World of Warships – Epic Battles! (Funny Moments)

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Battling it out for the first time on World of Warships!
Play the game here:


  1. do way more

  2. the awkward gamer

    Too many sound effects

  3. more of this type of videos


    Is it on ps4

  5. Is this on xbox one? nice video

  6. I like watching you play this you should make more

  7. UniversalScience G

    Is this on PS4?

  8. Sorry nought that was me who rammed you

  9. He called Diana a he…. A HE!

  10. wait you are playing World of Warships didn’t see that coming but but I’m
    glad you playing it ?

  11. Hey nought if I give you a gta 5 glitch can you give me a shoutout

  12. this game is so good

  13. cool man i like your videos ?

  14. Nobody is going to see this comment

  15. Vliegtuig Airbus380

    im a world of tanks blitz legend see my foto that my tank

  16. Lol I remember when nought only did GTA5 theories

  17. nought will world of warships go to xbox if u want can u make a vid why or
    why not there putting it on xbox 1 I love this game but I got a xbox 1 and
    360 so all I got is world of tanks

  18. could you plese play shell shock

  19. YO< look into Day's of War I'm sure you'd be intrested.

  20. its a ship not a boat nought

  21. World of warships leaked confirmed

  22. Hampus Johansson

    World of Tanks is more fun in my opinion, my username is brevlada if anyone
    wants to play

  23. also funny

  24. Jk it was good gameplay

  25. This is poo

  26. 3:18 ?????

  27. Martin mcluckie ツ

    not downloading the game but was fun watching you play it

  28. And nought if you see this play more of this

  29. Bartul Javorčić

    Also tip: If you are in a cruiser and a cruiser is flat to you shoot AP. If
    he is going straight towards you shoot HE. If you are being attacked by a
    destroyer or a battleship shoot HE.

  30. Bartul Javorčić

    yay you made a WoWs video awesome game I love it hope you make more videos
    about it

  31. Yo wassupp

  32. Chaos redemption

    play war thunder

  33. Fist

  34. The guy who comments on every comment

    Oh I sto playing this 5 months ago

  35. *Since i’m early let me tell you guys a joke*

    *Your Life*

  36. Nuclear Mysteries

    Great videos too I whatched you at 100,000 subs and I was like this guy is
    doing great I should help him

  37. 8th lol

  38. 8th lol

  39. Nuclear Mysteries

    Nought add m on ps4 my name is crazy pigoo I’m great at helping Youtubers

  40. Early

  41. 5th

  42. 3rd

  43. NatetheKeybearer


  44. firts

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