World of Warships – EPIC Salem Comeback

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Things went disastrously wrong for a while, but the comeback was real.


  1. Hey Chase the sound is gorgeous!

  2. Sound seems all good for this vid, keep up the great vids chase!

  3. Another vid, heck ya

  4. I was the z52, sorry for the stress, I was a worthy sacrifice for the halland I hope

  5. These are really the games you play for ^^ not the farming brainless people for huge numbers, but for the intense quick paced fast thinking situations, where one mistake means you lose the match, gj chase 🙂

    • Yup, it’s also why so many replays that get sent to me never make it. Just not exciting battles…like a 14-1 romp isn’t exactly enjoyable to watch

  6. That last cruiser fight got me

  7. “The ship that wouldn’t die” should be the nickname of the Salem not the Neosho!


  9. Battleships might not be physically damaged, but they were mentally damaged.

  10. In Asia sever, there will be lots of noob thunders shoot in the back

  11. i was on the stream and trust me, chase really not having fun at that time XD

  12. Not Even Close! 😀

    Also sound is good again 🙂

  13. I can understand that thunderer stay at the back. I just bought a thunderer and I was surprised by how squishy it is. And I dont like it because I have to make the choice of play aggresive and die, or play passive and lose.

    Unlike my georgia that can play passive for some minute, then SUDDENLY be at the frontline IN UNDER 1 MINUTE.

  14. Lot of BBs used to playing CLs and lost their courage due to CVs probably

    Or just don’t know how to play.

  15. nice audio, you might as well try doing asmr 🙂

  16. typical covid matches, half the team randomly sailing from side to side

  17. If you Like the Des Moines, you’re gonna LOVE the Salem.

  18. very good acting, sir. And in my opinion the best example for never giving up a battle. Nice work.

  19. In the last few weeks it has been me sitting, and realizing, crap, I am the only one on this flank and the sometimes the BB travels across the entire map before it engages, even the big maps. Then me in a DD, or a cruiser just has to kite and run. I was in one match in a Mass and did not stop and got lucky with the Dev. strikes on cruisers, Secondaries on the DD and got lucky with the BBs turning broadside to run. Then spent the next two heals behind an island taking pop shots.

  20. I think a lot of the over-cautious play like the north flank in the beginning here can be caused by lack of vision and confidence. I’m not sure I can blame them for the initial decision to pull back, and your team obviously suffered because of vision later.

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