World of Warships – Enabling Your Replays

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Enabling In of Warships

I had intended to duplicate the full instructions here in the video description but YouTube doesn’t like the type of bracket symbol you need to use here, however the full instructions are available at the link above.

Or you can install Aslains’ Mod Pack which does it all for you, I don’t use this mod pack myself, so I can NOT comment on its reliability, but Aslains’ mods are usually good.

Replay controls:
‘PageUp’ & ‘PageDown’ for playback control
‘Home’ for normal
‘End’ for pause
‘LMB’ for toggling camera direction between ‘free’ and ‘recorded’. When in this mode you can activate a roaming cam with ‘Ctrl+R+Shift+Backspace’. Pan camera with arrow keys, zoom with scroll wheel.

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System Specs: Core i7 4820-K 3.7Ghz i7 CPU, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 3GB nVidia GTX780 Ti GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. Norton really jingles.

  2. I’ve had a couple of games I wish i caught on replays, including 1 in
    Warspite that absolutely deserves to go up on “The good, the bad, and the
    ugly”.. in the “Bad and the ugly” section… picture this, me in a (Badly
    beaten up) Warspite with an Atlanta heading back to our cap to reset it and
    defend our carrier against an enemy Warspite, Atlanta, and Phoenix that are
    steaming around the headland, in the enemy cap circle is a friendly
    Murmansk class cruiser… We (Me, the Atlanta with me and the Carrier)
    rough up the 2 cruisers and the Warspite but we fail to sink them, the
    Murmansk cruiser then proceeds to sail OUT of the cap circle (@ 91/100
    cap!), proceed down the narrow strait towards the Warspite on nearly full
    health and the nearly dead Atlanta and Phoenix “because he wants to kill
    them”… Oh. my. fucking. god. Did me and the Atlanta driver rage at
    him…. I admit, I was a douche in chat, but all he had to do to win the
    game was stay in the fucking cap circle…

    The biggest problem with multiplayer gaming, is the other players -.-

  3. I enabled this a few days ago… how do we send you replays Jingles?

  4. Really jingles? A wow video?

  5. The prefs files wasn’t where you stated it would be.
    It was sitting in the RES folder.
    I have made a copy of it in the root folder now.
    It still might work.

  6. 3:29 someone touched her belly….

  7. How can I send you replays?

  8. outstanding, thank you!

  9. I use Aslain’s pack, but checking the “Enable Replays” checkbox did nothing
    for me, so i had to do it manually in the xml file myself a while ago.

  10. I had already done this my self via a Google Search, I also worked out that
    instead of pressing Alt all the time to get that little bit of extra info,
    you can change a setting to have it on all the time by default. Look for
    the line that says “” and change False to True, save and
    start the game and bingo alt info on all the time :)

  11. I had an amazing game where I managed to survive with 2-300 health and with
    a teammate in similar co edition, successfully win. Was cool, didn’t have
    recording on…….

  12. jingles you the man

  13. Thank you Sir! You can change altitude in “Free mode”
    (Ctrl+R+R-Sift+Back) with numpad 7 and 8.

  14. just use Nvidia shadow play function in there Geforce experience program ??
    just press alt and F9 (or something) records perfectly ??

  15. Hi Jingles, you can actually enter freecam in the battle just follow these

    Right Ctrl, Shift and Backspace to enter freecam. Numpad arrows to move
    camera, 7&9 move camera up

  16. You’re awesome

  17. Thank you Jingles. Too bad I didn’t see the video yesterday. Had 1500xp in
    the Sampson. 1 Battleship, 1 Cruiser and 2 Destroyers sunk with Torpedoes.

  18. Ole Emil Lindkilde

    hey jingles. Can we se the mighty boo sometime?

  19. Is it just me, or do the comments get more incoherent, illogical and
    random, the more “educational” the video is?
    Almost like a lot of the subbers have a set amount of brain cells at
    disposal, and if there’s too much info, it shuts down bodily functions and
    creative thinking.
    Kinda like me in the morning before I get my coffee.

  20. Ty jingles ❤️

  21. Can anyone recommend a software to play the replays on? Window Media
    player/centre doesn’t work

  22. It’s a shame I don’t like this game, it sucks bum chum.

  23. Jingles Did you realise Naval Action has gone open world?

  24. Can you also maybe give us some help with playing American Destroyers? I’m
    still not entirely sure how to play them; I mean it’s not like Japanese
    Destroyers, where you can just sit in the back and lob torpedoes long range
    without any threat to you. So far I’m just using my guns, staying out of
    visual-range, and only throwing torpedoes down around corners when I know
    something is gonna come by. Still don’t do much of anything, and usually
    die. :c

    • +Kiju Axel Watch his review on the Samson class destroyer… that TELLS you
      how to play American destroyers, all american destroyers are the same
      thing… either stay at stupid range and shoot them to death with your
      guns, and use your torps when you’re in a position to ambush enemies… or
      use cover and concealment to sail close to them, popping out and launching
      torps then darting back in like the little coward you are 😛

  25. Is that porn I see on your computer, Jingles? :)

  26. come on ppl…dont ask stupid qs-use google :D

  27. Will double-clicking the replay make angry cats appear in my room? :)

  28. It doesn’t matter where you place those lines as long as they are between
    and .

    I started out with them in the position you mention but some update has
    inserted another block, Ah, at a closer look I realise that it actually not
    an update. I see now that it is my remapping of a few keys I made later. I
    rebound the map control keys to the numerical keyboard.

  29. I’m trying to have fun in WOWS but for some reason it just doesn’t do it
    for me. It’s not that it’s too slow paced (I’m old and do better with slow
    games anyway), but it’s less skill based it seems.

  30. For you Copy pasters:


  31. Oh jingles, you know you will now be flooded even more with replays? Well
    you brought this upon yourself :D

  32. World of Warships – Why you heff to be mad?

  33. Remus GhostOfRome

    Boo sensed DaddyJingles stress, and moved uneasily.

  34. Ok, i have a problem, my youtube wont allow me to play sound, like where
    the option to adjust the amount of sound playing in the video is gone, and
    is stuck on mute, please help!

  35. good boy boo

  36. Instructions unclear, dick got stuck in Warspites propellers.

  37. btw pressing the middle mouse button will also switch you to any flying
    projectile at that time….

  38. aristidis gaitanis

    Jingles about your holiday for japan make sure you see the video turbos and
    temples from mighty car mods to know what to see if you go there next year

  39. So, what do i do with the green onion?

  40. Ta Jingles,

  41. 3:30 cat in the background :D

  42. Aaaaaah just after I uninstalled the game

  43. Thoughtful stuff like this is why we love Jingles.
    … Well, that, and, we don’t want to be sent to the salt mines!

  44. 3:30 I hear a very unhappy cat in the background

  45. RedShirt Trekkie

    Thank you Uncle Jingles….

  46. NO! Jingles you can’t leave this early! don’t do it!! NOOOOOoooooooooo…

  47. Tnx Mr jinglez!!!

    Maybe I can do some modding to the game! I just thought of that!! Woo!!!

  48. Awesome, not anyone has seen the forum to get this working. Also, if anyone
    could help with my strange left Ctrl key not working in game.. only in map
    mode.. that would be awesome. While it has only one function (detaching the
    mouse cursor) it drives me nuts not being able to focus AA or secondary
    fire on a certain target (or being forced to switch to map to do it). I’ve
    even tried deleting/resetting the preference file (that would theoretically
    reset all keybindings to default) but to no avail.


  49. Hey Jingles,
    I can program you a small open source tool that can do this by just
    selecting the World_of_Warships folder? The only thing you have to do is
    promote it then. Is anyone interested?
    Best regards

  50. EmperoroftheArctic

    i love it when Jingles talks technical it makes me feel dirty….i just
    might resign my kingdom and give it to jingles ever growing empire

  51. Paulius Abronavics

    Penis in My anus

  52. Could you do a war thunder vid on floats pls?

  53. Jingles has a Sword Art Online DVD in his drive.

    Looks like Asuna is going to end up in the Man Cave

  54. Hm, jingles a bit late had a wounderful game last night but now i will not
    miss anything

  55. JINGLES pls do a review of the tier 7 german tank destroyer the sturer

  56. Great video, thanks for the help!

  57. 30 sec work for devs:
    NOPE! Never!

  58. Do u play wot blitz

  59. Jingles

  60. Nguyen minh thang

    is there anywhere to upload our wowsreplay like ?

  61. +The Mighty Jingles Jingles, you’ve gotten the roaming camera activation

    You need to hit the Right Ctrl key, Right Shift key, and Backspace at the
    same time when in free look mode.

    The Left Ctrl and Left Shift keys won’t do anything, nor will the R key.
    You must have been confused by the shorthand ‘R-Ctrl+R-Shift+Backspace.’

  62. Do you ever get sick of people asking questions that a Google search would

  63. Did anyone else hear the cat go ape-shit at around 3:30?

  64. Thanks for sharing this Jingles! I have had some sweet games and now any
    future ones I have I will make sure to send them to you.

  65. Hey jingles!

    I don’t have a preferences xml folder I just have preferences and it
    doesn’t bring up the same thing your computer brought up and was wondering
    if you could just help with a suggestion on what to do. Thanks.

  66. Too late for the warning. I work with children on a daily basis. :D

  67. Incredibly useful info. Thanks Jingles!

  68. is there also a line of script that allows WoWS to only record the last
    game you played so i dont stack my free space on my hard drive? the rest is
    really good tho worked just fine

  69. Nice Vid Jingles 🙂 Totally helped me!

  70. EminemLovesGrapes

    I don’t even play world of warships and i watch this…

  71. U need to do a World Of Tanks video

  72. runescapersonutube

    Jingles, how do you change the camera to roaming cam in world of tanks. Or
    in other words, what’s the world of tanks equivalent of
    ctrl+r+shift+backspace. I thought those same controls would work but it

  73. Jingles, please, more War Thunder! 😛

    btw, Aslains WoWS modpack is a good modpack. I’ve used it since the middle
    of the CBT and I’ve never had any issues with it

  74. Valentin Kovachev

    that was so badly presented :X next time you are doing such a video
    jingles, I think it would be better if you actually DO the things you are
    saying, not just screenshotting the final product… it will be MUCH less
    painful for people that do not understand English very well..

  75. I already know how to save my battle recordings but I watched the whole
    video anyway because of Jingle’s soothing, might I add very sexy voice.

  76. Does enabling cause World of Warships replays to use more ram/cpu rhough?

  77. so useful, thank you very much good sir

  78. An easy way of copy and paste the lines you need:
    1. Mark the Lines Jingels mentions:

    2. Copy and paste it in your Preference File:


  79. That’s funny. I was just reading this in the forums.

  80. Every bloody time I want to watch porn…


    the mighty geek!

  82. Hudson “Wholly Gaming” DeLoach

    As it just so happens, I was relaxing, binge watching Jingles videos,
    preparing to play WoWS, when I thought, “You know what, refresh the page
    for good luck.” What do you know there’s suddenly a video there for the
    exact thing I had been contemplating while relaxing. Now I just need to get
    the AI to decide to ram my ship while I’m tunnel visioning and send it in.

  83. Instructions unclear, dick stuck in Kongou battleship.

  84. Happy Belgium day, my fellow Belgians!

  85. Thank you jingles!


  87. Montana Gale (Walkingdragon)

    Jingles, you saved my life. Now hopefully I can begin submitting some

  88. Been waiting for this ! I found a guide ages ago telling the same thing,
    but I just couldn’t be bothered reading each step when I could instead wait
    for Jingles to narrate me through with that sweet soothing voice. Cheers :)

  89. Thanks Jingles… installed Aslain’s mod pack… now my login screen
    includes angry Germans yelling at me….

  90. thx jingles

  91. :O 32 min and i got here

  92. This was so helpful, thanks Jingles

  93. I like Aslain’s mod pack. Does lots of nifty things, including bringing
    the IJN rising sun flag back into the game.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised wouldn’t be the first time that pack is using
      things without permission and things that were banned

    • Miroslav Makovec (Acada)

      +FrenziedRoach I wonder if the Aslains pack still contain the lead
      indicator (aim assist). It was possible to display it in the CBT. AFAIK it
      should not be possible in open beta. Personally I dont use it. Just want to
      know what I can expect from other players.

    • It’s long been in the game. It’s been posted all over the forums non stop,
      I will say tho if u like good ship skins check out tanz’s they are in the
      fan art section on na forums they are pinned so you can find them easily

  94. WG too lazy to enable the replays lol. Stronk haxxorz to teh rescue!

  95. Best way to go to bed: After watching some jingles stuff.

    you’re dead to me jingles.

  97. 34 comment!

  98. was anyone else looking for the naughty picture folder in his root folder.

  99. why did they not add it from the start?

  100. Jingles has been posting earlier recently. It’s 2am, dammit! :P

  101. 4th comment 

  102. Hey Jingles!!! Does Boo and the cats get along?

  103. 4K base XP??? Damn… and here I thought 1950 was a great game. :D

  104. FIRST TIMER Under 301 club

  105. im so early in a jingles video

  106. Jingles more war thunder vids please?

  107. Ikzor will be happy to see that.

  108. Ho no 301 !

  109. Jingles is senpai, notice me dammit! :D

  110. Thanks Jingles, very helpful. Keep up the good work.

  111. can you do a review on the T28 the non turreted one

  112. hey jingles Sword Art Online

  113. Thanks Jingles.

  114. Christian Schrank (SMOKENGUN14 GAMING)


  115. nice

  116. Something I keep meaning to do, but keep forgetting to do, then have
    awesome games. Then weep quietly when I remember I’m lazy.

  117. Bonus Video !!

  118. Thank you ! You shall see my carrier gameplay soon :p

  119. 197th view

  120. Under 301 club, #282

  121. 10th

  122. Hirumaru the Rageaholic

    Norton?! My god, Jingles. At least it isn’t McAfee, I suppose.

  123. hi jingles can wait to meet you in new york

  124. Will you check out the Battle Assist mod?

    • Simon Kopertowski (HidesHisFace)

      +Jacek N Yes, it was banned in the closed beta – it was considered a cheat.
      Now the original was merely activating a leftover code that was in the game
      in initial stages and WG disabled it, as it was making the game too easy.
      The new mod that came in the open beta does the same thing as the old one,
      but with own code it seems. Still, it is the same type of cheat.

    • +BoZoiD57 Wasn’t it banned?

    • +Henry Ho Is that the mod where the red line shows you where to aim in
      order to get a citadel penetration? Because if it is that’s fore plebes.

  125. Second lol

  126. 2nd :3

  127. 50th view

  128. First lol

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