World Of Warships – ENEMY BATTLESHIP DESTROYED | Sl1pg8r

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  1. thay give you a unlocked account? how will you ever know how it feels to play without a premium grinding away at WOW and WOT? Man I also want an unlocked account.

  2. More need more of this

  3. Be careful with playing the very high tiers. Players at that level will get upset if you aren’t fully aware of the capabilities and play styles of the high levels. You’ll learn a lot from playing through the ranks and when you finally do get to the top tiers you won’t have the chance of upsetting a lot of people.

  4. I love this game. I’m excited to see you playing.

  5. You just watch some ‘mighty Jingles’ there you can get tips and tricks?

  6. Slip we love you so much! And whenever you see hate, just remember they’re jealous. If they didn’t like your video, they wouldn’t watch them or comment on them. All hail Sl1pg8r!

  7. Yeah its weird how his mouse is of by like 3 inchs

  8. osome gaime if posobil plai more

  9. Mark From StateFarm

    Basically, the aircraft carrier is supposed to hide for the entire game. Your big weapon is the bombers and fighters you carry. A good Aircraft Carrier player knows how to use the fighters effectively on bombers, and in higher teirs bombers are the biggest dps abuser. Also while your doing that bomb the enemy ships, most importantly, find the other AC so your team can rush it and take it down.

  10. Sl1pg8r leading the U.S.S Brian to Victory

  11. Lol slip in the game I play all the time .. love this game. ??????

  12. A little bit of extra things ? really

  13. Δήμος Κοκκονός

    play rainbow six siege!!

  14. i think punch ya moms like button is better lol

  15. Slip it’s salvo not volley but call it what ever you want

  16. Play World Off Tanks

  17. you should try it war thunder

  18. do this again plzzzzzzzzzz

  19. The Iowa Class Battleships’ main guns can fire up to 28 miles.

  20. used the code. love your vids by the way

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