World of Warships: Emile Ignored

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A bizarre match from a stream, where my Emile gets mostly ignored by the enemy team.

World of Warships footage of the 5 French cruiser .


  1. I loke those stream highlights ^^

  2. i think this immediate commentary is more fun than post production.

  3. I’d like both types, because I can’t watch your stream and I really like your strategy talk too.

  4. I just can’t understand why no one was firing at you, every time I use this ship I feel like the whole team focus fires me because they know it has zero armor.

  5. Hey Aerroon! Yeah these types of videos are great! I don’t always get to watch your stream so being able to watch clips like this are fun! Keep it up man!

  6. Aerroon’s commentary always makes me think he’s one of the more self aware people in the world.

  7. there was nothing special about this vid.. Dont like it

  8. The best games are when I get ignored.

  9. how do you save the game?and upload to youtube?

  10. When aerroon just wants to be noticed…

  11. All I have to say is P.O.I

  12. They heard the original Roon was coming and ran away

  13. Good video. Wish I had that kind of luck when no one shoots at you.

  14. Yes, I do like and please continue………..

  15. According to Google Translation, it is pronounced “ae-mill ber-ton”.

  16. They are very nice mate. keep it ?. Cheers!

  17. you know what ship I hate?


  18. The so called AFK Graf Spee was a bot, he launched torps at you at the last minute and didn’t move a tiny bit.

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