World of Warships – Enterprise Preview – WG, Y U HATE USN CV?

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HYPE FOR ENTER…oh wait…nvm…no hype 🙁 seriously makes me believe that WG just hates USN CVs.


  1. None of these companies are American, and they all seem to have a bit of… bias.

  2. Inverse W…That’s an M

  3. capitalism is not welcome in the motherland

  4. Could it be that all the elite players who are all about winning all play IJN carriers it seems to be a pattern of WG serving professional gamers and caring more about them than casual gamers.

  5. Seriously disappointed in the Enterprise…

    She’s the only ship with the history to actually deserve in game OP status.

  6. “WG, Y U HATE USN CV”

    Saipan, anyone?

    edit: the drop pattern is stupid though. Just give the Enterprise a normal one line drop pattern. Sure, she was never going to really compete with a Shokaku in competitive given her premise but is it too hard to just give her a torpedo drop pattern that makes it look like the pilots are actually TRYING to hit the target?

  7. Is it that hard to just use some simple math. You have 3 types of planes, and can carry a total of 96 of them, what would be the most balanced organization? Simply divide 96 by 3, WG, and you get 32 of each type. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to make these planes tier 8. At least the bombers, so they’d get the 1000lb.

  8. I honestly don’t mind. While Enterprise is quite literally legendary, I don’t mind a ‘meh’ premium. This seems like my idea of a good premium. It takes some work to do well in, but is certainly doable.

    BTW love the outro

  9. I’m very disappointed in this ship. It doesn’t have phasers, photon torpedoes, warp drive or a transporter. This isn’t a very logical ship but it is fascinating

  10. The most decorated and impactful single ship in WW2 … and it’s shit. Disappointed doesn’t begin to cover it. It’s basically like they took the Kaga, upped it to tier 8, and then made it worse. For reasons.

    This ship badly needs a buff. Not just because of it’s fame (although there is that), but also because USN CVs are in such horrid shape that adding yet another absolute lemon that can’t compete is just a slap in the face. I wonder if they are just afraid of adding another OP CV like the Saipan so they decided to turn this ship into trash.

  11. …WG just hates Americans, don’t they? This is one ship I was hoping to be about as broken as Belfast or Kaga…and they give arguably the world’s most decorated warship the most ridiculous drop patterns.

  12. arturo zaragoza

    Fight back Ichase. We need to boycott WG. Force them to rework The Big E and all US Cv in general. No one should by the Big E show them that this layout needs to be reworked it would of been better if the style was like kaga. but Teir 8 planes.

  13. PickelJars ForHillary

    Poor bomb dispersion. Poor torpedo dispersion. Poor aircraft turnaround time.
    Is this the 1941 Enterprise?

  14. Sir Orrin Productions

    Saipan: Tier 7 CV with tier 9 planes.
    Enterprise: Tier 8 CV with tier 7 planes.

  15. Frederico Eusébio

    usn cvs won the war on the pacific and wg dont want them to win in the game

  16. Community: “Carriers need to be fixed.”
    WG: “Let’s release an OP premium carrier.”
    Community: “No, that doesn’t address the problem with Carriers.”
    WG: “Let’s release a shitty premium carrier.”

    Say it with me friends… Logic.

  17. They already shit on the us BB line and cv line and now they do this? Wow WG

  18. The amount of salty Americans in the comments XD. I love it.

  19. Alexander Brunius

    So when you played the Kaga and got 180k damage and shot down 8 planes she was “super OP” but in the Enterprise getting 185k damage + 48 plane kills is a really bad result and the ship sucks. Huh whut?

  20. Warner Moczulski

    Maybe give higher tier strikes. Also maybe place the TBs side by side instead of stacked

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