World of Warships Epic Ranked Battle moment

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Just epic wows moment that happened in ranked so i decided to post it XD
And here is the link to my discord:


  1. wuschelbuschel namaste

    Your Videos are the Best✌??

  2. You are a beast. Love your Vids still the best player i saw ever. Keep it up man much love cant wait for the next one ^^ <3

  3. So f*cking epic !

  4. Brothers and sisters, look, looook!! this is what you must be, be like lord russev lord of admirals, master of german ships!!!!, Great vid dude ill be waiting for the next video, maybe with sabaton moments ? xd

  5. Rusev: Ive seen 14.642.343 possible Futures of the coming Conflict…
    Team: how many did we win?
    Rusev: One.

  6. Hate ranked so much.
    5km from a kreml in Montana aim waterline only get 1 citadel from 18 shells, he citadels me from angled
    Can’t get past 1 win 1loss.
    And CVS are #1 90% for a loss so I can’t even save a star

  7. Dammmnnnnn men u are the best xDD !!! Keep make good video like that we all love it !!

  8. Dude, you carry so well, would have been Sic if you had just enough HP to get a ram kill, still a great carry regardless

  9. People need tracklist, My Lord

  10. Direct maximum power to subscribe to Daniel Rusev

  11. Epic! (also remember me ?? im FastDestoyerTR in the Yamato.. I mean [Yamato] lol)

  12. UndyingSkelabra /Flo

    Wow. Hindenburgstyle.
    Keep Up the great Content, Daniel!

  13. Spineking Jørgensen

    Ahhh Rusev. The one guy who’s more aggresive than me and still succescive :^)

  14. I got the Hindenburg just in time for the rankeds, she is my first TX and everything i’ve ever wanted in a Cruiser. Had a similar torpedo moment with a Conqueror in my second game ^^
    Keep rocking??

  15. ironbabyforever

    Hight risk, good finish, well played

  16. Hi, what is the name of the music you’ve used towards the end of the video? By the way your videos are awesome. Thanks for answering.

  17. Nice Aldnoah zero theme song you got there :v

  18. This happened in my Shiratsuyu with 2 tier 7 BB’s

  19. 1 Wild Daniel Rusev killing 2 and a half of the enemy team. Hope you ended winning not like me and my trash like team :v

  20. I was expecting a BANZAI charge at the end, That would have been perfect

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