World of Warships – Emile Bertin Wall of Medals

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on New Dawn by Marty heads out to support his division mate at B point. The enemy team sets up near A point, Marty gets into some fortunate positions against a couple enemy ships. A couple torpedoes and a little luck leads to some great damage for Marty. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier V Emile Bertin Replay


  1. My life is complete

  2. I NEVER get bb’s that stupid when I play my dd’s…. great game

  3. MelancholicThug

    Emile reaches 41 kts with the flag now. In a cruiser. At tier 5. It’s hilarious.

  4. nice match 😉
    This ship is a DD´s worst nightmare now, with 41knots^^ no runing away there^^
    They making this game more and more unbalanced twoards DD´s.

    Same ship (but 41knots) Just got 122k dmg, 6 kills, 1400 base xp in a defeat, first on the other team got 1420 base xp^^
    People just dont realize how fast this ship is. 😛

  5. RE: replays, can you also stipulate no mouse scrollers please? thank you from the WG community

  6. Liquid of the sea. Water?

  7. SkalarwellenReiter

    how do I get his crosshair?

  8. it may be a good name fir a new medal

  9. Maciej Naumienko

    cool game on such a fragile ship

  10. Damn good ship…now the Tier 6, that’s a whole different kettle of detonations…

  11. This was a fun match to watch…thanks for sharing.

  12. my Konig deleted an Emile while he was coming bow on to me @ 7 km, 8 regular penetration hits no citadel, bye bye

  13. Credit to him for taking the long torpedo shots on two players who put out single fires. I’ve never seen that before.

  14. yeah but Marty didn’t turn Pink so this battle was a EPIC FAIL

  15. Meanwhile i play the Emile Bertin, get shot at 15km away , angle and get deleted in one or two salvos…..

  16. Hey Notser I am recovering from surgery currently and I want to thank you for entertaining me with your videos.

  17. That was a great battle!

  18. I used to get 2 Liquidators in the Ryuujou 😀

  19. Is your video deliberately 13:37 long, or coincidence?

  20. First spamming Reddit with bad puns, now spamming chat with medals! Go back to your future, Marty!

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