take with bombing him at 06:40? Or with the Cap reset at 09:45? The Emerald got a AA DPs for 126 with 1 flak puff.. with the full AA aura only working at 2.5km range. The Fuso doesn’t bring much more to the table AA wise. Again, my statement was that we don’t really have to talk about the AA at these tiers. In addition, the first time she got shoot at was at 10:40. That match was already as good as over at that moment with 8vs4 and a HP disadvantage.

      If you want to have a proper discussion bring facts that matter, no feelings or insults.. I care about neither.
      However, it seems like you don’t have a brain that could be nerfed. See? I can throw around insults too, yay.

    • @NormusDiabolus Ok, that was a typo. Thanks for pointing that out. What I meant was “AA is only useless against people who *DO* know what they are doing.” I guess I had multiple things in my head at the same time, there.

      But please, go straight for the straw man. Also, nice edit on your original comment to remove all the crap you now deny existed! 😉

    • @Notsofamous one i didn’t even know what his ingame name is and i never even watch his streams too. been grinning all day now haha

    • ​@Gareth Fairclough My original post is unedited, unlike yours… i only edited my 2nd post to fix a typo.
      For me to go for a strawmen you would need to have to bring some arguments or facts to this “discussion”. Which you don’t do.
      And again, yes if you don’t evade flak puffs you may lose some planes. But as I stated, the Emerald has one whole flak puff. So whats there to evade?
      Iam still waiting for you to bring some arguments, but it seems like iam talking whit someone who is unable to bring argument to a discussion.

  12. I loved the Emerald when I first got her, for T5 crs she is pretty good generally speaking. These days I also have the Atago which has a similar torp setup to the Emerald and she is a blast when I’m having a good day on WoW.

  13. 20Y4I KU SHANG CHU

    Hold up. Dreadnought achievement. IN AN EMERALD. i mean she has a heal but still. wow

  14. Is it me or is Flambass becoming more and more dark in his thoughts and his commentary.

  15. Emerald is one of t
    my best ships everyone underestimates the guns and she has decent torps. Literally ambushed a kongo at close range he overpen me but sinks soon after from the torp wall

  16. His face when he get shot blind and it’s a one shell citadel lmao

  17. Emerald becomes OP when you run Expert Loader on it.

  18. “Damn the torpedoes, Full Speed Ahead!” how engineers adjust the equipment to restrain vainglorious captains…….USA battleships before WW2

  19. if you want a challenge, play in Duca de Osta, try to reach 100k in damage.

  20. CoconutProductions95

    I for my part did like this ship as well, but it is not like the Fiji.

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