World of Warships – EPIC clan battle

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We decided to play battle without any delay and had crazy fun in the mean time. This was absolutely close and crazy and I wanted to share it with you guys.

Minimap is covered because stream-snipers so you’ll have to rely on what you can see.

I hope you enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. I understand why the special tactics is covering the map, because it was real-time and stream-sniping is a thing. It would be nice if you could work out a way to record without it so that videos can be followed easier on youtube.

    • sure thing, but i am happy, he uploads this shit at all. so, even though, i hope he’ll do it one day, i am still grateful for the fun

    • Slawomir Chmielewski

      @ToddVanObben Without the map there is no point watching. Position is everything.

    • This clan battle was a last minute thing and the rest of the guys didn’t mind there being no delay so he decided to just play as was instead of the hassle of restarting the stream with delay. At the time he had a decent number watching too so restart would have lost a fair chunk of those viewers. Factor in odds are YT all mighty algorithm probably demonetised this video on upload I really don’t blame him not going the extra to record the replay and try to sync the stream audio over it.

      No idea exactly what his stream set up is but out of the box StreamLabs will record what gets stream, overlays n all. He might be able to pull of shadowplay of the game and audio and that would drop the overlays but don’t know how that would hit system performance or if streamlabs and shadowplay would just get into an argument and gum up the works. It’s something he’d have to experiment with to figure out.

    • Can’t watch with out MM just boring. Its like what are the other guys doing!!!!

    • set a 5 min delay on steam during competition ?

  2. Which update is the new Russian cruisers coming??

  3. DDs are no longer in the meta?!

  4. Add delay or something but dont cover the map pls. Its very hard watch a game without it

  5. We demand the full Shima match!

  6. this division sounds so dutch…

  7. Only Betas play Smolensk. Pass it on.

  8. I honestly cant watch this without seeing the minimap. I dont watch wows to see how you aim, i watch to see how you position yourself. Especially in Clanbattles i want to see the teamplay, where everyone is positioning and when they decide to push/retreat.
    I know you have to do something to prevent stream sniping, but as important as communication with the viewers is, most people dont come to your stream to chat. And a minute delay wont scare off the ones who do.

    • Unless he puts a 5-10 mintue delay, then it’s not going to be sufficient. You can tell a lot by where players are for the first mintues and a minute delay won’t do anything.

    • @Solac e show me a game, where after 2 minutes you still dont know where an enemy is and it would be important to know only the general direction he might have went. Make it 2 minutes, but everything above is really unecessary.

  9. Could remove the map masking thingy for youtube? Otherwise it’s not really worth watching AFAIC.

  10. More clan battles please! The teamplay is nice to watch. That minimap overlay is killing half the fun tho, very disconnected viewing experience.

  11. Not finishing des Moines and their bb cost the game. Subpar performance imho, still fun

  12. Damn, it’s so confusing without the map, feeling like I miss 60% of what happens 😭

    Update: lol seems like I am not the only one judging by previous comments 😂

  13. How change maximum FPS when we arrive to engine_config.xml ???
    I can’t change the number.
    Thanks 🙂

  14. Can’t see the map. WAIT! Stalingrad is still in the game?!

  15. UnexpectedInquisition

    Could you uncover the map, before post-facto upload? Makes sense while streaming but not after the fact. Makes it hard to watch; no perspective.

  16. For those wondering, Flambass is using OBS to stream/record. The face he’s using to cover the map is part of his OBS as a source. Meaning that even when he records the stream it will show up. The only way to have the face for the stream (to prevent stream sniping) and record for YouTube without obstruction is if he uses another recording software (like Nvidia Shadow Play). However, at this point his PC many experience quite significant stress, which could result in his game slowing down or even crashing. Considering he’s playing a competitive clan battle this is something he cannot afford to do.

    • Streamlabs OBS has the ability to set what shows up in a stream, and what shows up in a recording. However, because Flambass has obviously cut this direct from his stream that feature obviously wouldn’t work. In cases like this he would have probably been better of re-recording the game via the replay.

  17. I gotten 3 tier 10 ships as a reward so happy

  18. why the mnmap is stained ?

  19. I tried to watch this, but without the mini-map, I couldn’t.

  20. Those last shots that straddled him… you know he was at a 12.5 out of 10 on the pucker factor scale.

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