World of Warships – Enterprise First Impression

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Enterprise will be a brand new Premium Aircraft Carrier coming to the US fleet in the near future. I take out this work in progress ship to see how it performs. The ship is equipped with a 2/2/2 build, it also is rocking tier 7 aircraft. On I attack and defend pretty effectively in the ship. Unfortunately, if forces the Enterprise into a tier 9 or 10 match it will suffer. Hope it was fun to see and hope you have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII American Carrier Enterprise


  1. now that intro was super cool

  2. Lol at the other CV saying strafing is pay to win :’D

  3. Maybe make the planes tier 8, and move 5 reserved fighters to 5 reserved torp planes.

  4. that torp spread is horrible wtf

  5. Yuro, Arlios, and now Notser, the only trio worth watching! All uploading today! Perfect sunmer start?

  6. How to manually drop torpedos and do that overpowered straifing run?

  7. Christopher Matarazzo

    theprofessionalnoob seems like he knows a decent amount….

  8. I really want to know how it performs in T9/10 battles. Many people hate this CV because it’s aircraft melts when facing T9/10-level AAs.

  9. Wow, how disappointing. I was really hoping for a decent USN carrier. Just get more of the same. Silly torpedo drop pattern, weak DB and not even a tighter drop pattern. Yes, WG dropped trousers and again thinks the USA Market is their toilet. WG did such a wonderful job with the Kaga, even considered buying one as it seemed the way an IJN CV should be. I suggest US CV players stop giving WG money until this USN CV problem is really addressed. Not allowing Manual drops at Tier 4-5 and exit strafing is not a fix. Just made things worse. Hit them where it hurts- the wallet. Want to make money, WG, fix the issues and you will sell many Enterprises. Don’t want to? leave it the way it is and watch US players leave in droves to give their money to someone else. The USA is the worlds Largest Retail market. Why do you insist on using us as your toilet?

  10. What the hell is it with wargaming and US CV’s?! Do they really fucking hate them that much…

  11. It’s crap, you’re constantly going to face tier 10 ships, your planes are squishy and will evaporate no matter if you got to drop or not, it has too many unnecessary fighters, which are still weaker than Shoukaku’s (you might get one more plane per squad but then again shoukaku’s are faster and more durable). Shoukaku also has faster servicing time and it’s overall better suited to fight t10s. Oh, and the dealbreaker: The torpedo pattern. It’s awful! It leaves so many gaps, unless you’re playing against a literal vegetal you’re not going to land more than 3 or 4 torps at best. So in summary, a worse Shoukaku in almost every single way. Quite disrespectful for such a big name in naval history!

  12. So Notser, I take it you’re a fan of Aliens?

  13. sorry for my ignorance, but how do you make manual drops?

  14. you realize the Enterprise loadout is its actual loadout right?

  15. cv always needs to be top tier been saying this from day one only way a cv can really do anything *cough* independence vs NC or Bismarck

  16. jesus, uss 222 in coming..

  17. Notser, you reckon you could make a Donskoi vid? It’s been a fair while since there was a build video on it from anyone

  18. when you realize that Notser gives
    you a compliment at the end 😀

  19. James Dean (JD) Spalding-Got Them Low Down Dirty Blues

    The USS New Jersey is the most decorated ship in the US Navy.

  20. I think you mean “staggered,” not “step.”

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