World Of Warships – EPIC CLUTCH & PLANE MASSACRE – World Of Warships Gameplay

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  1. +Paladyne NicAhadriel Yeah yeah but them games are just bad compared to
    what happens in wt when phly records it lol

  2. Paladyne NicAhadriel

    yes it can, I am not knocking that, but right now phly has a ton of games
    he is showing so each one gonna have to give some room.

  3. +Paladyne NicAhadriel But still the game can still be fun

  4. Paladyne NicAhadriel

    +Kyler Brown that is because War Thunder is not what it once was because
    Gaijin is Thier own games worst enemy.

  5. +budmeister As far as I understand the original designs are Swedish but
    many countries bought the rights and manufactured their own. It wouldn’t
    surprise me if there were some modifications made by the countries so they
    better suited their needs.

  6. +budmeister Phly also was probably meaning the Bofors *on* the American
    ships are more effective. I don’t know if that’s actually true but….

  7. +Richard Gustafsson Yes, but we bought the rights to build and use the
    guns, so I guess it would technically be Swedish-American.

  8. So it possible

  9. If you look at the Germans are coming post from the devs it says the
    Bismarck and Tirpiz will both be added and one will be a same tier BB

  10. +Kanapaen Dixon You probably would only get the Yorktown class carrier as
    they go by the first ship of the class. But maybe it will be a premium.

  11. +German Shepard DO what the dog says Phly, JUST DO IT !!!

  12. Soviet Oscar class subs hell yes

  13. +ThePyro Play Chines total copy.

  14. +NikolaiSlapabitch Wargaming has also said that they might implement them
    IF they can balance them thoroughly, but it won’t be something they will
    look into any time soon.

  15. +ThePyro They would have to rework the game significantly, something lazy
    Wargaming hates to do. Normally the game will remain relatively the same,
    except adding new ships and factions from when it was released.

  16. NikolaiSlapabitch

    War gaming has said they will never have subs. If you want subs you have to
    wait for warthunders ships

  17. I will try that when I get home 🙂

  18. press z

  19. The Warlord of the Rising Sun

    +xflamousz Well the thing is made out of guns, but you don’t want that
    thing shooting at you.

  20. +Sibghat Shaikh Yea I am, Play Me Phly

  21. while it might Look cool i Do not like it so much :p when playing my new
    mexico facing one i often get citadels even when he is angling also
    oneshotted a few as well.

  22. I’ll go +IJN Fuso for 400, please

  23. +Tucker Broad ME ! PICK ME !!!

  24. +centkeeper Turn around and prepare to receive

  25. +painedkillerk9 Just Dly Phayily

  26. +ShadowFighter88 bullshit)he forgot.. i know what you are talking about,
    but this is not the case in this situation..he lost over 6K health i think,
    ..and he was in safe position to use Repair.. usually you wait if you are
    on fire, so enemy doesn’t set you on fire again.but even then its worth it
    as Flooding does more damage than Fire.. to repair so not flooding is
    important, especially as no danger of another torpedo run.. he forgot..dude
    got distracted.. it happens..

  27. +painedkillerk9 If you mean how he didn’t use it after it came off
    cooldown, he was saving it – things like Fire and Flooding will be repaired
    on their own in time, and if it’s going to be finished in about 30 seconds,
    it’s kind of a waste to use your repair because of how long its cooldown
    is. The flooding wasn’t going to kill him before his normal repair crews
    would fix it, so there was no point using the damage control ability on it.

  28. +falloutghoul1 god dammit

  29. Srinivasan Mahabhashyam

    +falloutghoul1 lol

  30. bendsomemetal ford

    I vote New York

  31. I Wont vote for a carrier until they add the Yorktown class Carriers

    (also im canadian)

  32. resurrected gamers

    +Scott Kiley nah come lets make him do a aircraft carrier all fore the USS
    ranger fore america

  33. +Titanus JUST DO IT

  34. +Scott Kiley Vote FUSO for prez #2016

  35. +Dr.C.Karri WTF learn to type

  36. +zion merritt son of a bitch

  37. +zion merritt mother fucker

  38. +zion merritt you suck

  39. +zion merritt no

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